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In Storybrook, the residents are witches, fairies, and princesses. It's a place where anything is possible which usually leads to trouble. Test your knowledge on the residents of Storybrook and their stories.

Where is the fictional town of Storybrooke located?

The residents are characters from various fairy tales transported to the "real world" town.


The residents of Storybrooke are robbed of their _________ when they arrive in the town.

Their real memories erased by a powerful curse.


Who cast the curse that put the residents in Storybrooke?

The Evil Queen is determined to have a happy ending for herself only.


Who is Henry's adoptive mother?

Regina is the Evil Queen and unlike others, has her full memory of "home."


Who is Henry's biological mother?

Emma leads a troubled life and didn't feel she was mom material.


Why does Emma Swan arrive in Storybrooke?

Henry believes Emma is the Savior based on a book of fairy tales.


Who does the Evil Queen hate so much that she cast the curse?

The Evil Queen interrupts Snow White and Prince Charming's wedding with her announcement of the curse.


Who is Snow White in Storybrooke?

Mary Margaret is a school teacher.


Who is Prince Charming in Storybrooke?

When the series begins, David is married to Kathryn Nolan.


Who is Emma Swan's parents?

Emma's parents hid baby Emma in a magical wardrobe.


Who built the magical wardrobe?

Geppetto made the wardrobe out of the last enchanted tree in the land.


Who predicts that Emma is the Savior who will break the Evil Queen's curse in 28 years?

Rumplestiltskin is also known as The Dark One.


What is Rumplestiltskin's iconic phase?

In order for a person to get what they want with magic, they must commit to owing Rumpelstiltskin a favor.


Before Rumpelstiltskin became the Dark One, he was a ________?

After he wounds himself on the battlefield to go home to his son and wife, he is branded a coward. Had he not gone back to his family, he would have died during battle.


Who does Milah hook up with leaving Rumpelstiltskin a single father?

As the Dark One, Rumpelstiltskin finds Milah and rips out her heart.


How does Mary Margaret meet David Nolan in Storybrooke?

Mary Margaret volunteers at the hospital where David is in a coma. She reads to him daily in hopes he will wake up.


What happens to the residents once Swan breaks the Evil Queen's curse?

It is assumed that once the curse is broken and the residents regain their memories, that they would return to the Enchanted Forest. It didn't happen.


Why does the Evil Queen hate Snow White so much?

She tells Snow about her love for a stable hand. Snow tells the Evil Queen's mother and the mother has the man killed.


Who is the Evil Queen's mother?

The Queen of Hearts is from the book Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll. Her most famous line, one which she states often, is "Off with their heads!"


In Storybrooke, what is the Queen of Heart's name?

Cora is played by Barbara Hershey who can be seen in 'The 9th Life of Louis Drax.'


Who is Henry's biological father?

Neal is also known as Baelfire in the Enchanted Forest.


Who is Baelfire's father?

Rumplestiltskin is Mr. Gold in Storybrooke and runs a pawn shop.


Who is Rumplestiltskin's great love?

Belle's father lost Belle in a deal with the Dark One (Rumplestiltskin). The Dark One's magic in exchange for Belle. Instead of hating Rumplestiltskin, she fell in love with him.


What is the one object that can control the Dark One?

Whoever has the Dark One's dagger can control him or her to do as commanded.


Who kidnaps Henry?

Henry is kidnapped as part of a Peter Pan's plan to obtain the "Heart of the Truest Believer" from him.


Who kills Cora?

Snow uses the magic candle to exchange the evil sorceress’ life for Mr. Gold who was dying from Hook’s poison.


Who is the only man Cora loved?

Rumpelstiltskin taught Cora how to spin straw into gold, landing her a prince's hand in marriage.


Who is Red?

Red is a wolf when there is a full moon.


Where did Henry hide the storybook?

Henry hid the "Once Upon a Time" storybook so that Regina would not steal it.


What is Swan's legal profession before she goes to Storybrooke?

Emma is a bounty hunter in New York City who can sense if someone's lying to her.


Prince Charming is originally a _______?

Once his twin, Prince Charming dies, the Pauper steps up and assumes his identity.


Who is the Evil Queen's green sister?

The Wicked Witch, also known as Zelena, hates Regina with a passion because she feels her sister received the love of Cora while Zelena was cast aside.


Who arrives in Storybrooke freezing everything in sight?

Elsa is searching for her sister Anna.


What three baddies does Mr. Gold go into cahoots with?

The foursome are planning to rewrite the rules governing the fates of all heroes and villains.


Who gets sent to the Underworld?

Emma, Regina, and gang head to the Underworld to save Hook from Hades.


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