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Test your knowledge on Jessica Fletcher!

What actress plays Jessica Fletcher?

Jean Stapleton from ‘All in the Family” was originally offered the role but turned it down.


Jessica Fletcher’s is a famous _____?

More women write and read mystery novels than men.


What is Jessica’s pen name?

‘Murder at Midnight’ is the last of J.B. Fletcher’s novels.


How many children does Jessica have?

Jessica would only tell people that she and Frank were not blessed that way.


How long was ‘Murder, She Wrote’ on-air?

It’s on air from 1984 – 1996 on CBS.


Where is Cabot Cove located?

Maine is known as the Pine Tree State.


After the TV show goes into syndication, who writes the ‘Murder, She Wrote’ books?

Donald Bain also writes the Margaret Truman’s Capital Crime series.


How many husbands does Jessica have throughout the series?

When season one starts, Jessica’s husband Frank has already made her a widow.


Who plays Cabot Coves Sheriff Mort Metzer?

Ron was born on July 1, 1936, in Chicago, Illinois.


The series kicks off with “The Murder of ______?”

Jessica is in NYC attending a costume party thrown by her publisher when Sherlock dies.


In ‘Capitol Offense’ from Season One, Jessica temporarily replaces who in Congress?

Joyner is played by Frank Aletter whose last TV appearance was in 1991 on ‘The New Adam-12.’


What season does Jessica start to make her home in NYC?

When season 8 begins with ‘Bite the Big Apple,’ Jessica discovers the previous tenant of her apartment is murdered shortly before she arrives.


What did Jessica never learn how to do?

She always rode her bicycle or took a cab. Sometimes she would ask someone to give her a lift.


The show’s title, ‘Murder, She Wrote,’ is in reference to the Miss Marple mystery ___________?

It was also a 1961 movie starring Margaret Rutherford as Miss Marple.


The character of Jessica Fletcher is modeled after author _________?

Agatha Christie is considered to be the best-selling author of all time.


What is Jessica’s address in Cabot Cove, Maine?

The house that was shot as Jessica Fletcher’s was the Blair House Inn, a bed and breakfast, in Mendocino, California


During the show’s third season, they had a 2-part crossover with ___________?

Magnum P.I. ratings were poor in its 7th season, which is why CBS arranged the crossover. It didn’t help Magnum – it as canceled the following season.


Jessica’s maiden name MacGill, is taken from which of Angela Lansbury’s real-life relatives?

Moyna MacGill was an accomplished stage, film, and television actress who died of throat cancer in 1975.


What season did Angela Lansbury take over as executive producer?

By the seventh season the show slips in rating causing Angela to take over and bring in her own people. The gamble paid off. By the ninth season the show is back in the top five.


The episode ‘Murder Among Friends’ is a jab at what popular TV show?

Jessica Fletcher solved a murder on the set of a fictitious sitcom called Buds.


What is the title of Jessica’s first novel?

Over its 12-year run, the series listed by title 25 mystery novels that Jessica wrote.


What is the population in the fictional town of Cabot Cove?

Fictional Cabot Cove is an actual harbor inlet in the town of Kennebunkport, Maine.


What is Jessica’s middle name?

Beatrice is an old Fletcher family name.


Jessica’s late husband, Frank, was a bomber pilot during what war?

The Korean War lasted from June 25, 1950, to July 27, 1953.


What show was a short-lived spin-off of ‘Murder, She Wrote’?

Harry McGraw is played by “Law & Order” veteran Jerry Orbach.


Who is Jessica’s favorite nephew?

Grady is played by Michael Horton, who made his last TV appearance in 2002 in ‘Judging Amy.’


How many siblings does Jessica have?

The only one that makes an appearance is her brother Marshall, who is a doctor. Another brother, Martin, is also mentioned but never seen.


How many Emmys did Angela Lansbury receive for playing Jessica Fletcher?

She received an Emmy nomination for Best Lead Actress in a Drama Series for the each of the show's twelve seasons.


The word “murder” appears in the title of how many episodes over the life of the series?

“Murder Among Friends” is the last episode with the word murder in the title.


Who plays Jessica’s cousin Emma?

Emma is a performer on the London stage.


Before she became a famed mystery writer, Jessica was a ________?

When the series ends, Jessica is again teaching but this time criminology at Manhattan University.


Which actor connects ‘Murder, She Wrote” to ‘Happy Days’?

Tom plays Sheriff Amos Tupper in MSW and Howard Cunningham in “Happy Days.”


When the series starts, what does Jessica use to write her novels?

When Jessica moves to NYC she trades in her typewriter for a computer with Windows 3.1.


How many post-season movies were there?

Jessica Fletcher appears on-screen for the last time in ‘The Celtic Riddle’.


The season finale, ‘Death by Demographics’ is a jab at ________?

CBS made its decision to cancel the show. The episode is set at a San Francisco radio station that is changing its lineup to reflect the tastes of younger audiences.


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