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Cue the tissues for this romantic story! How well do you remember Me Before You? It's time to see if you can answer the ultimate trivia questions now!

The story of Me Before You was written by _________.

Jojo Moyes is an English journalist and romance novelist born Pauline Sara Jo Moyes.


In which year was this 2012 novel released as a film?

The film was released on June 3, 2016. It has brought in more than $172 million worldwide!


What is the name of the lead female character in 'Me Before You'?

Louisa Clark was played by actress Emilia Clarke who is best known for her role as Daenerys Targaryen in Game of Thrones.


What is Louisa Clark's nickname?

Louisa's nickname is Lou, though she is often called "Clark" by Will.


What is the last name of the lead male character Will?

William "Will" Traynor was portrayed by English actor Sam Clafin.


Where is Louisa laid off from at the start of the story?

Though her boss feels terrible, he gives her some severance pay and closes the cafe.


What is the name of Lou's sister?

Treena is a nickname for Katrina - who is portrayed by actress Jenna Coleman.


At the start of the movie, Will Traynor is hit by a ______.

The irony of being hit by a motorcycle is that it was raining out and his then-fiance pleaded with him not to ride his motorcycle in the rain, so he didn't, yet he was injured by one.


What is Will Traynor's injury from the motocycle accident?

Will becomes paralyzed from the neck down and will never recover.


What is the name of Lou's boyfriend?

Patrick is played by actor Matthew Lewis, he is a bit on the selfish side!


Who does Louisa interiew with for the role of Will's caregiver?

Will's mother is well-poised and doesn't like Louisa at first, but warms to her wit and eventually gives her the job.


What is the name of Will's mother?

Camilla Traynor is portrayed by award-winning actree Janet McTeer in the film.


In prepping Louisa for the job, Camilla tells Lou she can't leave Will alone for ____ minutes.

This is because he has had suicidal episodes.


What is the name of Will's nurse?

Nathan is portrayed by Australian actor Stephen Peacocke.


How does Louisa learn about the caregiver job opportunity?

The unemployment agent finds this opportunity for Louisa because it doesn't require any 'skills'. He recommends she dresses conservatively!


If Louisa is with Will during the day, who stays with him at night?

Nathan sees his other patients during the day, and then returns to stay with Will at night.


Louisa doesn't like movies with _________.

Will convinces Lou to watch a subtitled foreign film and she ends up loving it. This is there first big bonding moment.


What is the name of Treena's son?

Actor Henri Charles plays the role of Thomas, Treena's toddler son.


With whom does does Louisa live?

Louisa lives at home to help her parents with the bills


Who is Alicia?

Alicia is portrayed by actress Vanessa Kirby. Kirby filmed 3 movies and a TV series in 2016 alone - Me Before You being one of them.


What activity does Patrick always seem to be doing?

Patrick is always training for his next great marathon - and seems more interested in that than Lou!


Aside from her witty personality, what is a trademark of Louisa?

Louisa's fashion sense is... well... different. But seems to keep Will intrigued.


How do Nathan and Louisa keep track of Will's medications?

Will has multiple medications that he needs to take at various times each day. They use a record book to log each dose.


Who was Will's best friend before his accident?

Rupert is portrayed by British actor Ben Lloyd-Hughes, best known for his roles in Divergent and Insurgent in 2014 and 2015 respectively.


Who comes to visit Will to tell him that they are engaged?

Rupert and Alicia awkwardly try to explain that 'it just happened' that they fell in love. Will is so upset, he uses his wheelchair to knock over a picture frame.


Where does Louisa take Will for his first outing?

Louisa bets on a horse that Will says has no chance. She is optimistic and just likes the horse's name, but the horse stumbles out of the gate Will has an "I told you so" moment!


What happens to Will's wheelchair at the horse racetrack?

The terrain was muddy, but several strong men helped to lift Will's chair free. He of course hates to rely on anyone for help.


What was Louisa's favorite item of clothing when she was a young girl?

Her favorite outfit was to wear these tights with glittery boots. She had to stop wearing them though because she outgrew them.


What does Louisa do for Will to help his appearance?

When she finishes, Will says to Lou, "Please don't tell me you shaved off my eyebrows." "Only the one," she replies!


Whose wedding do Will and Louisa attend?

At the wedding, Louisa sits on Will's lap and they dance together on the dancefloor.


What color dress does Louisa wear the night she takes Will to the classical music concert?

When they return home, Will wants to wait in the car a few minutes longer stating, "I just want to be a man who's been to a concert with a girl in a red dress, just a few minutes more."


Which tropical destination does Louisa travel to with Will (and of course Nathan)?

Mauritius is an island off the coast southeast coast of Africa in the Indian Ocean.


What does Louisa learn about Will that causes her to withdraw from him?

In Mauritius, he says he plans to go through with it, and she doesn't speak to him for the rest of the trip.


In a last-minute decision to see Will one last time, to where does Louisa travel?

Treena is the one who convinces Louisa to go to Switzerland to see him once more before he passes away.


What does Will give to Louisa on her birthday?

In the final scene of the movie, Louisa is sitting in a cafe in Paris reading a note from Will that he left her upon his death. He has left her money in his will to be used for continuing her education and to "live well".


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