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"Inside Out" gave us feels over feelings. It may feel like one of the "smaller" Pixar movies at times, but the fact is, it’s big in story. Take the quiz and find out how deep "Inside Out" can get.

Although Riley's life is good until she's 11, what big event triggers all the trouble in the movie?

Joy feels that everything is going great, until Riley's family has to move. All the Emotions have a hard time dealing once they get to the new house. Uh-oh...smells like trouble?


Why did the family move?

From the phone call that Riley's dad gets, it looks like he has a new company, or a new job. Either way, it looks like he will be a bit busier. Typical for any family, right?


In another stroke of bad luck, why was Riley a bit let down by the pizza place near their new house?

It's established early on that Riley doesn’t like broccoli, ever since childhood. Now, when she finally wants to feel good… the pizza has broccoli! Eew, Disgust, come on down!


In the beginning of the movie, who is the first emotion that popped up in Riley's mind?

Joy was the first emotion for Riley. From the looks of the Riley control center, Joy was there when Riley started organizing her emotions. Nice choice for a leader!


After 33 seconds of pure Joy, who came next?

The moment Riley started crying, Sadness was created. It makes sense that Joy and Sadness are the first emotions that a kid feels. Opposites work for humans!


According to how Joy says it, what practical thing does Fear do for Riley?

In the movie, Fear makes Riley be careful around electrical outlets. In this case, Fear is more about self-preservation, preventing physical injury through avoidance. That's a good use of that emotion!


Disgust may sound unusual, but what is her real job?

Disgust is "designed" specifically to make sure that Riley doesn't eat anything poisonous, or have her be exposed to anything dirty or infectious. If Fear is about injury, she's about maintaining health. Good combo!


And then there's Anger. What does Anger actually do?

Anger, in a positive light, makes Riley assert herself, and try to do things when she feels she's not getting what she wants. A good application of a usually bad trait, don't you think?


That leaves Sadness and Joy. What do they do?

Joy and Sadness are the ones who decide if an experience is good or bad. Be it about health, action, caution, or social interaction, they are the ones who make it a happy or sad thing. So yeah, outlook is key!


What are Core Memories?

Core memories, as Joy explains it, are the things that power the various parts of Riley's personality. In a way, they are the memories strengthened by the various emotions that influence Riley's thoughts and actions the most. So yup, what you feel defines who you are sometimes.


With so many emotions on hand for humans, why did the writers bring it down to five emotions?

The writers and the production team eventually cut the emotions down to five. Other emotions like Logic, Surprise, and Contempt, would make the story too complicated, or they could be absorbed into the main emotions. Makes better story sense indeed.


What function does sleep serve for emotions and memories?

The movie shows that when a person sleeps, many of the day's memories are stored in long-term memory. It doesn't show what happens to other memories, but long-term memories can definitely fade, as the movie later shows . Cool, huh!


As we see with the Dinosaur Park memory, what is one thing that the Emotions can do?

As Sadness touched what should have been a neutral memory, she colored it with her type of emotions. The others were not pleased, of course. Ugh, sad!


Although Sadness brings on the drama, what else does she do, according to her?

Although Sadness, as usual, gave it the full "rain" drama, she also points out that sadness can make one stop, think, and reflect. Of course, she would say, "obsess."


How does Joy keep Sadness busy while she tries to run the Riley ship better?

Joy decided to steer Sadness into reading Mind Manuals, including those on how to retrieve long-term memories. After all, she didn’t want Sadness to infect more memories with her touch. Smart, this Joy!


What emotional thing happened in Riley's new class?

In the command center, all the core memories and their emotions were removed from their places. For Riley, this meant that she was emotionally lost, or absent. Aww, poor girl.


What's the danger about the Memory Dump?

The Memory Dump is a place where memories are lost forever. Falling into it is a very, very bad idea for core memories or Emotions. Lost in space, anyone?


What is the first casualty of Riley's breakdown?

As Riley is having trouble dealing with her issues about moving, her mind goes into chaos as well. The first big casualty is Goofball Island, which allows her to react to childish and whimsical stuff. All seriousness on deck!


When you peek into Mom's head/mind, who is in command?

Mom's Emotion Team is different, since Sadness is the leader. The Mom Emotion Team seems to work better with each other, though. Now we know how moms work!


Who do Joy and Sadness meet while trying to find a way to Friendship Island?

Forgetters are the clean-up crew for long-term memories. The more you don’t come back to a memory, the more it fades. And when it does, forgetters send them to the memory dump. Efficient, huh.


What is that one memory that the forgetters love sending up repeatedly to the command center?

The forgetters have their own sense of humor, too, and the Tripledent commercial jingle is one of their jokes in Riley's mind. Wondering now what jokes play in your head?


Without the entire Emotional Team, what's the next disaster for Riley?

As Riley's friend starts talking about a new friend, it irks Riley, because she's not there anymore. She snaps, and takes it out on her best friend -- a consequence of not being in touch with the whole Emotional Team.


Which Emotion is in charge of Dad's command center?

Anger is the lead Emotion with Dad, though it seems to be more of aggression, rather than outright anger. Like Mom, Dad's Emotion Team seems to be better at working with each other. Now we know how dads think!


Who is the wandering weirdo Bing Bong?

Bing Bong is Riley's imaginary friend. We first see him when Riley was little, and she was drawing him on a wall.


What is Bing Bong's solution to getting Joy and Sadness back to the command center?

Bing Bong, the imaginary friend, says that one way to get Joy and Sadness back to the command center is with the Train of Thought. That's not such a bad idea, since sometimes, all a person needs to do is think and reflect to get things back to normal. We saw what you did there, Pixar!


What is Anger's solution to making Riley happy again?

Anger's reasoning makes sense, in a way. Riley should run away to Minnesota, since that was where all her happy memories are. But is that a good way of dealing?


If you look closely at the stair railings in the mind command center, they look like these building blocks of life.

It's a little detail, but the stairs in the command center have railings that look like DNA. It's interesting, since it shows that Emotions can also have a biological base. Thank you, science!


What do Joy and Sadness intend to do to wake Riley up, so that the Train of Thought can keep on going?

Sadness suggests that they use the Dream Production facilities to wake Riley up. Of course, Joy co-opts that as her idea and tries to force her ideas on it. Fine, Joy, whatever it takes!


What is the next Island Casualty of Riley's wanting to run away?

When Riley used her mother's credit card to get a bus ride, Honesty Island came crashing down. It's a good example of how a bad time in a person's life can cause a chain reaction of negative actions.


What is Joy's possible way out of the Memory Dump?

Joy remembers that Bing Bong's song-powered rocket wagon had been dumped, too. Once they have that, they can get out of the Memory Dump through the power of imagination. And yeah, fervent singing!


What's the surprise heartbreaker for Inside Out?

It's the big anvil drop of the movie, when Bing Bong fades away in the Memory Dump. But in his mind, he's done his job. Hashtag happysad!


What does it mean that the new core memory has more than one color?

It's a sign that Riley is becoming more mature emotionally, since she can now have many feelings about certain events. And that's how we develop emotionally, folks!


What does having a larger control board mean for the Emotion Team?

The larger control board is a sign that Riley now has more emotional tools to deal with whatever life throws at her. This also means that she is more in control of her emotions. Atta girl!


Why was Lewis Black, the voice of Anger, unique in the cast?

Stand-up comedian Lewis Black, who became popular for his trademark angry ranting/mental breakdown-type of humor-routine, was the template for the Anger character. There was no question that the Pixar Team wanted him to be the voice, and practically no one else. A perfect fit!


All emotions aside, what major character type is missing from "Inside Out?"

"Inside Out" is the first Pixar movie without an actual bad guy. It relies on the situation and how a person reacts to it. Now, that's sharper story focus!


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