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Who said zombies always have to be the bad guy? Take the iZombie quiz!

At what location did Liv turn into a zombie?

Liv went to a boat party with her med school friends. Hesitant to go, Liv was convinced by her fiance with the phrase, "whats the worst that could happen?".


In what unique way(s) do people transform into zombies?

The deadly mixture that caused the zombie virus to form was taking tainted Utopium while drinking Max Rager energy drink. This was first seen at the boat party. More people later turned from being scratched by the original zombies.


How does Liv sustain her hunger for brains?

None of Liv's family or friends understand why she takes a job in the morgue over being a successful doctor. Liv just wants to be able to feed her hunger for brains without hurting anyone.


What unique ability do zombies have after eating brains?

Liv experiences the personality traits of the peoples brain she eats, whether good or bad. She is also able see flashes of their past.


How does Liv use her visions to help others?

Liv is able to assist the police in solving murders. They are not aware that she is a zombie, instead they think she is a psychic.


Who finds out about Liv's condition first?

Ravi and Liv work together at the morgue. He was the first to suspect she's a zombie.


To whom was Liv engaged?

Liv called off the engagement after she turned into a zombie to spare major from not having an ordinary life.


Which city does the show take place?

The show takes place in Seattle where Liv works with the Seattle police department to solve murders.


What sauce do zombies like use on all food?

Zombies have a hard time tasting food so they use hot sauce to spice things up!


What is the name of the Max Rager CEO?

Vaughn Du Clark is known for being the narcissistic CEO of Max Rager. He experiments on zombies under the Max Rager headquarters.


Why do Ravi and Liv keep mice in the morgue?

Ravi is constantly trying new vaccine versions and won't stop until he finds a cure.


Which surprising character ends up being the chaos killer?

Major surprisingly agreed to kill zombies for Vaughn Du Clark after he threatened to kill Liv if he wouldn't agree.


Who started a meat packing company in order to sell brains to high paying zombies?

Blaine began to capture and kill interesting people such as astronauts to feed his high end clients needs. The more interesting the people, the more interesting the memories and the more Blaine could charge for the brain.


What does full on zombie mode mean?

Liv has to use full on zombie mode a few times when her life is in danger.


How does Peyton find out Liv is a zombie?

Liv gets into an intense fight with another zombie who blamed her for turning him into a zombie. Peyton walks into the apartment in the middle of the fight and tells Liv to explain what she is.


What substance did Liv vaccinate Blaine with after the Meat Cute Massacre?

Live injected Blaine with a zombie cure that had only been tested once on mice and never on humans.


What company bought out Max Rager?

A large company with a military contact has bought out Max Rager with the knowledge of its adverse affects on people turning into zombies. We will have to watch and see what they do with this power.


What are some creative ways Liv eats brains?

Liv gets creative with her brain dishes and why not? If you have to eat it who says it has to be boring!


With which Zombie does Liv have an intimate relationship?

Drake worked as a henchmen for Mr. Boss as well as a secret informant to Blaine.


What does Liv find out about Drake?

Liv thought Drake was in the mob helping Mr. Boss sell drugs and kill anyone in his way. It turns out, Drake is an undercover cop trying to catch Mr. Boss and put him in prison.


What happens to a zombie if they don't eat brains?

When zombie don't eat brains regularly, they turn into violent brainless creatures much like the ones you see in a typical zombie movie.


Who killed Blaine in season 2?

Mr. Boss had Blaine killed by his henchmen and buried but to everyone's surprise, Blaine rose from the dead.


Which of the following cases has Liv helped solve?

Liv solves almost every case she gets assigned. Clive, is always thankful for Liv's psychic powers even if he doesn't know how they form.


What was Liv's career before she started working in the morgue?

Liv was on her way to becoming a doctor but her life was derailed when she turned into a zombie and needed a source for brains.


Who is still in love with Peyton, even after they ended their relationship?

Ravi never really got over Peyton. We start to see their relationship rekindle in season 2.


Liv gets a new roommate. She turns out to be....

Rita, is Vaughn Du Clark's daughter and also his assistant at work.


With whom does Major have an intimate relationship behind Liv's back?

Major, has an intimate relationship with Rita, only to find out later that she is also Liv's roommate.


What name did Rita use as Liv's roommate?

Rita, or in this case Gilda, used a fake name so Liv wouldn't recognize her since Liv has never met Rita in person but has heard her name many times.


What surgical instrument is used to extract brains?

Liv always uses her handy-dandy electrical bone saw to extract brains.


Who does Vaughn Du Clark run out on when they are about to get eated by zombies?

Rita managed to fight the zombies off but not before turning into a zombie herself.


Who injects themselves with the newest "cure" for zombiism?

Blaine injects himself with a second version of the "cure'' after he gets scared that he will die from the first dose.


What unfortunate side effect does the new "cure" have?

Blaine suffered from long term memory loss and forgot about his shady past selling brains and drugs. In a way, this gave Blaine the opportunity to turn a new leaf.


Don E. runs what kind of business?

Don E. takes over Blaines business after Blaine's memory loss.


What happened to Vaughn Du Clark at the end of season 2?

Vaughn Du Clark finally got what was coming to him and got eaten alive by the zombies he used to experiment.


How does Liv tell Clive she is a zombie?

Liv came to Clive's home to explain that Major is the chaos​ killer and the people he is "killing" are zombies. She then proceeds to tell him she is a zombie too and when he doesn't believe her, Liv, stabs herself with a knife and miraculously does not die.


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