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The ultimate quiz for this 2016 Academy Award nominated film! See how well you remember some of the most heart-warming, tear-jerking, beautiful scenes from "La La Land."

In which year was the premiere of "La La Land"?

"La La Land" was released in the United States on December 9, 2016, and grossed more than $4 million during its opening weekend at the box office! Initially, it was released on August 31, 2016, at the Venice Film Festival.


The opening scene of "La La Land" is located...

The film opens on the 105/110 interchange, where a woman gets out of her car and starts singing and dancing. Soon all of the other drivers join in and they dance and sing on top of the cars!


Where does "La La Land" take place?

"La La Land" was filmed at 28 different locations! All of the filming locations were in California - from Long Beach to Los Angeles to Burbank, to name a few!


In the opening scene traffic jam, what is the name of the song that the drivers sing and dance to?

"Another Day of Sun" was composed by Justin Hurwitz, with lyrics by Benj Pasek and Justin Paul. The choreography of this scene was done by Mandy Moore, famous for her work on "So You Think You Can Dance."


What is the name of the lead female character in "La La Land"?

Mia is an aspiring actress in Los Angeles. Throughout the film she is seen at several different auditions for various acting gigs.


Which famous actress plays the lead role of Mia in "La La Land"?

Emma Stone was born on November 6, 1988, in Scottsdale, Arizona. She started her career in the theater production of "The Wind in the Willows" in 2000.


What type of car does Mia drive in "La La Land"?

Mia's first appearance in the film is in her Toyota Prius. We see her on many other occasions throughout the film driving it - and it even gets towed away at one point!


Mia has a road rage run-in with an aspiring jazz musician named what?

Sebastian drives an old classic car. We first see him in the film in his car, following the opening song-and-dance scene on the Los Angeles highway. He becomes annoyed at Mia's driving and veers out from behind her, honking his horn.


Which famous actor plays the role of Sebastian?

Ryan Gosling began his acting career in 1993 as a child star in the "Mickey Mouse Club"! His first starring film role was in 2001, in "The Believer."


After her failed audition, who takes Mia to a party in the Hollywood Hills?

Mia lives in an apartment in Los Angeles with three other aspiring actresses. When she comes home from this bad audition, she doesn't want to talk about it. They convince her to cheer up and attend a party with them that night.


Where does Mia work for most of the film?

Mia works as a barista in a coffee shop on the Warner Brothers lot. She serves the employees of the studio. Her manager is not very understanding of Mia's auditions.


What song do Mia and her roommates sing as they prepare for the night out in Hollywood Hills?

"Someone in the Crowd" was performed by Emma Stone, Callie Hernandez, Sonoya Mizuno and Jessica Rothe. By the end of the song, Emma and her roommates are arriving at the party, all decked out in their beautiful dresses!


What happens to Mia as she leaves the coffee shop for her audition?

Mia rushes out of the coffee shop so that she is not late for her audition. In doing so, she runs into a customer whose coffee spills all over her shirt. Mia has to cover it up with her jacket at the audition.


Which instrument does Sebastian play?

He is an aspiring jazz pianist. We see him in the beginning of the film in his car across the street from a jazz club that has closed down.


Sebastian's favorite jazz club has been turned into a __________ place.

Sebastian is personally offended that a jazz club could possibly fail and be re-opened as a Samba and Tapas restaurant. He can't fathom that old jazz is becoming a thing of the past.


After finding her car has been towed, Mia walks into town and is attracted to the music coming from what restaurant?

At Lipton's, Sebastian is required to stick to a very strict playlist, according to the restaurant's owner. The owner fires him when he deviates from the set list into a jazz improvisation.


When Mia runs into Sebastian playing in a band at a pool party, what song does she request?

The band plays "I Ran" by A Flock of Seagulls. Sebastian glares at Mia, who is lip syncing to the words, "I never thought I'd meet a girl like you... I ran, I ran so far away."


To differentiate her keys from the rest of the Toyota Priuses, what does Mia tell Sebastian is on her keys?

He easily spots her keys and, together, they walk off to her car. Along the route, they engage in a bit of song and dance.


What is the name of the song that Sebastian begins to sing as he walks Mia to her car?

"A Lovely Night" was performed by Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone. During this scene, the two overlook Los Angeles while singing and dancing, including a bit of tap dancing!


Who is Mia's boyfriend?

She gets a call on her phone from Greg at the end of their performance of "A Lovely Night." Sebastian asks how long they've been dating and she responds, a few months.


Where is Mia from originally?

Mia is from Boulder City, Nevada. She grew up in her parents' house, across the street from the library. This piece of information comes in handy for Sebastian later in the film!


Sebastian suggests to Mia that she should see "Rebel Without a Cause" - and it's playing where?

When Mia tells Sebastian about a role that she has been called back for, she explains that it is like "Dangerous Minds" meets "The O.C." He thinks it is like "Rebel Without a Cause" and recommends that they go see it together.


Sebastian waits around the Realto for Mia, but she was...

Mia is sitting at the dinner table with Greg and two of their friends. She realizes at this moment that she does not want to be there with him and instead apologizes to him and runs off to find Sebastian at the Rialto!


What happens when Sebastian and Mia are about to kiss during the showing of "Rebel Without a Cause"?

The projector breaks and the lights go on. Unfortunately the show can't go on, so their almost-kiss is interrupted. They head out for some fun.


Sebastian takes Mia to what observatory, where the 1955 film was shot?

The Griffith Observatory is located in Los Angeles, California. It is named after Griffith Jenkins Griffith, a famous 1800s journalist, mining and real estate magnate who bequeathed money to build this observatory.


What is the name of Sebastian's old friend, who he had previously been in a jazz band with?

Keith offers Sebastian the chance to rejoin his band and agrees to pay him $1,000 per week. Sebastian declines because he wants to go out on his own and start his own jazz club.


Which famous musician plays the role of Keith?

John Legend was born on December 28, 1978, as John Roger Stephens. He has won ten Grammy Awards, one Golden Globe Award and one Academy Award!


What does Mia think Sebastian should name his future jazz club?

She believes it should be Seb's,as a tribute to him and his efforts. She drew a sign for it and used a music note as the apostrophe.


Disagreeing with Mia on the name "Seb's," what does Sebastian want his future jazz club to be named?

Chicken on a Stick is intended to pay homage to jazz musician Charlie Parker. Parker had a nickname "Bird" because he loved eating chicken.


As Sebastian plays the piano in his home, what song do he and Mia sing together?

"City of Stars," as sung by Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone, won a Golden Globe Award for Best Original Song. It was also nominated for Best Original Song for the 89th Academy Awards.


Where does Mia plan to perform her one-woman show?

"Rebel Without a Cause" has been closed. Despite her efforts and acting talent, Mia performs to only a handful of people in the nearly empty Rialto theater.


Sebastian receives a call on his phone for Mia. Who is calling for her?

She tells Sebastian she had tried several different ways to contact Mia for a role, but she hadn't had any luck. Sebastian leaves L.A. to seek out Mia.


What is Sebastian's way of alerting Mia of his arrival to her home?

On several occasions throughout the film, Sebastian leans on his car horn to let Mia know that he is there and she should come down. When she hears him in Boulder City, she is shocked.


What song does Mia sing in her audition for Amy Brandt and her assistant?

Emma Stone performs "The Fools Who Dream" during the audition. This song received a nomination for Best Original Song at the 89th Academy Awards.


Five years later, we see Sebastian and Mia have gone their separate ways, but we see them cross paths at this now famous jazz club...

We see that in the end, Sebastian did after all name his booming jazz club Seb's - the original suggestion by Mia, including the music note as the apostrophe!


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