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Sometimes you find good music or good beer as close as the neighbor's garage. Are you a beer geek or do you specialize in bands with equally interesting names? Either way, this is the quiz for you!

Maroon 5?

Maroon 5 has sold more than 17 million records worldwide. They were named Best New Artist of 2005 at the Grammy Awards.


Maple Bacon Coffee Porter?

Funky Buddha created a beer that combined roasted, creamy, sweet, and salty flavors, and then named it exactly like the taste they achieved.



Chumbawamba band members are lifelong anarchists. They have poured water on Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott (at the Brit Awards) and sold a song to GM, then turned around and donated the money to campaign against the corporation.



New Glarus Brewing Co. created this beer after a drought killed some of the fruit crops in Wisconsin. In response, they blended some new flavors to create this beer with cranberry and cherry undertones.



Blink-182 combined punk and pop as it rose to fame in the 1990s. Blink-182's image came from making fun of other bands in the genre, and it sought to attract kids from suburbia.


Zombie Dust?

Zombie Dust by Three Floyds Brewing pushes the limits of "pale ale" with a 6.4% ABV. Three Floyds is based in Muncie, Indiana, and also serves the Chicago area.


Bitter American?

The 21st Amendment Brewery in San Francisco, CA, created Bitter American as a seasonal beer that is only offered in the winter (January to March). The brewery has other popular offerings, such as Brew Free or Die, Down to Earth, and Back in Black.


Vitamin C?

Vitamin C was originally in the band, Eve's Plum. She made her debut as Amber Von Tussle in the movie musical, Hairspray (1988).


Soft Parade?

Named after the Doors' album, Soft Parade, this beer was created to appeal to wine drinkers. Short's Brewing Company only sold within the borders of Michigan until 2016, when a Chicago fan base convinced the brewery to distribute there.


Plead the 5th?

Dark Horse Brewery has several beer names that could easily pass for bands: Thirsty Trout, Smells Like a Safety Meeting, and Kamikaze Kaleidoscope are just a few.


Breakfast Stout?

Founders Brewing Company out of Grand Rapids, MI, combines chocolate, coffee, and oatmeal flavors to create a different kind of breakfast. The recipe became the base for some of Founders' other popular offerings, such as Kentucky Breakfast Stout.


Puddle of Mudd?

Puddle of Mudd had several Billboard hits, but they have struggled with controversy, including claims the band was lip syncing at live concerts and trouble with the lead singer breaking down on stage.



In 1983, Bell's Brewery began as a homebrew supply store in Kalamazoo, MI. It wasn't until 1985 that Larry Bell began brewing his own beer in a 15-gallon soup pot and selling it commercially.



Toppling Goliath founders, Clark and Barb Lewey, lost their garage when they began experimenting with home brewing. As their skills improved, they expanded, and currently use a 4-vessel, 30-barrel system that allows them to make enough brew to distribute throughout their native Iowa and Wisconsin.



Nickelback was formed by brothers Chad, Mike, and Brandon Kroeger with Ryan Peake. They first called themselves "Village Idiots," but changed the name to reflect the change Mike frequently gave while working at Starbucks: "Here's your nickel back."


Enuff Z'nuff?

Enuff Z'nuff got its first break when its single, "Fingers on It," was used in the movie "Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer" (1986). In 1989, they released their first major album with two songs that charted, "New Thing" and "Fly High Michelle."


Dragon's Milk?

New Holland Brewing Company created Dragon's Milk with a strong vanilla flavor and caramel overtones. New Holland also produces spirits, including their own whiskey, gin, rum, vodka, and orange liqueur.


Toad the Wet Sprocket?

Toad the Wet Sprocket was named after an Eric Idle monologue from Monty Python. Originally formed in high school, the band has been together more than 25 years.



As one of the 80s favorite hair bands, Poison sold more than 50 million records worldwide. When original guitarist Ce Ce Deville caused the band to cancel a tour because of his cocaine addiction, the band fell into obscurity. It found new life after the band briefly reformed in 2000, and Bret Michaels appeared on several television shows. Currently, Bret is touring solo, and the rest of the group is scheduled for a 2017 tour.


Pliny the Elder?

Many of the West Coast places that offer Russian River's Pliny the Elder enforce a two-bottle limit because of the limited stock. Since the beer is designed to be consumed fresh, each bottle has the bottling date printed on it.



The name "Troegs" is a combination of the founders' last name (Trogner) and the Flemish word for "pub" (kroeg). Bock uses a local malt from Pennsylvania to create this nutty, caramel brew reminiscent of an Amish dinner.


Fat Tire?

New Belgium Brewing is ranked fourth in beer sales volume on the Brewers Association list of craft brewing companies in the United States (March 2017). To get on this list, less than 25% of the company can be owned by a large brewing corporation, such as Anheuser-Busch.



Matchbox-20 was part of the post-grunge music that began in 1995. When Adam Gaynor left the band in 2004, the band took a break from music, but Paul Doucette took over in 2007 on rhythm guitar and allowed them to form again.



Hoobastank's single, "The Reason," reached #2 on U. S. charts with the album of the same name hitting #3. They have performed on soundtracks for several movies, including "The Scorpion King," "Spider-Man 2," and "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen."


Archers of Loaf?

Archers of Loaf formed in Chapel Hill, NC, in 1991. Although all the band members grew up in Ashville, they did not meet and begin playing together until they attended the University of Carolina.


Anchor Steam?

Anchor Brewing traces its history back to the 1800s—further than most craft brewers. Although Anchor closed its doors throughout brief periods, such as the 20s when Prohibition was law, its traditions were maintained after each hiatus.



Hill Farmstead named this beer after their grandfather's brother. The land where the brewery is located has been in the family for more than a century.


The Alan Parson's Project?

The Alan Parson's Project wrote the 3-minute long instrumental piece "Sirius" as an introduction to their song "Eye in the Sky." "Sirius" is still frequently used as the background music at sporting events when introducing teams, such as the Chicago Bulls during the 1991-1998 championship run.


On the Wings of Armageddon?

DC Brau Brewing Company concocted On the Wings of Armageddon (or OTWOA for short) as a tribute to the transition that was supposed to occur on December 21, 2012, according to the Mayan and Hopi calendars. It is a bitter IPA wth a 9.2% ABV and citrus undertones.



The band, Phish, inspired several craft beers. Sierra Nevada created "FOAM" for a special Phish Festival and Ithaca Beer Company recently created Stash in honor of the band.


Focal Banger?

The Alchemist's Focal Banger has been on more than one list of Best American IPAs. Focal Banger is one of two year-round offerings by The Alchemist. It is brewed in Stowe, VT, along with seasonal beers.


Little Sumpin' Sumpin'?

Since 2015, big beer companies have been purchasing craft breweries, such as Lagunitas (makers of Little Sumpin' Sumpin'). Although Heineken now has full financial control of Lagunitas, its founder, Tony Magee, and his management team remain in place. Since Lagunitas was the sixth largest craft brewery in America, and the deal allowed them to expand their marketing to Europe, it worked well for all involved.


Of Montreal?

Although named Of Montreal, the band's frontman is a native of Athens, Georgia. He formed the band shortly after a breakup with a woman from Montreal.


Tears for Fears?

The name Tears for Fears came from a psychiatrist's (Janov's) concept of trading childhood fears for emotional tears. The bass guitarist and lead singer/ songwriter were both from troubled families. They first met at the age of 13 in their hometown of Bath, England.



Motor City Brewing Works was founded in 1994 in Detroit, Michigan. They use equipment recycled from Detroit industrial salvage, and their brews celebrate the Detroit culture. They also offer their own hard cider, wines, brick oven pizza, and several unique caffeine-free sodas.


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