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Journey back into the world of "Sabrina, the Teenage Witch" (1996- 2003). Featuring everyone, including Sabrina, Hilda, Zelda and even Salem, this is the all-knowing quiz from the TV show. If you loved this show, you will enjoy acing this tough quiz!

Which actress plays the main character, Sabrina?

Melissa Joan Hart was born April 18, 1976. Her home state is New York. She has been acting since she was four years old.


How old was Sabrina when she went to live with her aunts ?

Sabrina moves in with her aunts in her sophomore year of high school. Sabrina's father, Edward, gets called away to the foreign services and her mother, Diana, goes on an archaelogical dig in Peru. She transfers schools and starts at Westbridge High School.


What are the names of Sabrina's aunts?

Sabrina lives with her two aunts, Hilda and Zelda. Hilda is the younger of the two. Hilda is the fun aunt, while Zelda is more wise and disciplinary.


When does Sabrina find out she is a witch?

On her 16th birthday, Hilda and Zelda inform her she is a witch. They give her a spell book. They tell her she gets her magical powers from her dad, while her mother is mortal.


How old was Melissa Joan Hart when the series premiered?

Melissa Joan Hart was already 20 years old when the series premiered, despite her character being portrayed as a teenager. The series follows her until Sabrina gets married later on.


What is the name of the football player that Sabrina befriends?

Harvey Kinkle is a mortal friend from Sabrina's high school. He is close friends with Sabrina throughout the series. In the TV show, Harvey is portrayed as a popular football player who is not very intelligent.


After Sabrina finds out she is witch, she is told she cannot communicate with her mortal mother for two years, or else her mother will turn into __________

Sabrina finds out that her mother will turn into a ball of wax if she speaks to her before the two-year time period. This rule came from the Witches Council. Her father, who is a witch, is in the "Other Realm Foreign Services" and not on Earth. She can still communicate with him, though, through the book her aunts gave her for her birthday.


What is the name of the cat that is a constant companion to Sabrina?

Salem Saberhagen is a 500-year-old witch who was sentenced to spend 100 years as a cat. He is generally portrayed as having a good heart and being a loyal friend to Sabrina. He provides guidance but also gets her into trouble in each episode.


Why was Salem sentenced to be a cat for 100 years?

Salem tried to take over the world. He was sentenced to spend 100 years as a cat by the Witches Council. He was sent to live with Hilda, as she supported his regime. Despite his desire for world domination, he is portrayed as having a good heart.


In Season 1, Sabrina turns her friend Libby into ________ .

In Season 1, Sabrina turns Libby into a pineapple. Aunt Hilda helps Sabrina turn back time and redo the day. Sabrina is able to change things and prevent Libby from turning into a pineapple.


Upon her 17th birthday, Sabrina finds out that she must get ____________ .

Sabrina must complete all of the tests set by her Quiz Master and solve her family secret. When she solves this, she can obtain her Witch's license. With this card, she gains full access to the power of magic and has the right to vote in the Other Realm elections.


Which two characters are the only ones to appear in all episodes?

Sabrina (Melissa Joan Hart) and Salem (Nick Bakay) are the only ones to appear in all episodes. By the end of the series, many characters had departed, and many actors had asked that their characters not be in each episode.


What was "Sabrina, the Teenage Witch" originally based on?

"Sabrina, the Teenage Witch" was originally based on an "Archies" comic book. It first appeared in "Archie's Madhouse #22" in 1962. It was originally documented as a darker version, with Sabrina becoming the most powerful sorceress who's ever lived.


Who was responsible for transforming the comic book to TV screens?

Melissa Joan Hart's mom, Paula, was instrumental in turning the comic into a TV series. Paula Hart was handed the "Archie" comic book on a playground at her daughter's school in Manhattan. She wrote and sold it as a Showtime movie. She later cut together a trailer and pitched it as a TV series.


In addition to voicing the character of Salem, Nick Bakay was also a _____ on the show

Mr. Bakay was also a writer. He is credited with writing twelve episodes throughout the series. He is known as a writer, actor, voice actor, comedian and sportscaster.


The ZIP code for Sabrina's town of Westbridge, Massachusetts, is 01970, the same ZIP code as __________

Salem, Massachusetts. is known as the "Witch City." Much of the city is identified as such because of its role as the location of the Salem witch trails in 1692. They have since embraced the history, as police cars are adorned with witch logos, a local public school is known as the Witchcraft Heights Elementary School, etc.


Where is the portal to the "Other Realm" in Sabrina's house?

Whenever someone wants to go to the Other Realm, they simply enter the closet, close the door, make a left at the towels, and follow the signs towards the black hole. Once the person has been transported, the closet emits thunder and rumbling and a flash of light. When people from the Other Realm come home to the Spellman home, a doorbell rings to signal that they have arrived.


In what season does Harvey find out that Sabrina is a witch?

In the Season 4 finale, Josh and Harvey are fighting for Sabrina's affection, so she feeds them magic friendship bread to bring peace between the two. Harvey and Josh get into a fight, but Harvey's unselfish concern for Josh prevents disaster. Josh wakes up and thinks it was all a dream, but Sabrina has used up her magical quota on Harvey. He shows up at her house and demands to know what will happen to their relationship now that he knows she's a witch.


What is Sabrina's last name?

Sabrina Spellman is the protagonist of the series. She gets her magic from her father's side of the family. Her mother is mortal


Which one of Sabrina's aunt's dates Vice Principal Kraft first?

Mr. Kraft dates both Hilda and Zelda during the show, causing complications for Sabrina. Mr. Kraft is a mortal. Mr. Kraft dates Zelda first.


What business does Hilda buy in Season 4?

Hilda finds a passion for clocks and impulsively buys a clock shop. The clock shop contains a "Lost in Time" Clock that brings people from the past to her for help and guidance. Hilda is not a natural businesswoman, so Zelda often ends up helping her sister with the bussiness.


For Sabrina, what is the meaning behind 12:36?

It was the first time Sabrina and Harvey spoke. They met as teenagers in high school. They were each other's first love.


What is the Spellman family secret?

Sabrina has to solve her family's secret in order to get her Witch's License. She finds out that every member of the Spellman family is born with a twin. She then meets her identical twin, Katrina.


Who were Sabrina's best friends in high school?

Jenny and Valerie are mortal characters. They are Sabrina's best friends in the first season. They all go to Westbridge High School.


What college does Sabrina go to?

Sabrina enrolls at the fictional Adams College in Boston. She studies Journalism. She meets two friends: Morgan and Roxie.


What does Sabrina study in college?

Sabrina studies journalism. She takes a job after graduating with the fictitious "Scorch Magazine," a music theme magazine for which she interviews famous artists. She meets her eventual fiancé through work.


What is the name of the cousin Sabrina takes under her wing and guides?

Amanda is portrayed as the bratty younger cousin of Sabrina. Amanda was a formidable rival to her older cousin, as her spoiled ways often put Sabrina or her friends in turmoil. However, as Amanda grew, she matured and became close with Sabrina.


What is the name of Sabrina's fiance, who she leaves at the alter?

Aaron Jacobs is a mortal band promoter. They become serious quickly, but Aaron remains jealous of Sabrina's friendship with Harvey. Sabrina leaves Aaron at the alter on her wedding day in order to reunite with Harvey.


When Sabrina, Roxie, Miles, Morgan, Josh, and Harvey board a Mystery Train in the Other Realm, who ends up being the murder victim?

Josh's character was a photographer. Morgan was a countess, Roxie was Morgan's maid, Harvey was an international tennis star, and Miles was a professor. Sabrina was the detective who had to figure out which passenger was the murderer. It was Sabrina who murdered Josh.


Why does Sabrina leave Aaron at the altar?

On the day of Sabrina's wedding, she searches for her soul stone. Although a close fit, it is not a match with hers and Aaron's stones. This proves to her that her real soulmate is still out there. She goes in search of him.


Which of the following holidays has there never been an episode about?

There were no episodes about Veteran's Day. As it was a show about witches and magic, there were many episodes about Halloween. Some of these episodes included Sabrina visiting Marigold and Amanda in the Other Realm. Another episode involved the group going on a Halloween murder mystery train.


There is a ______ remake of the show called "Acemi Cadi."

The plot goes something like this: a teenage girl, Ayşegül, wakes up on her birthday to find out that her aunties, Selda and Melda, are really witches - and her cat, Duman, can now talk. She is also attracted to a boy in her class, Selim, and has to contend with the popular group of girls at school. The series aired from 2005-2007.


Which of Sabrina's college friend actors have remained close friends with Melissa Joan Hart?

Soleil Moon Frye and Melissa Joan Hart have remained good friends. They have known each other since their child star days and longed to star in a project together. They subsequently worked together on Season 6 and 7 of "Sabrina, the Teenage Witch."


When Sabrina leaves Aaron at the altar in the series finale, who is waiting for her?

Harvey is waiting for her on his motorcycle. Amanda gave him his own soul stone. As they ride off together, Sabrina's friends and family look on, all saying, "it's about time." It is clear that Sabrina and Harvey's soul stones fit together perfectly.


Who says: "What's the matter? I have to be a witch, I have to be a mortal, I have to be a teenager, and I have to be a girl all at the same time. That's the matter"?

Sabrina says this when she gets overwhelmed by the stress of her new responsibilities. Salem says, "At least you still have your thumbs... and a door on your bathroom!" in response.


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