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What happens when a daring and sexy student pilot meets his match in the classroom? Take this quiz to remember all of your favorite moments from this 80s action-packed love story!

"I feel the need, the need for ________!"

"Top Gun" was directed by Tony Scott and produced by both Don Simpson and Jerry Bruckheimer.


"Top Gun" features lead male character Pete Mitchell. What is his call sign?

Maverick is a United States Naval Aviator Lieutenant.


Which famous actor plays the role of Lt. Mitchell?

Tom Cruise was born on July 3, 1962. His real name is Thomas Cruise Mapother IV.


Who is Maverick's flying partner?

LTJG Nick Bradshaw is known as Maverick's Radar Intercept Officer. The pair get along very well.


What is LTJG Bradshaw's call sign?

LTJG stands for a junior grade lieutenant in the United States Navy. It is also used in the US Coast Guard, US Public Health Service Commissioned Corps and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Commissioned Officer Corps.


Which famous actor plays the role of Goose?

Anthony Edwards was born on July 19, 1962 in Santa Barbara, California. He is married to Jeanine Lobell.


"Hey, Goose, you big stud... take me to bed or ________."

Goose replies to his wife, "Show me the way home, honey!"


Who is Maverick's wingman?

Cougar's name is LT Bill Cortell. He is portrayed by actor John Stockwell.


What does Maverick do when he flies inverted and parallel to one of the other aircraft?

Maverick is somewhat of a wild guy. This gutsy move shows just how wild he can be.


What is the name of the commanding officer who sends Maverick and Goose off to flight school?

Stinger's real name is CDR Tom Jardian. He is portrayed by actor James Tolkan.


Where is the Top Gun school located?

NAS stands for Naval Air station. Top Gun was filmed in 22 different locations.


What is Goose's wife's name?

Goose keeps up with Maverick for the most part, but the other side of him is completely devoted to his wife and kids.


Which famous actress plays the role of Carole Bradshaw?

Meg Ryan was born Margaret Mary Emily Anne Hyra. Her birthday is November 19, 1961.


"It's classified. I could tell you, but _________."

Maverick tries to explain something to his flight school instructor, however, he cannot go into further detail like she asked.


What is the name of the Top Gun instructor?

Charlotte Blackwood is better known throughout the film as Charlie. She is a civilian, teaching in a military setting.


Which famous actress plays the role of Charlie?

Kelly McGillis is best known for her acting in the 80s. One of her most famous roles was as Rachel Lapp in "Witness" (1985).


Who is Maverick's number one rival at Top Gun?

Iceaman's real name is LT Tom Kazanski. Iceman and Maverick take turns trying to outdo each other.


Iceman is portrayed by this famous actor...

Val Kilmer was born on December 31, 1959 in Los Angeles. He attended The Juilliard School.


What is LCDR Rick Heatherly's call sign?

Jester is portrayed by actor Michael Ironside. He was born Frederick Reginald Ironside on February 12, 1950.


What happens when Maverick and Goose eject from their F-14?

When they ejected from the plane, Goose's head slammed into the aircraft canopy. The two landed in the ocean, but Goose has already died.


What is Maverick's motivation for flying?

Maverick's father died while flying aircraft in the Vietnam War.


Who at Top Gun knew Maverick's father before he passed away?

Michael "Viper" Metcalf is the Top Gun leader. He flew with Maverick's father off the USS Oriskany in Vietnam.


Whose life does Maverick save in one of the film's final action scenes?

Despite being rivals throughout the entire film, Maverick comes to Iceman's rescue up in the air. The two end up as friends.


What does Maverick do with Goose's dog tags at the end of the film?

As he looks out and reflects, he tosses the dog tags into the ocean. The viewer is led to believe that his grief has led to strength.


Iceman says to Maverick, "You can be my _______ any time."

Maverick, slightly insulted by this suggestion, says to Iceman, "(expletive!) you can be mine." After all, it was Maverick who saved Iceman!


With what song do Maverick and Goose serenade Charlie at the bar?

You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin' was recorded by The Righteous Brothers. It was released in November 1964.


Which Kenny Loggins' song is heard while Maverick and others are flying through the sky?

Danger Zone was composed by Giorgio Moroder, with lyrics by Tom Whitlock. It was released on May 13, 1986.


In Charlie and Maverick's famous love scene, what song plays in the background?

Take My Breath Away was performed by Berlin. It is the official love theme from "Top Gun."


At the bar, what song does Goose play on the piano for his wife, Carole?

Great Balls of Fire, by Jerry Lee Lewis, was recorded on October 8, 1957 in Memphis, Tennessee. Goose plays this on the piano and sings along!


At the end of the film, Maverick is offered any job he wants, which does he choose?

To honor his bravery and saving the lives of his fellow pilots, Maverick is offered any job he wants.


When Charlie asks if he is a good pilot, Maverick responds:

Charlie asks Maverick this after he and Goose serenade her at the bar. She replies to him, "Great, then I won't have to worry about your living as a singer!"


In what year did Top Gun premiere?

"Top Gun" was released on May 16, 1986. It was distributed by Paramount Pictures.


When Goose sees the plaque with names of the best of the best, what does he notice?

Goose replies, "No, boys. There's two Os in Goose!


When Maverick arrives at Charlie's house, what does he tell her he is going to do?

Maverick rides a motorcycle throughout the film. When he's not in the air, he is on his bike.


Before heading out, Slider reminds the boys there are no points for _________.

Jester: Maverick, you and Goose get your butts outta that flight gear and up to Viper's office now.%0DSlider: Remember, boys, no points for second place.%0DGoose: You're a lot brighter than you look.%0DSlider: Oh, you shut up.


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