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The love triangle came to a head, an army of newborn vamps descended on Forks, we learned the backstory of some favorite characters -- a lot happened in the third installment of the Twilight series! How well do you remember the thrills? Test your recall now with our quiz!

"Eclipse" opens on what scene?

The first scene with recognizable characters is, in fact, Bella and Edward in a meadow together. But first we see a vampire attack in Seattle, which is important to the plot.


Whom does Charlie want Bella to spend time with early in the movie?

Jacob Black "is going through a tough time right now," Charlie says. He reminds Bella that Jacob was there for Bella when she was depressed over her breakup with Edward, and Bella agrees.


Who is going to be Forks High's valedictorian?

This is an odd development, given that Jessica's character is usually portrayed as an airhead. It just shows what good penmanship and a 100 percent homework completion rate will get you!


Why is Edward concerned about the disappearances in Seattle?

Edward seems certain that the disappearances are being caused by a vampire, but he hasn't made the connection to a vampire raising an army of newborns. His main concern, early on, is a visit from the Volturi.


What is the name of the young man turned into a vampire in the movie's beginning?

Riley Biers was from Forks. This is why Charlie is interested in his disappearance in Seattle. As a vampire, Riley ends up leading VIctoria's vampire army.


Which of these characters has a twin?

Jane and Alec are twins, and both have formidable powers. Alec's is disabling the senses of others (human or vampire); for example, rendering them blind.


Why is it a problem if the Volturi come to Forks?

The only reason the Volturi let Bella leave Italy alive was that Alice had seen, in a vision, that Edward would change Bella. If they come to Forks, they'll see that hasn't happened yet.


Which Cullen crosses over into Quileute land while chasing Victoria?

Emmet, Rosalie's mate, is rash and impulsive. In the chase, Emmet follows Victoria when she leaps across the river into Quileute land, and has an unfriendly brush with the werewolf, Paul.


What is the name for a werewolf meeting his/her soulmate?

Jacob explains to Bella that imprinting is like an extraordinarily strong version of love at first sight. In the books, a teenage Quileute has impressed on an infant girl, whom he will wait for until she grows up. This plot point, a teenage boy being soulmated with a toddler -- was left out of "Eclipse," perhaps for fear of controversy.


Which werewolf forms a love triangle with Sam and Emily?

Leah and Sam were a couple before Sam imprinted on Emily. Jacob complains that after Leah changed, thanks to wolf telepathy, all the rest of the pack are privy to the lingering discomfort between the two.


Who took over the role of the vampire Victoria?

Bryce Dallas Howard took over the job from Rachelle LeFevre, who played Bella's nemesis in the first two movies. Fun fact: Bryce Dallas Howard's middle name comes from the place where she was conceived, a naming tradition that Ron Howard and his wife used with all their children.


What is the "party" that Jacob takes Bella to?

The elders felt it would be useful for Bella to hear the legends about the Quileute wolves. She is apprehensive about being an outsider at the tribal meeting, but Jacob assures her that she "has a part to play" in everything that's happening.


In Billy's story, how did the chief's wife save her husband and the tribe?

Billy tells the story of how a vampire's mate attacked the Quileute village, and how the chief was losing a hand-to-hand fight with her. The chief's third wife made a sacrifice which was successful, saving her husband and the tribe.


How long does Jacob promise to keep fighting for Bella?

Jacob makes this promise while walking with Bella on La Push beach. Then he abruptly kisses her, leading to a comic moment where Bella punches him in the face, spraining her hand but hurting Jacob not at all.


Which vampire's backstory do we learn in "Eclipse"?

Rosalie was nearly killed by her nasty fiance and his drunken friends. As a vampire, she got revenge by bursting into the fiance's bedroom dressed as a bride. "I was a bit theatrical back then," she says.


Why, according to Rosalie, does she resent Bella?

It certainly isn't that Rosalie wants Edward; she is happy with Emmet. But Rosalie also wanted children, and to grow old alongside the man she loves: two things that she'll never have.


After being changed, Rosalie says, what is the one thing that Bella will want more than Edward?

A lot of audience members were probably thinking of a baby, though. It was the one thing Rosalie, as a human girl, wanted most. Now that possibility is forever behind her.


Who throws the graduation party?

Alice loves girl stuff like clothes, shopping, and presents. It's not surprising, then, that she chooses to throw a graduation bash for the seniors of Forks High.


What is Jacob's graduation gift to Bella?

Jacob surprises Bella by turning up at the party. She did invite him, but says that her "right hook" was her way of un-inviting him.


Which of the Volturi come to Seattle to investigate the newborn army?

Aro, Caius and Marcus are the three central figures of the Volturi, and none of them actually go to America. They send Jane, her twin Alec, and two other backups to deal with the mayhem in Seattle.


What does Alice have a vision of at the party?

The disappearances and murders in Seattle have troubled and baffled the Cullens. Alice's vision makes clear that the violence is due to a growing cadre of newborns, who are coming to Forks to hunt Bella.


What was Jasper's claim to fame in his human life?

In a flashback, he introduces himself to his about-to-be maker as "Major Jasper Whitlock, Ma'am." If he'd known what she was, he probably would have run.


What was the name of Jasper's maker?

Jasper's relationship with Maria parallels that of Riley Biers with Victoria. Jasper trained Maria's newborn vampire fighters, and had to dispose of them when they outlived their newborn strength.


After reassuring her father that she is a virgin, what does Bella do?

Bella wants to have the experience of sex with Edward while "I'm still me," that is, human. Edward holds her off with a speech about how old-fashioned he is, then gives her a ring.


Why does Bella need Jacob during the storm on the mountaintop?

This might be the most unabashedly romantic moment in the series, when Jacob gets into the sleeping bag with the freezing Bella to warm her up. The very annoyed Edward can't do it; he's perpetually cold to the touch.


Why does Bella ask Jacob to kiss her?

Jacob storms off after learning that Bella has agreed to marry Edward. Afraid that he'll go into battle hot-headed and get killed, Bella tries to stop him by asking him to kiss her. It's their first and only real kiss.


Why are the wolves an advantage in the battle against the newborns?

Of course, the Quileute wolves adding their numbers to the Cullens' helps. But Jasper also comments that newborn vampires won't know the wolves exist -- which is a little confusing. Couldn't Victoria just *tell* them? She knows, since they've chased her all over Washington State.


Who kills Victoria?

Bella distracts Victoria by cutting her arm, the way the chief's wife did in Billy's story. This lets Edward get the advantage, and he is able to behead their enemy.


What is the name of the timid female newborn that we repeatedly see?

Bree is a minor character in the novel "Eclipse," but takes on more significance in the movie. This is because she was the central figure in the follow-up novella, "The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner."


Which werewolf was injured late in the battle?

Jasper warned the wolves not to let a newborn get his or her arms around them, because of their great strength. This is what happens to Jacob, and he comes out of it with several broken bones.


As the film ends, what daunting task are Edward and Bella preparing for?

Bella calls this job "difficult ... maybe even dangerous." Sadly, the movie ends before we can see Charlie's apoplectic reaction.


Most vampires have red eyes. What color are those of the Cullens?

The secret, according to the series mythology, is diet. Vampires who live on human blood have red eyes, but the Cullens drink only animal blood.


Who played Cullen patriarch Carlisle?

Peter Facinelli is known for, among other things, being married to (and divorced from) "90210" star Jennie Garth. He also played a role on Showtime's "Nurse Jackie."


Who played Riley Biers?

Xavier Samuel is one of a wave of young Australian actors who have flocked to Hollywood in recent years. He hasn't, however, reached the stratospheric fame of fellow countrymen like the Hemsworth brothers.


An actor who goes by the name "Booboo" played which character?

The actor who played Seth is Nils Allen Stewart Jr., better known as "Booboo" Stewart. His resume includes singing, dancing, directing and performing stunts, in addition to acting. Whew!


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