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In the fall of 2005, the "Twilight" book was released. Being the first in the series, it was met with less than desirable reviews and it took a long time for it to gain a cult following. Once it did, though, it seemed to happen overnight. Given that there are four books and five movies (the last book was broken up into two movies) there are a lot of details to remember! There are the obvious things like Edward and his family members are vegetarian vampires and Bella is a human who moves back to Forks to live with her father. Oh yeah, she and Edward fall in love and he turns her into a vampire. Those are the basics.

But we couldn't simply ask you the most obvious questions! That would be doing a disservice. We've dug deep into the "Twilight" movies and picked out some of the things that only the most avid reader and watcher would remember. Maybe you'll also learn some things you never knew! If you find yourself sitting on the bank of a river contemplating life and where you belong, pull up this quiz and remind yourself that at least you're not a high schooler who fell in love with a vampire that no one really wants you to be with!

Which member of the Cullen family attacks Bella on her 18th birthday?

Jasper gets overwhelmed by his blood lust after Bella cuts her finger while opening one of her birthday gifts. Edward and Emmett come to her rescue and hold Jasper back and hold him so he can't advance on her.


What is Edward and Bella's daughter's name?

They chose the name Renesmee as a tribute to both of their moms. Bella's mom's name is Renee and Edward's mother's name is Esme. Renesmee also happens to be the one Jacob imprinted on.


Which character suddenly changed actresses after the first two movies?

In the first two films, Victoria was played by Rachelle Lefevre, but for "Eclipse," the character was played by Bryce Dallas Howard. They look very similar, so some people might not even have noticed.


According to Jacob, what are the traditional enemies of tribal werewolves?

"Cold ones" is another term for vampires, the one enemy of tribal werewolves. This creates quite the problem between Edward, Bella and Jacob. Jacob will never believe Bella could be safe with Edward, and vice versa.


Why did Bella move from Phoenix to Forks?

Bella's stepdad traveled a lot because he was a baseball player, and Bella could tell that her mom was unhappy having to stay home with her. Bella makes the decision to live with her father so her mom could have the freedom to move around with her new husband.


Can you remember the name of Edward's sister, who was turned into a vampire after she was assaulted and left for dead?

She had a dark history and after her fiancé did some pretty horrible things to her, she was left for dead. Carlisle Cullen found her and the only way to keep her "alive" was to turn her into a vampire.


Do you remember what happens to Edward's skin in the sun?

After they are turned into vampires, it is said in the books that their skin turns into a solid material similar to diamonds. The matter in the makeup of the skin is what sparkles in the sun.


Where did James lure Bella?

James made Bella believe that he had taken her mom and Bella had to come find them if she ever wanted to see her again. Once at the ballet studio where he was allegedly keeping Bella's mom, James attacked her.


Bella's middle name is Marie. Who is that after?

Her grandmother on her maternal side was Maria Higginbotham. She appears to Bella in "New Moon" and plays a big part in Bella's choice to become a vampire. She died when Bella was around 11 years old.


Who was turned into a vampire after being mauled by a bear?

Rosalie rescued him as he was being mauled to death by a black bear. She wasn't the one to turn him, though. Rosalie requested that Carlisle do the deed because he wouldn't lose control, and Emmett and Rosalie eventually fell in love.


What's the significance of the golden onion?

Bella and Edward win the golden onion in biology class for winning a contest involving studying the onion root cells of mitosis. They correctly guessed the stages of mitosis, to be exact.


Where did Bella originally live?

Bella moved from her mom's house in Phoenix, Arizona, to her father's house in Forks, Washington, when she was 17. Bella was actually born in Forks, where her father is the police chief and returned after her mother remarried.


Who were the Volturi?

Saying that the Volturi are the vampire law enforcers is such a simplistic way of putting it, though. They are as close to a royal family as vampires get, and they can also cause extreme unpleasantness for other vampires. Let's just say they like the hunt.


How long have Jacob and Bella known each other?

Bella was born in Forks, Washington, so she had friends there from when she was younger. She and Jacob were really close friends, and would even make mud pies together when they would hang out.


Which Forks High School student below had a crush on Bella?

Mike Newton was one of the most popular kids at Forks High and was beside himself when Bella started at his school. He famously said to Bella, "He looks at you like you're something to eat," referring to Edward. Oh, if he only knew.


If you remember evil James, you remember that he bit Bella with the intention of drinking her blood. Where did he bite her?

James was the kind of vampire who feasted on human blood. Once he had a scent in his nose, he would follow it until he found his desired victim. He desired Bella so much he lured her away in order to attack her.


Who wrote the books that sparked the phenomenon?

She said the idea for "Twilight" came to her in a dream about a girl and a vampire who loved each other, but his thirst for blood almost ruined it. Her writings on the dream eventually turned into chapter 13 of the first book.


What beach does Bella visit with Jacob and her friends in the first movie?

They actually just ran into each other on the beach in La Push, as opposed to going together. The beach is on the Native American reservation that Jacob and his family live on, so he was at the beach frequently.


Which animal blood does Edward prefer the most?

He loves the taste so much that his family has come to call him "mountain lion" when they're out hunting. Being vegetarian in the vampire world means that you get sustenance from animal blood as opposed to human.


Do you remember the name of Jacob's tribe?

Jacob once told Bella that those in his tribe, the Quileutes, descended straight from wolves and they are considered brothers to the animal. It's against Quileute law to kill them, and they also shapeshift into them.


What is the Denali Coven?

The Denali coven was one of two known vegetarian vampire clans, the other being the Cullens. They were huge allies with each other, even considering each other some sort of extended family.


Did Jasper Hale fight in any major wars?

He became a major in the Confederate Army and shortly after, a vampire named Maria turned him. He had a rough go of it right after and got sick of the meat-eating lifestyle, so eventually joined the peaceful, vegetarian Cullen family.


Which song does Edward play for Bella on the piano?

In the movie, the song "Bella's Lullaby" was composed by Edward himself, especially for Bella. It becomes their anthem, in a way, and he finds himself humming it whenever Bella is sleeping or needs comforting.


What kind of vampire was James?

As a tracker, James gets the scent of a human he wants to eat, and then tracks them down until he finds them. He did find Bella and was caught in a struggle with her before biting her wrist. It didn't go further than that, thankfully.


When there was a blood type experiment in school, what happened?

Bella didn't do so well with blood, which is hilarious knowing her future. During the blood type experiment, she said she already knew her blood type and asked if she could be excused. It was clear she was feeling faint, so she was taken to the nurse.


When was Edward turned into a vampire?

He was turned by Carlisle Cullen to prevent him from dying from the Spanish influenza epidemic that was happening in Chicago. Edward's mother actually made the request that he be turned, and Carlisle obliged.


Where are the students when Edward sees Bella for the first time?

All the Cullens are sitting at one table looking way too cool for school when Edward looks over to where Bella is sitting and really sees her for the first time. Even through his Ray-Bans, you can tell he likes what he sees.


What were human Edward's parents' names?

He was the only child of Edward and Elizabeth Masen. His father was a successful lawyer while his mother dedicated her life to her husband and son. They both died from the Spanish influenza, which Edward (the son) was rescued from.


When Edward takes Bella to prom, what's the theme?

Monte Carlo is a common theme for proms, given the outlandish nature of the decor and the outfits people can wear. It's one of the classiest places, so having it as the prom theme automatically ups the feel of the event.


Where was Carlisle, the patriarch of the Cullen family, born?

In the 1640s in London, Carlise Cullen was born. He was the son of a pastor who would hunt vampires, werewolves and witches as an attempt to rid the world of the evil and sin they brought upon it.


Where did Alice live when she was a human?

Even when she was human she would have predictions. That's ultimately what got her locked up in a mental institution. She was turned into a vampire after she had a vision of tracker, James, coming for her.


Which truck does Bella drive?

When Bella decided to move in with her father, Charlie, in Forks, he bought Billy Black's truck for her to use. It was an old truck and maybe not in the best condition, but Bella felt like it was the best car she could possibly have.


Which special power does Jasper possess?

What a fantastic power to have! Jasper can not only sense the moods of those around him, but he can then change the mood to be more appropriate or to cheer people up if people are in pain.


What time of day is the safest, according to Edward?

It makes sense that it's the name of the book because Edward tells Bella that twilight is the safest time of day for vampires who do not prey on humans. He also says that it's the saddest because it means the end of another day.


What is the mascot of Forks High School?

Forks High School is the home of the Spartans, at least according to a big sign outside of the high school. It would be hilarious, though, if the mascot was wolves or something, given that Jacob and his family all shapeshift into them.


Where does Edward take Bella after she is attacked in Port Angeles?

Bella had plans to meet her friends Jessica and Angela there, so when Edward rescues Bella from the bad guys, he takes her right there without her even having to tell him that's where she was going.


When was the first movie in the series, "Twilight," released?

"Twilight," the first of four books in the series, was released on Oct. 5, 2005. When it first came out, the books weren't received with huge applause, but over time they became a cult hit. The first movie was released on Nov. 21, 2008.


What are the names of Jacob's two older sisters?

Rachel and Rebecca Black are the older sisters of Jacob and are also twins. They were born and raised on the reservation in La Push and they both had a really hard time dealing with the death of their mother.


During which season does Emmett prefer to go hunting?

Since Emmett's favorite animal to hunt is the grizzly bear, he hunts when he knows they will be the most irritable, which is springtime. He finds them easier to catch and the hunt is much more satisfying.


How do Bella and her mom communicate?

Since her mother is always traveling with her baseball player husband, email is the best way to keep up with what's going on in their lives. Bella emails her detailing what she's learning in school and how her dad is doing, but nothing about her vampire friend.


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