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The gang of Central Perk sure had a lot of adventures over the years, and their annual Thanksgiving was no exception! How well do you remember their antics?

Let's start at the beginning, with Season 1. Which float "gets away" during the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade?

The long-standing tradition of Thanksgiving being hosted by Monica started in Season 1. While preparing a delicious feast, the gang finds out that the Underdog float broke free from its handlers. They rush up to the roof to watch and return to find the apartment door locked behind them, no one having thought to get the key on the way out. By the time they finally get back in, all the food is burned and they feast on cheese sandwiches, Funyuns, and wine.


Ross and Monica's parents go on vacation over Thanksgiving, prompting Mon to host her first holiday. Where did Jack and Judy go?

Jack and Judy Geller decided to go to Puerto Rico for Thanksgiving. This is easily done, as Puerto Rico is a legal territory of the United States. It was annexed in 1898 as part of the Treaty of Paris, a result of the Spanish-American War.


What famous ski town had Rachel been planning to visit, to join her family for the holiday?

The gang comes together and chips in to buy Rachel a plane ticket to go skiing with her family in Vail, Colorado. Vail is the largest ski mountain in Colorado, and the town hosts many cultural events, such as a film festival, a dance festival, and The Taste of Vail food and wine event.


Before all the food burned, how many types of potatoes did Monica make?

Monica had promised to make three different types of potatoes for the dinner. Ross had asked her to make mashed potatoes with lumps (despite Monica's insistence that the lumps aren't actually supposed to be there), Tater Tots for Joey, and whipped potatoes with peas and onions for Phoebe. All three, plus the rest of the gang, had to make do with a sans-potato meal.


Chandler tells the group he's happy all their Thanksgivings sucked. Ross wishes them a ______ Christmas, and Rachel chimes in "and a crappy New Year!"

While Ross expresses a wish regarding Christmas, the Geller siblings are Jewish in the show. In later seasons, he would mention getting Monica a gift for Hannukah and wanting to teach his son Ben about their Jewish faith.


Moving on to Season 2. Which character had a major relationship decision to make in the Thanksgiving episode?

In Season 2's not-so-Thanksgiving-themed Thanksgiving episode, Ross is forced to choose between his current girlfriend, Julie, and the love of his life, Rachel. He chooses Rachel, but when she discovers the list he made to help choose, she angrily dumps him.


Recently fired chef Monica gets a job as a recipe creator for a foul-tasting chocolate substitute called what?

As essentially the only Thanksgiving mention in the Thanksgiving episode, Monica creates some holiday staples with Mockolate. She serves up pumpkin pie with a mockolate cookie crumb crust, mockolate cranberry cake, and mockolate chip cookies “just like the Indians served." They are so bad that the gang spits them out immediately.


Which SNL alum and veteran character actor played the CEO of Mockolate?

Strangely, Phil Hartman never appeared on "Friends," but Baldwin and Lovitz would go on to appear in later seasons. The "Friends" cast also crossed over into "SNL" territory, with all main cast members except Matt LeBlanc (Joey) hosting at some point during the run of the show. Jennifer Aniston hosted twice.


Well done on Season 2. Let's move on to Season 3, which focused on the gang playing sports. What game did they play?

Season 3's Thanksgiving episode is appropriately titled, "The One With The Football", as it revolves around a boys' vs girls' game of two-hand touch football. Ross and Monica both become extremely competitive, to the point where the others leave them on the field to go eat.


What is the prize to be awarded to the winner of the aforementioned football game?

The teams are playing for the infamous Geller cup, which is described by Chandler as being "a troll doll nailed to a 2×4." After a particularly gruesome battle between the Geller siblings as children, their parents threw it into a lake as a way to encourage their kids to get along. Monica later swims in and fishes it out.


As children, what body part of Ross did Monica break, leading to the banishment of The Geller Cup?

Monica and Ross reveal to the group that their family had an annual Geller Bowl at Thanksgiving. At Geller Bowl 6, Monica broke Ross's nose in a fit of competitivness. However, adult Ross shows no sign of having ever had his nose broken. Perhaps Rachel isn't the only one to have gotten a nose job? We'll never know, as the series never addresses this discrepancy.


What does Phoebe do to distract Chandler and steal the ball from him?

While Chandler is running with the ball, Phoebe lifts up her shift and flashes him. He goes dumbfounded and giggles, during which time she rushes up, steals the ball and runs away. Fun fact: during the game, Phoebe is wearing a shirt for a 70s tv show called "That Girl." "That Girl" starred actress Marlo Thomas, who one year prior, had guest-starred on "Friends" as Rachel's mother.


Chandler and Joey are distracted during the game, both trying to flirt with an attractive foreign model. What country is this model from?

Joey and Chandler vie for the attention of Dutch model, Margha. Margha was played by American actress, Susanna Voltaire, who does not have a Dutch accent in real life. Those familiar with real-life Dutch accents might argue she didn't really have one on the show either.


Touchdown! You've made it to Season 4. Which Friend gets injured before dinner?

While the others are busy with relationship drama and naps, Monica is left to make the food all by herself. She gets a piece of ice in her eye and ends up getting treated by her ex-boyfriend's son, Dr. Tim Burke. Tim was played by Michael Vartan, who also appeared in the movie, "The Pallbearer," with Davis Schwimmer, the year prior to this episode.


How must Chandler spend Thanksgiving?

Joey punished Chandler for crossing the line and kissing his girlfriend, Kathy (Paget Brewster, later of "Criminal Minds" and "Community" fame). Joey first sentences Chandler to five years of the silent treatment but gets angry when he sees Chandler and Kathy together and changes the punishment. Fun fact - the ever-changing Magna-Doodle in the guys' apartment in this episode simply reads, "I'm Sorry. I'm Sorry. I'm Sorry. I'm Sorry. I'm Sorry. I'm Sorry. I'm Sorry. I'm Sorry. I'm Sorry. I'm Sorry. I'm Sorry. I'm Sorry. I'm Sorry. I'm Sorry. I'm Sorry. I'm Sorry. I'm Sorry. I'm Sorry. I'm Sorry. I'm Sorry. I'm Sorry. I'm Sorry. I'm Sorry. I'm Sorry. I'm Sorry. I'm Sorry. I'm Sorry. I'm Sorry. I'm Sorry. I'm Sorry. I'm Sorry. I'm Sorry. I'm Sorry. I'm Sorry. I'm Sorry. I'm Sorry. I'm Sorry. I'm Sorry. I'm Sorry. I'm Sorry. I'm Sorry. I'm Sorry. I'm Sorry. I'm Sorry. I'm Sorry. I'm Sorry. I'm Sorry. I'm Sorry. I'm Sorry. I'm Sorry. I'm Sorry. I'm Sorry. I'm Sorry. I'm Sorry. I'm Sorry. I'm Sorry. I'm Sorry. I'm Sorry. I'm Sorry. I'm Sorry. I'm Sorry. I'! m Sorry. I'm Sorry. I'm Sorry. I'm Sorry."


Monica tries to defend her icky choice to date her ex's son by pointing out the poor life decisions of her friends. Which is not an example used in her retort?

In the first episode, it's revealed that Ross married a lesbian and Rachel left a man at the altar (The Pilot). In Season 2, Phoebe's first husband, gay (now straight) Canadian ice dancer Duncan (played by Steve Zahn) arrives, asking for a divorce (The One With Phoebe's Husband). In Season 3, Chandler dates a girl named Ginger. Joey reveals he used to date Ginger, but she dumped him when he accidentally threw her wooden leg in the fireplace (The One With Phoebe's Ex-Partner). She ends her speech by pointing at Chandler and declaring, "Living in a box!"


Let's climb out of the box and move on to Season 5. Not all holidays are good, as the gang proves by reminiscing about their worst Thanksgivings. Which Friend says that this year is the worst Thanksgiving ever?

Ross laments that he is having the worst Thanksgiving ever, as a result of his divorce and eviction by his second wife, Emily. Chandler then jumps in to say that Ross's current Thanksgiving is not worse than the Thanksgiving where his father came out and abandoned his family. This starts the premise of the episode, with all the Friends listing their worst Thanksgiving.


Phoebe tries to talk about her worst Thanksgiving but brings up a memory from a past life. This inspires which Friend to lament that they can't remember their past lives?

Phoebe's flashback to her worst Thanksgiving is as a nurse during the Revolutionary War, where she loses an arm and blood spurts everywhere. Director and Producer Kevin S. Bright has said in DVD commentary that this blood spurt gag was an homage to Dan Ackroyd's Bass-O-Matic skit on "SNL," where he lost a hand in a blender.


What body part did Chandler lose in his worst Thanksgiving ever?

As part of her plan to humiliate Chandler for calling her fat the year before, Monica accidentally drops a knife, which slices through Chandler's oh-so-80s wicker shoes and slices off his toe. In real life, Matthew Perry (Chandler) is missing a portion of his right middle finger. However, this is due to a door being shut on his hand as a kid, not as part of a girlfriend's revenge plot gone wrong.


Whose worst Thanksgiving involved a turkey?

Joey says his worst Thanksgiving was in 1992, when, in an attempt to scare Chandler, he put his head inside a turkey and got stuck. Monica later recreated this gag during her attempt to apologize to Chandler. For sanitary reasons, a foam and rubber turkey was created for Matt LeBlanc and Courtney Cox to put their heads in.


Pull your head out of that turkey and let's move on to Season 6! What illicit activity is Ross revealed to have done in college?

This episode, "The One Where Ross Got High," explains that Ross and Monica's parents don't like Chandler because they think he is a pothead. Ross smoked pot while home from college, and, when discovered by his parents, claimed Chandler had been smoking and jumped out the window. Elliot Gould (Jack Geller) said in DVD commentary that this was his favorite episode.


What traditional dessert does Rachel try (and fail) to make?

Rachel attempts to make a "traditional British trifle," a dessert consisting of fruit, sherry-soaked ladyfingers, custard and whipped cream. The show claims she accidentally mixed it up with a Shepard's Pie, adding mashed potatoes, peas, and meat. However, since Rachel used beef, she actually made a Cottage Pie, as Shepard's Pie is made with lamb.


During the lighnting round of confessions, what does Phoebe confess to?

While everyone is confessing (or in Rachel's case, realizing) their mistakes, Phoebe chimes with "I love Jacque Cousteau!" Judy Geller politely informs her that she thinks Jacques Cousteau is dead. The legendary ocean explorer died on June 25, 1997, over two years before this episode aired on November 25, 1999. Sorry, Pheebs, better luck next time.


When Monica broke her parents' porch swing, which Hurricane did she blame it on?

Ross reveals that "Hurricane Gloria didn't break the porch swing, Monica did." Hurricane Gloria was a Category 4 storm that hit the East Coast, September-October 1985. The show never states Monica's full birthdate, so it's not clear how old she was when Hurricane Gloria hit Long Island.


Put down Rachel's dessert, it's time to move on to Season 7! Which potential love interest does Rachel invite to Thanksgiving this year?

Rachel invites her assistant, Tag, to Thanksgiving. Tag was played by then-unknown Eddie Cahill, who would go on to play Don Flack on "CSI:NY" for the run of the show. He is currently acting in the new ABC show, "Conviction."


In Chandler's Name the States game, Phoebe gets bored and starts listing different varieties of which vegetable?

Phoebe gets tired of the game and just starts naming types of celery. She only came up with one - "regular celery." There are three different types of celery. What Phoebe calls "regular" is actually known as green stalk or Pascal celery. The other varieties are celeriac and self-blanching or yellow celery.


Which state does Ross eventually list twice in his attempt to win the game?

Ross finally hands over his list, proclaiming that he had forgotten Delaware. He is defeated when Chandler points out that he listed Nevada twice. Technically, however, the challenge to list all fifty states is impossible, as there are only officially 46 states. Kentucky, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and Virginia are technically Commonwealths, not states.


Rachel asks her friends how long she should wait to make a move on the newly-single Tag. Which is not a response given?

Phoebe advises Rachel to wait a month. Monica says three or four months. Joey chimes in with "half hour." He then goes on to say that if Tag doesn't return her feelings, it's "a moo point. It's like a cow's opinion, it doesn't matter." While most people know that the correct phrase is "moot point," many people starting saying "moo point" after this episode and it secured its place in the cultural vernacular.


Season 7 is now a moo point. Let's move on to Season 8. Which movie star guest-starred in "The One with the Rumor"?

This episode guest-starred Jennifer Aniston's then-husband Brad Pitt as a former high school classmate, Will Colbert. Pitt and Aniston met in 1998 and dated for two years before getting married in 2000. They famously divorced in 2005, when he cheated on her with his "Mr. & Mrs. Smith" costar, Angelina Jolie.


What is the name of the club Ross and Will formed?

This particular episode garnered much praise and several Prime Time Emmy nominations, but it was not without conflict. Will reveals that The "I Hate Rachel Green" Club started a rumor that Rachel was a hermaphrodite. This led to the episode receiving condemnation from several Intersex educational and advocacy groups, who believed this was insensitive.


"Look at her holding those yams. My two greatest enemies - Rachel Green and _______"

Complex carbohydrates, such as yams, actually do not contribute to weight gain. Only simple carbohydrates, such as bread and pasta, contribute to weight gain. Will really should know better.


Put high school behind you and let's move on to Season 9! What is the name of the sister who crashes the annual Thanksgiving?

Rachel's shallow and rude older sister, Amy, was played by Christina Applegate. Applegate had previously worked with Matt LeBlanc (Joey), who played her boyfriend ,Vinnie, on "Married...With Children" and Matthew Perry (Chandler) in the TV movie, "Dance 'Til Dawn."


What kind of wine does Monica say helped create Emma?

Monica says that "Emma is the product of a bottle of Merlot and a five-year-old condom." Merlot wine is made from Merlot grapes, which is the most commonly grown variety of grapes in the world. Usually, merlot is a red wine, the grapes being a bluish-black shade of purple, but there is a variety called White Merlot, which is made by removing the skin before fermentation.


If Ross, Rachel, AND Monica died, who would take care of Emma?

Despite Chandler's assumption that he'd still take care of Emma if Ross, Rachel, and Monica died, Ross informs him that Emma would go to his parents, Jack and Judy. Jack and Judy Geller were played by veteran actors, Elliot Gould and Christina Pickles.


Who ends up breaking the wedding china?

China is often a central part of wedding registries. The idea of an official wedding registry was first introduced by Macy's in 1924. In those days, the most common items on a registry were china, silverware, and crystal. Nowadays, couples ask for contributions to their honeymoon, charitable donations, or just flat-out (politely) ask for money.


Quit the family squabbles and don't be late! We're moving on to Season 10! Chandler has finally made peace with the holiday and volunteers to help with food prep. What dish does Monica give him?

Cranberries have been a staple of the Thanksgiving meal dating all the way back to the First Thanksgiving. Native Americans used cranberries for everything, from food to clothing dye to medicine, and it is entirely likely that they would have brought cranberries to that first feast. However, the canned cranberry sauce that we know and love today didn't begin to be made until at least 1663, due to the scarcity of sugar.


Why were Ross and Joey late to dinner?

Ross and Joey were 45 minutes late to dinner because they had gone to a Rangers hockey game. The Rangers, often called The Broadway Blueshirts, have won the Stanley Cup four times (1928, 1933, 1940, and, most recently, 1994).


Why were Phoebe and Rachel late to dinner?

Phoebe convinces Rachel to steal the cowgirl outfit from Joey's Cabbage Patch Doll, Alicia May Emory, and enter Emma in a baby beauty pageant to try to win the $1,000 prize. Cabbage Patch Dolls, created by Xavier Roberts, have been commercially available since 1978. It's not revealed how long Joey has had Alicia May Emory.


At the end of the episode, Monica and Chandler receive a call that a pregnant woman from which state has chosen them as adoptive parents?

Erica, the birth mother of Chandler and Monica's twins, was played by Anna Faris. The couple named the twins Erica (after their birth mother) and Jack (after Monica's dad). Coincidentally, Anna Faris gave birth to her son in 2012 and named him Jack. Jack was born nine weeks premature, and since then Faris and her husband, actor Chris Pratt, have been active in preterm birth charities and awareness campaigns.


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