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After a decade of teens-in-suburbia horror movies like the Scream franchise, The Ring arrived in theaters to scare the crap out of complacent early-2000s audiences. Fifteen years later, test your Ring recall here. And don't worry -- no one has ever died seven days after taking our quiz!

The "Ring" phenomenon began in which country?

The Japanese original was called "Ringu," based on the novel by Koji Suzuki. In that version, the girl "Samara" is "Sadako." Fun fact: in Japan, there's even an amusement park based on the "Ring" phenomenon.


In what city is "The Ring" set?

Like Tokyo, it's a Pacific Rim city -- just a different rim! Many shots in the film focus on its crowded high-rises, drawing a parallel with the Tokyo that Japan's "Ringu" centered on.


Who calls Katie Embry's house on the night of the sleepover?

As the movie opens, Katie tells her friend Becca the story of the creepy videotape, but then pretends it's all a joke. When the phone rings, both girls are scared all over again. With, ultimately, good reason.


What is Rachel Keller's relationship to Katie?

We learn that Rachel's son Aidan and Katie were very close. Katie watched him several nights a week, because of Rachel's demanding job as a reporter.


What is disturbing about the pictures Aidan drew of Katie in her grave?

Aidan is implied to have some psychic ability, but he didn't need it to foresee his cousin's death. Aidan tells his mother that Katie told him she was going to die. "She said she didn't have enough time," he says.


Where was Katie's body found?

We see Katie's body in a disturbing flashback. Her skin is greenish, like that of a drowning victim long submerged in water.


How does Rachel know to investigate Shelter Mountain Inn?

The photograph of Katie next to the sign is normal. Later, after she and her friends watch the video, their faces are distorted in pictures.


Which of the following is NOT an image from the cursed video?

Some of the images in the movie are disturbing for no literal reason, like the ladder against the wall. It's also not true that the video is monochromatic (as many people remember it). The tree on fire appears in bright, vivid orange.


Noah Clay is an audiovisual technician that Rachel calls for help in understanding the video. What is his other role in Rachel's life?

We don't learn this until after Aidan watches the video. Rachel calls Noah in distress, saying "our son" watched the tape.


Pauley Perrette, who played Noah's assistant Beth, is better known for her role on which series?

Perrette plays Abby Sciuto, the forensic scientist with a goth style, on "NCIS." She's also blessed with a perpetually youthful appearance, although her IMDb listing gives her birthdate as 1969!


What physical symptom does Rachel (and later Noah) manifest on Day 3?

Fun fact: In Japanese anime, a nosebleed is often code for sexual arousal. We doubt that's what writer Ehren Kruger intended here, despite the movie's Japan connection.


What does Rachel pull out of the screen as she's copying the video?

Alert viewers will already have noticed that the fly appears to be "right side up," that is, its top side and wings facing the viewer. This shouldn't be the case if the fly is crawling across a camera lens.


What does Rachel see on the video that allows her to identify the island the Morgans lived on?

It's the "Moesko Island" lighthouse in the movie, but Yaquina Island Lighthouse in real life. Located in Oregon, it is reputed to be haunted -- of course! -- by a former keeper.


Where does Becca go after her friend Katie is killed?

Rachel later goes to visit her there. In these scenes, we see Becca creeping through the halls, hiding from any exposure to a television set. (We feel the same way during reruns season, Becca!)


On the ferry, when the horse breaks out of its trailer, what does it do?

The horse's suicide might be the most disturbing moment in a movie with not a few disturbing scenes. The horse doesn't quite clear the railing, tumbles into the water, goes under the ship ... and moments later, the boat's wake turns red.


Who played Richard Morgan, Samara's father?

Brian Cox played Hannibal Lecter opposite William Petersen in "Manhunter." His performance was pretty much wiped from public memory after Anthony Hopkins took over the role in "The Silence of the Lambs." Cheer up, Brian: You were the first choice for this role!


What is it that Samara does not do? (Aidan mentions this prominently near the end of the movie).

Aidan's line, "Don't you understand? She never sleeps," isn't exactly clear in its meaning. But Rachel later realizes that it has to do with the fact that the video must be replicated and passed on and on. As Samara says, "It won't stop."


How exactly did the Morgans get Samara?

When Rachel talks to the island's doctor, the woman says that the Morgans went away, then came back with Samara. "Adopted, they said." Her tone leads us to believe she's skeptical about that.


Why didn't Samara like the horses at the Morgan ranch?

Aidan tells his mother that Samara told him this. There also might have been an element of jealousy. When a psychiatrist tells Samara her father loves her, she says, "Daddy likes the horses," as if implying he doesn't like her as much.


Where did the Morgans keep Samara after her mother started going mad?

Rachel and Noah go up into the loft and find the wooden chair featured in the video. There's also a bed, a rocking chair, and of course, a TV set.


What was the fate of Samara's mother, Anna Morgan?

Suicide is a recurring theme in the film. Anna's horses jumped off a cliff, presumably to escape Samara and her evil aura.


Who stole the video of Samara's session with the psychiatrist?

While Noah is at the hospital, getting a dressing-down from the orderly who maintains the records room, Rachel finds the videotape at the Morgan house. In it, Samara is a sympathetic figure (mostly), who says she misses her mother. This leads Rachel to demand to know what the Morgans did with their daughter.


What did Richard Morgan do after he caught Rachel watching Samara's session with the psychiatrist?

Morgan chooses the most complicated way possible to do this, strapping a power strip and extension cords to his chest, stepping into a full bathtub, and -- well, you probably remember. To be fair to the film's makers, the actual death is filmed indirectly, with the camera on Rachel's reaction.


Why did Rachel go down in the well?

As Noah and Rachel uncover the well, supernatural forces begin to move objects in the room. One of them is in the TV set, which slides across the room to knock Rachel in.


What does Aidan say after Rachel tells him she set Samara free?

For a moment, it seems as if Rachel's compassionate act has fixed everything, including her flawed relationship with AIdan's father, Noah, who suggests that Rachel call him sometime. That's one date he's not going to make.


What proves to be the key to surviving the video?

Largely unexplained in the film, this has to do -- in the novel "Ringu" -- with the fact that the little girl died in a well on a sanatorium for infectious-disease sufferers. Her video is therefore like a virus, which wants to replicate itself.


When Aidan asks Rachel what happens to the person who watches the tape he's making, what does Rachel say?

The screen turns to static before we can hear Rachel's answer, if she made any. "The Ring" originally had a subplot about a child murderer who Rachel talked to as part of her newspaper job. At the movie's end, she was to give him Aidan's video, suggesting the curse would end with someone who deserved to die. Ultimately, the writers and director rejected such a semi-happy ending for an ambiguous one.


Samara had a psychic ability to imprint thoughts onto physical media like film or walls. What is this called?

"Nensha" is a Japanese term. "Thoughtography" was used in the UK and North America. "Projected thermography" was a new term coined by "The Ring" itself.


How exactly did Samara kill her victims?

Saying that Samara frightens people to death isn't a bad guess. We know that Katie's heart simply stopped. That doesn't explain, though, why her victims look badly decomposed right away.


Who played Noah Clay?

Though Rachel is a reporter, Noah served as the film's skeptical voice, saying the video is "very student film" and "I'm sure it's a lot scarier at night." Ironically, he's killed at midmorning (and is sufficiently scared at the time).


Who played Katie Embry?

You might know Tamblyn as the gifted, nerdy intern Martha Masters on "House M.D." Several years ago. she married David Cross, a respected actor twice her age.


David Dorfman, who played Aidan, appeared with Amber Tamblyn in which TV show?

If you haven't seen Dorfman in anything lately, please don't worry about him. He went on to graduate from UCLA at 17 and then Harvard Law School at just 21. Acting's a little below his paygrade now!


Which of the following actresses was NOT considered for the role of Rachel Keller?

Gywneth Paltrow was at that time still Hollywood's It Girl -- if the role was a female over 17 and under 50, directors wanted her for it. Jennifer Connelly, who also worked steadily at that time, later took a role in a similar J-horror remake, "Dark Water."


"The Ring" started a wave of J-horror remakes. Which of the following was NOT one of them?

American Eli Roth made "Hostel." Incidentally, following the "J-horror" craze was a "K-horror" trend. Korean movies were, if anything, darker and more disturbing than their Japanese predecessors.


According to novelist Koji Suzuki, the title "Ring" refers to what?

In the U.S., though, the movie was strongly identified with the scribbly white "ring" image that represented the light showing around the well cover. Naysayers complained that there shouldn't have been a perfect circle of light, or the well capstone would have been too small and fallen in. But more scientific minds prevailed, explaining that light refracts, allowing a perfect circle. Oh good -- we'd hate to think that everything in this movie wasn't scientifically possible!


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