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When Kermit the Frog dreams, he dreams big! Share in the journey with all the Muppets as they head to New York to make it on Broadway. Take this quiz to remember all of your favorite moments from "The Muppets Take Manhattan"!

In which year was the premiere of "The Muppets Take Manhattan"?

"The Muppets Take Manhattan" was released on July 13, 1984. It was made with an $8 million budget and grossed more than $25 million at the box office!


As the film begins, which college are the Muppets graduating from?

Danhurst College is mainly featured in the opening credits as the camera flies over the campus and surrounding areas. The Muppets are performing for their graduating class.


What is the name of the Muppets' theatrical production?

The students at Danhurst loved their production of "Manhattan Melodies." They cheer loudly at the conclusion and encourage Kermit to take the show to Broadway!


What is the name of the famous producer who the Muppets first meet with in NYC?

The Muppets are thrilled when Mr. Price agrees to meet with them. They cheerfully march into his office and are so encouraged by his enthusiasm for their show.


Martin Price turns out to be a con artist and his real name is...

The Muppets are completely devastated and confused when the police march into Martin Price's office and arrest him - turns out he is a con artist named Murray Plotsky and their dreams are crushed.


What song are the Muppets singing as the film opens?

Kermit the Frog starts out with some whistling and humming as the opening credits flash on the screen. Soon we see Kermit appear as he sings, "Together again, gee it's good to be together again!"


Where do the Muppets stay in New York City?

As they arrive in New York City, they are so excited! They begin to ponder where they should find a place to stay and opt for the lockers that appear right in front of them!


Who does Kermit ask to "break out the quarters" for the lockers?

Scooter's character is performed by Richard Hunt. Hunt died of AIDS in 1992 at the age of 40. He also played the roles of Statler, Janice, Beaker and Sweetums.


Which Muppet wants to trade lockers with "anyone who has a Jacuzzi"?

Janice is the lead guitar player. She has straight blond hair and big eyelashes and lips. Her name is an homage to Janis Joplin!


Where do the Muppets find a list of Broadway producers?

They start at the top of the list from the newspaper. Martin Price is their first stop and they think they have hit the jackpot so easily!


Who sings, "You Can't Take No for an Answer" as the Muppets go from one producer to the next?

As Dr. Teeth sings this song, the days pass by on the calendar - showing the effort by the Muppets to get funding for their show. Unfortunately, they wind up feeling dejected as no one has said yes yet.


After many failed meetings with producers, which Muppet snaps at the group?

Kermit is the leader of the group. As they walk through the streets of Manhattan feeling dejected, the muppets begin to complain. Kermit snaps at them because he just doesn't know what to do anymore!


The Muppets are running out of money for their lockers, but they still need to eat. Where do they go for lunch?

Pete's Luncheonette was a diner in New York City. They all pile into one booth and Kermit goes to the counter to see what their short change will buy them.


What does Animal wear throughout the film?

It is a white short-sleeve t-shirt with red trim on the sleeves. He wears it with shiny pants throughout the film. This "I Heart NY" symbol was created in 1977.


What is the name of the rat server at Pete's?

Rizzo is a sassy rat who doesn't like to be bossed around. His character is performed by Steve Whitmire, a puppeteer since 1978.


What is the name of Pete's daughter, who works as a waitress at the diner?

Jenny is portrayed by actress Juliana Donald. She was born on January 1, 1964, in Washington, DC. "The Muppets Take Manhattan" was her debut film!


Though she works at the diner, what does Jenny aspire to be?

Following "The Muppets Take Manhattan," Juliana Donald later appeared in "The Purple Rose of Cairo," "Dragnet," "Brain Donors," "The Castle of Cagliostro," "Midnight Man" and "A Civil Action," to name a few! Her last film was in 2005.


As the Muppets decide to part ways, who stays in New York to continue working on their show?

Kermit the Frog was performed by Jim Henson. He was the creator of the Muppets and unfortunately passed away in 1990, at the age of 53.


As they part ways in NYC, what is the title of the song sung by all of the Muppets?

The song begins with Miss Piggy departing on the train. Kermit tries to run after her, but all that he is left with is her purple handkerchief she tosses out of the window.


Which Muppet returns to Manhattan to keep an eye on Kermit?

Miss Piggy is seen on several occasions hiding in the bushes or with sunglasses on. She becomes slightly jealous at the sight of Jenny and Kermit together.


Kermit poses as a famous playwright and goes to dine at this famous New York restaurant...

Sardi's is located at 234 West 44th Street, between Broadway and Eighth Avenue in the Theater District. At Sardi's there are numerous caricatures of famous stars hanging on the wall.


At Sardi's, who hangs a caricature of Kermit the Frog dressed as a famous producer?

The rats start a "whisper campaign" throughout the restaurant - hanging Kermit's caricature on the wall and starting buzz around the restaurant about this famous producer and his show called "Manhattan Melodies"!


As everyone starts looking at Kermit in Sardi's, who walks in and realizes her caricature has been replaced by this unknown producer?

Liza May Minnelli was born on May 12, 1946. She played herself in this cameo appearance in "The Muppets Take Manhattan." She wants to know why Vincent Sardi Jr. has replaced her with a frog!


Where does Miss Piggy get herself a job?

Miss Piggy has landed a job at the make-up counter in the department store. She is also responsible for selling perfume to the customers.


Which famous actress plays the role of Miss Piggy's co-worker at the makeup counter?

Joan Rivers portrays Eileen in "The Muppets Take Manhattan." Eileen helps Miss Piggy through her troubled times and woes over Kermit. Unfortunately, she also helps to get Miss Piggy fired from her job!


After she is fired from the department store, Miss Piggy goes to work where?

Miss Piggy's character was performed by Frank Oz from 1976-2001, followed by Eric Jacobson, starting in 2002. Miss Piggy is known for her diva personality and frequent use of French phrases.


Where is Miss Piggy's purse stolen?

Jenny is comforting Kermit in Central Park on a bench where Miss Piggy is spying on them. A thief walks by and steals her purse and she then borrows a pair of roller skates to chase after him.


Who sends Kermit a letter, expressing his interest in "Manhattan Melodies"?

Bernard Crawford is portrayed by actor Art Carney. He was born in 1918 and is best known for playing sewer worker Ed Norton in "The Honeymooners."


What is the name of Bernard's son, who is actually the one interested in "Manhattan Melodies"?

Ronnie Crawford is an aspiring producer himself. He pleads with his father to back "Manhattan Melodies," and is finally successful!


What happens to Kermit as he leaves his meeting with Bernard and Ronnie Crawford?

Kermit is elated as he leaves his meeting with the Crawfords. He can't wait to tell his friends that their show is heading to Broadway, but tragically he steps into oncoming traffic and gets hit!


As a result of the car accident, what happens to Kermit?

Despite the fact that Kermit can't remember anything about his life, the hospital discharges him. He wanders through the streets and meets some fellow frogs who offer him a job in advertising.


After the accident, Kermit becomes an advertising executive named what?

Kermit adopts a new life as a subdued advertising executive named Phil. His colleagues and new friends are named Gill, Bill and Jill.


As the rest of the Muppets return to New York, how long is it until the show will open on Broadway?

The show is opening in 2 weeks. The signs are hung, the buzz is out there, but Kermit is nowhere to be found!


Where is the opening of "Manhattan Melodies" on Broadway?

The Biltmore Theatre opened in 1925. It was most notably the home of "Hair" in 1968, as well as other famous shows in the '80s, such as "Deathtrap" and "Doonesbury."


How does Kermit regain his memory?

Miss Piggy tries to convince Kermit that he is not Phil, he is Kermit the Frog and he loves her! "Phil" is shocked and amused by the idea of a frog loving a pig. He laughs, which angers Miss Piggy, so she punches him in the face. He then comes to and the show goes on!


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