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It's comedy gold, a timeless classic, and a time capsule of the '80s, featuring a truly great cast. But how well do you really remember this holiday gem? Let's find out!

When Frank fires Eliot Loudermilk, what does his secretary tell security?

Eliot Loudermilk was played by comedian and actor Bobcat Goldthwait. By the time Scrooged was released in 1988, Goldthwait was already familiar to movie audiences as the misfit Zed in the Police Academy movies.


"Honey, how many fingers does Mrs. Santy Claws have here?"

Frank rips off the picture of Mrs. and Mr. Santa Claus that Grace has hanging in her cubicle. Mrs. Claus is first mentioned in the Yale Literary Magazine in 1851. Her first name has never been confirmed.


What do they say about treating someone badly on the way up?

Scrooged was Bill Murray's first starring role since Ghostbusters, which was 4 years prior. He later said that he had been considering retiring and giving up acting.


What is the name of the ship that took them all to Gilligan's Island?

James and his friends play Trivial Pursuit and some have trouble remembering the name of the boat from Gilligan's Island, which Frank later informs them is the S.S. Minnow. This bit was included because Richard Donner, the director of Scrooged, also directed Gilligan's Island.


Where are the turkeys?

Frank condescendingly reminds the shelter volunteers that the turkeys for Christmas dinner are at the A & P. The Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company, known better to American and Canadian consumers as A & P, was once one of the biggest grocery store chains in the world. Sadly, the company went into decline and closed its final set of doors in 2015.


Where does Claire work?

Claire gives Frank a business card that says she works at Operation Reach-Out , and Frank later says the same name. However, when he goes to visit Claire after the first Ghost's visit, the door behind him clearly says Operation Outreach.


Is it a choo-choo train?

Audiences might notice a striking family resemblance between Bill Murray and the actor who played his father, Earl. That's because Earl was played by Murray's real-life brother, Brian Doyle Murray. All four of the Murray brothers appear in this film.


When are we gonna get a real tree?

This exchange is between secretary Grace Cooley (Alfre Woodard) and one of her daughters. While Scrooged was not her first film, Alfre Woodard was better known to TV audiences, having played recurring roles on Tucker's Witch, Sara, and St. Elsewhere.


What body part does the Ghost of Christmas Present threaten to "fix" if Frank vexes her?

Carol Kane, who played The Ghost of Christmas Present, repeatedly roughed up Bill Murray while filming their scenes. She pulled on his lip so hard that she actually tore it and filming had to stop for several days while he recovered.


That thing looked like __________!

Eliot tells Frank that he can't run his terrifying Scrooge promo because it "looks like the Manson Family Christmas Special!" At the time of the film's release in 1988, the Manson Family was still in the news, due to the brief escape one year prior of Squeaky Fromme, a Family member who had attempted to assassinate Gerald Ford.


What song is playing on the street when Frank harrasses the musicians?

The street musicians are among the many cameos in the star-studded film. The musicians, playing a jazzy rendition of We Three Kings, consist of Letterman sidekick Paul Shaffer, saxophonist David Sanborn, guitarist Larry Carlton, and the legendary trumpeter Miles Davis.


What gift does "Frank" (in reality his secretary Grace) give to his brother Jimmy?

The resemblance between on-screen brothers Frank and James Cross is not just good casting. James was played by another of Murray's real-life brothers, John Murray. Their 4th brother, Joel, played a guest at a party.


What is the name of Grace's selectively mute son?

Grace's youngest child was named Calvin Cooley. This name was chosen as an allusion to former U.S. President Calvin Coolidge, who was famously a man of few words.


As a subtle nod to the source material, what is the name of the cab company that "employs" the Ghost of Christmas Past?

As a subtle allusion to A Christmas Carol, the Ghost of Christmas Past drives for the Belle Cab Company. Belle was the name of Ebenezer Scrooge's betrothed in the original story, who leaves him when his greed becomes too much to bear. The allusion is hammered home by a shot of the Belle cab fading off into an IBC rehearsal of the scene where Belle breaks up with Ebenezer.


When Lee Majors comes to save Santa, what does Santa say to him?

Santa exclaims that "The Six Million Dollar Man" has come to save them. Lee Majors played the role of Col. Steve Austen on the TV show, The Six Million Dollar Man, from 1974-1978. He reprised his role in three made-for-TV movies during the 80s.


While explaining his plan to create programming for pets, what gimmick does Rhinelander suggest to appeal to the 27 million cats in America?

Rhinelander suggests a cop, like Kojak, who dangles string in lots of quick, jerky movements. While his idea of programming for pets may sound insane, the streaming device Roku does in fact offer channels specifically for cats and dogs.


Which famous actor do the residents of Claire's shelter mistake Frank for?

The shelter residents mistake Frank for Richard Burton. This was a nod to a Saturday Night Live skit from 1977, where Bill Murray had impersonated the famous actor. Richard Burton died on August 5, 1984, from a cerebral hemorrage.


Who is the narrorator for the IBC live production of Scrooge?

The movie says that the live broadcast will be narrated by "Sir" John Houseman. However, Houseman never received a knighthood. He also never got to see the final cut of Scrooged, as he died a month before the film's release, of spinal cancer on Halloween 1988.


What "great word" did "The Jews" teach Frank?

While all of these words could technically be applied to Frank at various parts of the movie, he declares near the end that "I was a shmuck. And now, I'm not a schmuck!" One of the most easily recognized words in Yiddish, a schmuck is a fool or contemptible person.


What is noteworthy about Frank Cross' presidency of the network?

While the trip to the past does show Frank working in the mailroom of the network, it's his age that makes him remarkable. Frank states that he is the youngest president in the history of television. At the time of this movie, Bill Murray was 38 years old.


How does Frank rationalize the visit from his former long-dead boss?

Frank says that Lew Hayward is "a hallucination, brought on by alcohol, Russian vodka poisoned by Chernobyl!" This is a reference to the nuclear meltdown at the Chernobyl power plant in Ukraine in 1986.


"That's exactly what _______ said. But when he saw his mother, Niagra Falls!"

The Ghost of Christmas Past was played by David Johansen, who was part of the groundbreaking punk band, The New York Dolls. He reinvented himself in the '80s as pop singer Buster Poindexter, who is best known for his 1987 hit, "Hot, Hot, Hot." He got the role in Scrooged because of his friendship with Bill Murray.


In the IBC production of Scrooge, who was playing Ebenezer?

Legendary actor Buddy Hackett appears in one of the movie's many cameos as Ebeneezer Scrooge in the IBC Scrooge production. As did many actors of Hackett's generation, Hackett enlisted in the Army in World War II, serving in an anti-aircraft battery.


How quickly does Claire want to get to the IBC building during Frank's broadcast?

Claire was played by actress Karen Allen. Amongst her numerous roles, Allen is possibly best known as Marion Ravenwood from Raiders of the Lost Ark and Katy in Animal House.


Are you him? Are you him????

Grammar nerds worldwide love to debate whether or not Frank was correct in asking "are you him?" Technically, in a modern (and some would argue lazier) manner of speech, Frank is correct in his vernacular. However, from a posh viewpoint, following established ettiquette rules from perhaps a bygone era, the waiter is referring to a subjunctive mood of speech, which is also correct.


Was Lew Heyward really feared by men and adored by women?

Lew Heyward, this version's Jacob Marley, was played by John Forsythe. Unrecognizable to some under his ghost makeup, Forsythe was a legendary actor best known for playing Charles Townsend on Charlie's Angels and Blake Carrington on Dynasty.


What song is playing when The Ghost of Christmas Present makes her appearance?

The Ghost of Christmas Present was played by actress Carol Kane. Kane has been a television fixture since the early 1980s (Simka on Taxi) through modern day (Lillian on The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt). She also has a long list of film and stage credits to her name.


What sport did Brice Cummings used to play?

Brice Cummings was played by film, TV, and stage actor John Glover. In addition to his numerous acting roles, Glover is very active with the Alzheimer's Association. He has stated that his father's diagnosis inspired his activism.


What is Frank's middle name?

Eliot states near the end of the film that he is "looking for a Francis Xavier Cross." This could be a reference to the Catholic Saint Francis Xavier, the patron saint of impossible causes, as many believed Frank to be at the beginning of the movie.


What body part of the Ghost of Christmas Present does Frank threaten to harm?

Frank threatens the Ghost, saying that if she touches him again, he's gonna rip her wings off. The original Ghost in the novel does not have wings. He is described as having curly brown hair and wearing a green fur robe and a crown of icicles. Well, at least they got the curls right.


How long was Grace's son Calvin mute?

Calvin went mute five years prior to the start of the movie. In keeping with the Christmas Carol framework, Calvin fulfills his role as Tiny Tim by stating the famous line, "God bless us, every one," as the first words he speaks.


What drink does Lew Hayward have in Frank's office?

Hayward says that he doesn't mind if Frank shoots him, "but take it easy on the Bacardi." Despite its origins and branding as a Cuban rum, Bacardi left Cuba long ago and now has its headquarters in Bermuda.


What does The Ghost call James and Wendie's dog?

Cujo was written by Stephen King in 1981 and made into a movie in 1983. The dog in Scrooged, much like Cujo, is attempting to protect its owners.


What's going on?

Frank asks the Ghost of Christmas Past what's going on, and The Ghost replies with the line above. The gruff cigar-smoking taxi-driving Ghost of this version is a far cry from the white-robed, androgynous figure of unknown age. It has a flame on its head and carries a metal cap, similar to a candle snuffer.


How many demons are inside the abdomen of the Ghost of Christmas Future?

This characterization of The Ghost of Christmas Future is the closest to the source material of all three ghosts that visit Frank. The novel describes him as a tall figure in a dark hooded cloak. The only body part ever seen is a ghostly hand. The demons in the stomach were an addition by the movie studio.


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