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The chase is on! Harrison Ford and Tommy Lee Jones breathed new life into an old TV show with this remake that pleased critics and audiences alike. Rejoin the hunt with our quiz!

In what city (and outlying area) is the movie set?

Chicago's Mayor Daley can be seen in the parade scene.


What was Richard Kimble's specialty?

Harrison Ford shadowed real doctors as research for the role.


On what was 'The Fugitive' based?

The most direct source was the 1960s TV show, which might have been based on a real-life case. As well as, possibly, Valjean and Javert from "Les Miserables."


What was U.S. Marshal Gerard's first name?

It was changed from "Philip" in the TV series.


Why do the police and jury believe Kimble killed his wife?

She says, "Richard, he's trying to kill me," which the 911 operator misunderstands.


What does Kimble do to disguise his appearance?

Ford said that the studio was nervous about having his famous and handsome face covered for even part of the film.


What was Deputy Marshal Newman's first name?

The name "Newman" also evokes his rookie status.


How does a prisoner kick off the escape attempt on the transport bus?

The bus veers down a hillside and right into the path of an oncoming train, darn the luck!


In what kind of vehicle does Kimble escape the hospital?

This prompted Gerard to say, with perplexed exasperation, "Where's he going in an ambulance?"


What area of the hospital does Kimble later sneak into disguised as a janitor?

Kimble is looking for records of patients who had a prosthetic arm repaired shortly after his wife's death.


How does Gerard's team figure out Kimble is back in Chicago?

The El train features prominently later in the story, too.


Who does Richard reach out to for help?

Nichols expresses concern for Richard's welfare and gives him money.


What was Gerard's quip, in the tunnel, when he realized Kimble went down a storm drain?

He makes the deduction when marshals converge from both ends of the tunnel without finding Kimble.


More famously, what is Gerard's line when Kimble says, "I didn't kill my wife!"

One critic considered Gerard's lack of concern disturbingly amoral.


Who is in the house that the marshals raid?

The marshals approach the house disguised as postal workers and homeless people.


What does Gerard tell Newman, who thinks he should have bargained in the hostage situation?

Gerard successfully shot the escaped prisoner, who was holding Newman at gunpoint.


What kind of parade do Kimble and the marshals play cat-and-mouse in?

The film's director, Andrew Davis, is a native of Chicago and wanted to do the parade scene.


Why does Kimble attract Dr. Eastman's (Julianne Moore) attention at the hospital?

Eastman tells police "(Kimble) saved his life," but she still doesn't sound all that happy about it.


Why is the Polish landlady's son arrested?

He gives up Kimble in order to get off the hook.


Who actually killed Helen Kimble?

The appropriately scary-looking Andreas Katsulas played Sykes.


Why did Drs. Nichols and Lentz send a hired killer to the Kimble house?

Richard was the intended target, but he's called away to emergency surgery.


What does Kimble quip after knocking out Sykes on the El train?

Tommy Lee Jones really got all the film's best lines, but Ford did his best with this one.


Where does Kimble confront his false friend Nichols?

Nichols tries to play it off, saying "My friend Richard isn't feeling well."


Who gets knocked unconscious as part of the chase through the hotel?

The character was supposed to be killed, but the actor wanted to be free to work in a sequel.


Who saves whom in the film's climactic scene?

Kimble also saved Gerard, several times, in the TV series.


What happened to Nichols at the end of the film?

Both he and Kimble are walked out of the hotel in front of a crowd of reporters and onlookers.


What does Gerard say when Kimble tells him, "I thought you didn't care."

He softens it by saying, "Try not to tell anyone, okay?"


What actor better known for "The Matrix" played Deputy Marshal Renfro?

He came back, as he hoped to, for "U.S. Marshals."


Which actress played the doomed Helen Kimble?

Sela Ward was also Gregory House's acerbic ex, back in the show's second season.


What "Scrubs" actor also appeared in the movie?

Flynn is the transit cop who recognizes Kimble on the El train.


Who won an Academy Award for his work on the film?

Ironically, Jones is rumored to have said, "It's not like anybody's going to win any awards for this film."


Where was much of "The Fugitive" filmed?

The famous bus-train crash scene was filmed there, and exterior shots of the dam Kimble dives off.


Who played Richard Kimble in the 1960s TV series?

Jon Voight was in the running to play Sam Gerard.


Which of the following actors was not considered for the role of Kimble?

One of the producers, though, wanted Ford from the start.


Who was the new fugitive in "U.S. Marshals"?

Downey Jr. played a hotshot Diplomatic Security Service agent in the sequel.


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