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This 2012 film, a hybrid of horror film and dark comedy, shook up and skewered the genre much like "Scream" did in the 1990s! Now, revisit the horrifically funny action with our quiz!

Who directed "The Cabin in the Woods"?

Joss Whedon was a producer on the film. He and Goddard worked together on "Buffy" and "Angel."


Where does the action begin?

The movie starts with two executives discussing their mundane domestic lives at a coffee machine. Goddard and Whedon hoped people would wonder if they'd walked into the wrong movie.


Who played the two executives, Hadley and Sitterson?

These roles needed guys who were believable as upper-middle-managers, yet also likable and funny. Whitford and Jenkins filled the bill nicely.


Who is at college on a full academic scholarship?

Much of "Cabin" turns horror-movie stereotypes on their heads. Curt appears to be the "dumb jock" at first, but we learn he's a sociology major with a full ride on academic grounds.


Who played Curt?

Joss Whedon has worked with Hemsworth on the "Avengers" movie as well. He often works more than once with favorite actors and writers.


What is Jules's major?

Jules, too, is implied to be brainy. Unfortunately, the secret facility's "chem department" is dumbing her down. Speaking of which ...


How does the chem department "slow cognition" in Jules?

The mind-weakening chemical agent will slowly soak in through her scalp. Sitterson and Hadley congratulate Lin, the chem representative, for playing into the classic stereotype: "the dumb blonde."


Who played Lin, the chemist?

Acker is part of Joss Whedon's core stable. She appeared in "Angel," "Dollhouse," "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." and his Shakespeare effort, "Much Ado About Nothing" before her turn in "Cabin."


Who played the new guy, Holden?

Williams was 30 when he took on the role. Fortunately, a youthful appearance helped him pass for a college student. (The same could be said of Chris Hemsworth).


Which of the group is a virgin?

Dana, though, is the group's "technical virgin," for the purposes of the ritual. As the Director will later say, "We work with what we've got."


What does Marty's bong double as?

Since the movie's opening plays on popular stereotypes, Marty pulls up in an old Volvo filled with smoke. Of course, we soon learn there's a lot more going on upstairs than he initially lets on.


Why are the people of the facility arranging the horror-movie scenario?

The audience will see the blood of the victims flowing into an underground chamber, which pretty much gets the point across. Making it clearer, Lin says apprehensively, "If the Ancient Ones rise ..."


Which other nation is still in the running to complete its ritual?

Hadley and Sitterson watch on monitors as a classic white-faced, straggle-haired ghost menaces a group of Japanese schoolgirls. Evidently, every nation's ritual is based on its cultural ideas of horror.


By what other name is "Mordecai" known?

The "Harbinger" is an old man working at a gas station who speaks in ominous terms about the kids' destination, the cabin. He doesn't literally tell them to turn back, but it's implied.


What oddity do the characters find in the cabin?

The mirror is between Dana and Holden's rooms. Marty jokes that in pioneer days, "people had to make their own interrogation rooms."


Which of the five does not go swimming in the lake?

There's a story behind this. Fran Kranz, the actor, was actually as well-muscled as the other two. The director didn't want his physique to undermine his stoner-geek character.


What is Anna's dare in the truth-or-dare game?

Anna rises to the occasion, flirting one-sidedly with the wolf before kissing it. In filming, the wolf's tongue was coated with powdered sugar to make it more tolerable for the actress.


The cellar door and basement are a nod to which classic horror movie?

More than any other film, "Cabin" seems to wink at "Evil Dead." On the "monster board," alert audience members will see "Deadites" and "Angry Molesting Tree" -- both horrors that were featured in Raimi's film.


What are the secret facility's workers betting on?

What kind of monster attacks depends on which artifact in the basement the young people activate. It's Dana who reads from the diary of "Patience Buckner," thus awakening the Buckner family of killer zombies.


What monster does Hadley bet on and want to see?

Hadley's perpetual bet is a merman, but he's disappointed. Sitterson consoles him: "The clean-up on 'em is a nightmare."


Which is not an artifact one of the friends picks up in the basement?

The conch shell would have summoned a merman, the puzzle box a "Pinhead"-like figure, and the music box a killer ballerina. We would have liked to see some of these in action!


Who wins the bet?

Tom Lenk played "Ronald the Intern." Some viewers will remember him from late seasons of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" as a nerdy would-be supervillain.


Who seems to have ethical qualms about the horror scenario/ritual?

Truman watches the events on the screen with detached distaste. But he never rebels against his role, and in the end, he dies trying to defend the facility from all the unleashed monsters.


Who is the first to die?

Jules has to die first because, according to America's version of the ritual, she's the "whore." She's not, of course: Marty has noticed that her flirtatious, sexy behavior is out of character.


Who finds the surveillance camera?

Hadley and Sitterson panic at the sight of him peering directly into the camera lens. His chemically-enhanced marijuana was supposed to keep him stupid and docile, but it didn't.


How does Marty die?

Marty is dragged off by a Buckner, but triumphantly returns to rescue Dana at a critical moment. Given the film's ending, though, this is only a delay of the inevitable.


Why do Curt, Holden and Dana nearly escape?

The "hatch" idea isn't too far off -- later, Marty will discover the elevator that brought the Buckners to the surface. But that's after the three nearly make it through the tunnel that Demolitions failed to cave in.


How does Curt die?

This was a heroic moment turned comic. Curt is preparing to jump the river gorge and go for help, only to unceremoniously hit the invisible wall. It's this moment that causes Dana to realize that Marty was right: they're in a giant trap.


How does Holden die?

Holden's is the third death, representing "the scholar." We'll have to take the filmmaker's word for it -- he doesn't seem any brainier than Curt the sociology major.


When Marty and Dana take the secret elevator down, where do they end up?

Marty and Dana eventually unleash all the monsters on the security forces. This helps them evade capture -- for a while.


How does Hadley die?

Hadley always wanted to see the merman in action. Now he gets to do so, up close!


Who played the Director?

The Director appears near the end to encourage Dana to kill Marty, thus saving humanity. She also explains the five archetypes the friends represented: The Whore, the Athlete, the Scholar, the Fool and The Virgin.


How does the Director die?

In a more conventional movie, the Director would be the final sacrifice, and Marty and Dana would go free. That's not what this dark comedy has in mind, though.


What do Marty and Dana do while waiting for the world to end?

Frankly, if we were were Dana, we would've shot Marty and saved eight billion people. Heck, we would've done it for four billion.


Fran Kranz, who played Marty, appeared in which Joss Whedon series?

Kranz played tech guru Topher Brink, a poignant and flawed bad guy. The character was quite popular with fans.


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