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"Knight Rider" was a hit action television show that debuted in 1982. Though it only ran for four seasons, during which it had ninety episodes, this Glen Larson production was highly revered by its loyal fans.

In the television show, a handsome police detective named Michael Long was almost killed on the job before he was rescued and given a new identity by the billionaire, Wilton Knight. The new Michael Knight is now a primary field agent for the crime-fighting organization, FLAG, and also has a pair of new wheels! The newly-modified, highly-advanced and intelligent car is known as K.I.T.T, short for Knight Industries Two Thousand. K.I.T.T. was a 1982 Pontiac Firebird, which was popular at that time.

Together the two sought justice for the vulnerable and pursued criminals. They were supported by team members, such as Devon Mills, the leader of FLAG, as well as Dr. Bonnie Barstow, who was Michael Knight’s romantic interest.

"Knight Rider" was a major worldwide success that had many spin-offs after its cancellation in 1986. "Team Knight Rider" and "The Highwayman" were two of them, but they did not last past their initial seasons and were canceled due to poor ratings. 

But do you remember the good stuff? You know, the original show? Can you tell us the best parts if we ask you questions about them? Let's see if you're good enough to ride alongside Knight Rider!

What was Michael Knight's original name?

Michael Arthur Long was a police detective who sustained a serious injury. The folks who rescued him christened him Michael Long and gave him a new face and a new life.


How did Michael get injured in the show's first episode?

After confronting the bad guys he was chasing, Michael was shot in the face at close range. He was left for dead on a dark, deserted road.


In what state is the show set?

Michael travels here and there in the course of his work, but the show is set primarily in California. The headquarters of his agency are near Los Angeles.


What happens to Wilton Knight in the show's first episode?

When the show begins, Wilton Knight is terminally ill with not much time left. Shortly after Michael recovers from his surgery, Wilton dies and leaves Devon and Michael to get on with his work.


What does FLAG stand for?

FLAG stands for the Foundation for Law and Government. It is a private organization founded by Wilton Knight to fight for justice.


What kind of car is KITT?

KITT is a 1982 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am. He's pretty special, but not immune to getting damaged now and then.


What does KITT stand for?

KITT stands for Knight Industries Two Thousand. The same name is given to the car and the computer system that controls it.


What is the name of the woman who betrays and tries to kill Michael in the show's first episode?

Michael is betrayed by Tanya Walker, who turns out to be working with the bad guys. Before the episode ends, she has been killed by her own bullet in a bizarre twist.


Why does Micheal survive the gunshot to his head?

It turns out that during his military service, Michael sustained a serious head injury. As a result, he required brain surgery and a metal plate was put into his skull, and the plate deflected the bullet.


What is Devon Miles' job?

Devon was Wilton Knight's right-hand man before Knight's death. Afterward, he took over as head of the FLAG agency and therefore was Michael's boss.


Two '60s TV icons appear in separate episodes of Knight Rider during its first season. Who are they?

Knight Rider welcomed a couple of high-profile guest stars during its first season on the air. Tony Dow of "Leave It To Beaver" fame appeared in an episode called "Nobody Does It Better" and Tina Louise, "Gilligan's Island's" Ginger, was a guest on "Topaz Connection."


Who is Bonnie Barstow?

Bonnie is the engineer responsible for repairing, modifying, and upgrading KITT's complex systems. She leaves the show for a while but later returns.


What does KARR stand for?

KARR stands for Knight Automated Roving Robot. It is the prototype of the idea that eventually became KITT.


Who replaces Bonnie when she leaves Knight Industries?

After Bonnie's departure, April Curtis joins the team at FLAG as KITT"s chief engineer and an assistant to Devon. Her role includes taking care of KITT's upgrades and making repairs when his systems experience issues.


Who is Stephanie Mason?

Stephanie is Michael's former fiance from his previous life as Michael Long. She thinks he is dead.


A now well-known actress made her television debut in the Season 2 episode called "KITT the Cat," playing the daughter of a suspected burglar. Who is she?

Geena Davis was just starting her career when she appeared in a 1983 episode of "Knight Rider." She went on to star in iconic films such as "A League of Their Own" and "Thelma and Louise."


Most episodes of Knight Rider began with this introduction. Fill in the blank: Knight Rider, a shadowy _______ into the dangerous world of a man who does not exist.

Most, but not all episodes began with the sentence "Knight Rider, a shadowy flight into the dangerous world of a man who does not exist. Michael Knight, a young loner on a crusade to champion the cause of the innocent, the helpless, the powerless, in a world of criminals who operate above the law."


Who is Garthe?

Garthe Knight shows up unexpectedly after being in an African prison, presumably forever. He is Wilton's son, but has none of his father's good qualities.


Why is KITT afraid to fly?

During a Season 4 episode called "Sky Knight," viewers learn that Bonnie is afraid of flying, so she programmed KITT in the same way.


What is Stephanie's name after she enters the witness protection program?

After joining the witness protection program, Stephanie Mason became Stevie March. She became a singer in a rock band and re-met her former fiance, Michael, under his new identity.


A well-known professional football player appears in the Season 3 premiere, "Knight of the Drones." Who is it?

Cleveland Browns great Jim Brown appeared in the premiere of "Knight Rider's" third season. The fullback-turned-actor played C.J. Jackson, the man who killed Michael's predecessor at FLAG.


Who is Goliath?

Goliath is a semi-tractor trailer truck with technology similar to KITT's. He is controlled by Garthe, who uses the vehicle to steal missiles.


Why doesn't Michael's marriage to Stevie last?

Talk about a disastrous wedding. Moments after saying "I do," a bullet meant for Michael hits his new bride instead and she dies at the scene.


David Hasselhoff plays a dual role on Knight Rider. In addition to Michael Knight, who does he play?

Hasselhoff plays Garthe Knight, son of FLAG founder Wilton Knight. In fact, Wilton instructed his plastic surgeon to reconstruct Michael's face to look like a combination of Garthe and himself as a younger man.


While KITT is programmed to protect Michael, what is KARR's primary motivation?

One of the reasons Wilton Knight abandoned KARR and developed KITT was that he realized he had made a mistake in the vehicle's programming. KARR's fatal flaw is his determination to save himself at all costs.


In the Season 2 episode called "Knightmares," Michael suffers from what problem?

A near fatal encounter with a grenade leaves Michael with no memory of his current identity. He thinks he is still Michael Long, police detective, and it takes the help of KITT, Devon, and April to help him recover his memories.


Michael and KITT travel extensively in the pursuit of FLAG's mission. Which of the following locations did they NOT visit?

Las Vegas, Texas, Phoenix, Louisiana, South America . . . Michael and KITT really get around. They never make it to the Big Apple though.


Who drives the FLAG Mobile Unit?

During the show's early seasons, the driver is not identified, but later he emerges as a character named Reginald Cornelius III, or RC3. As the show's last season progressed, he became more of a regular character with a back story.


A famous magician appears in the Season 4 episode called "Deathly Knightshade." Who is it?

Lance Burton starred as a magician suspected of planning the murder of a FLAG trustee. He pulled it off by using tricks of illusion to appear to be onstage at the time of the murder.


What is KITT's body made of?

KITT's body is said to be made of something called molecular bonded shell. Any surface made from it is virtually indestructible.


Season 3 episode "Lost Knight" features a teenage actor who since has gone on to bigger and better things. Who is it?

Jason Bateman, then 15 years old, plays a boy named Doug who befriends KITT after an accident separates him from Michael and damages his memory system. It turns out Doug is also in trouble and the two new friends must help each other.


Which star of "Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In" appears in the series finale of "Knight Rider"?

Henry Gibson was a favorite performer on the popular variety series. He was also a dramatic actor, guest starring in many television series, including "Voo Doo Knight," the series finale of "Knight Rider."


What is the difference between the physical appearance of Michael and Garthe?

Since both characters are played by the same actor, they are almost identical, except for one distinguishing feature. Michael is clean shaven, but Garthe has a large mustache and a soul patch, or a small tuft of beard just below his lower lip.


What is KITT's license plate?

KITT is a special car, so he deserves a vanity plate. His California plate reads KNIGHT.


How many seasons did Knight Rider run?

Knight Rider was on the air for four seasons, from 1982 until 1986. Since then, there have been a few attempts at rebooting, but none as successful as the initial show.


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