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It was the story so epic, Tarantino had to split it into two films! (This quiz, though, is only about the first installment). Are you ready? Set aside your honor and humanity and take our quiz!

What year was the first "Kill Bill" released?

The conclusion to the two-part saga, "Vol. 2," was released in 2004.


By what name is Uma Thurman's character known throughout the film?

Though her code name was "Black Mamba," she certainly isn't a member of the squad anymore.


What color is associated with the Bride?

It's the color of the motorcycle leathers she wears in the climactic fight.


On what scene does the movie open?

The Bride says either "It's your --" or "It's your baby" before Bill shoots her. (Some viewers hear the former; others the whole sentence.


What was the name of the team of assassins?

For short, the mostly female squad was known as "DiVAS."


Who is NOT a member of the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad?

We meet Sofie, the "pretty lady dressed like a Star Trek villain," toward the end of the film.


Whom does the Bride target first, after waking from her coma?

She doesn't target Hanzo at all, of course -- she visits him to have a sword made.


What is painted on the truck that the Bride drives?

The explanation for why the Bride is driving it doesn't come until later in the movie.


What was Vernita Green's codename during her active years?

She complains to the Bride that "I should've been Black Mamba."


Where is the gun hidden with which Vernita tries to shoot the Bride?

Appropriately, the cereal is "Kaboom", which was a real brand from the 70s and 80s.


What does the Bride do that tells the sheriff she's not dead?

She also does this to the men in the coma hospital, who really deserve it.


Who played Vernita Green?

Fox co-starred with Jada Pinkett in the bank-robbery thriller "Set it Off."


What is the name of the man who rents the comatose Bride out to strange men?

The name is a homage to Robert Englund's character in Tobe Hooper's "Eaten Alive."


What unusual item does Elle Driver wear?

We learn the backstory behind her missing eye in "Vol. 2."


What was Elle Driver's codename during her assassin years?

It's Elle whom Bill sends to kill the Bride in the hospital.


Why does Bill call off Elle from killing the Bride?

He does vow to take more revenge on the Bride if she ever wakes up.


What question does the Bride repeatedly ask Buck when she wakes up in the hospital?

She apparently doesn't ask where her baby is because she already believes it to be dead.


Where is Hattori Hanzo living when the Bride comes to see him?

Okinawa is known for its U.S. military presence and its long-lived locals.


What does Hattori Hanzo do for a living (at the time of her visit)?

Hanzo runs the bar with another man, with whom he bickers constantly, and who might be more than a business partner.


Complete the sentence: "If you encounter God on your travels, __________."

This is part of the blessing Hanzo gives the Bride when he hands over her sword.


Why does Boss Matsumoto kill O-Ren's parents?

Whatever the reason, the brutal murders set O-Ren on the path to the Deadly Vipers Assassination Squad.


What helps the child O-Ren get access to, and then kill, Boss Matsumoto?

How she gets to his bedroom is unexplained, but once there, she stabs him to death.


What gets Boss Tanaka beheaded?

O-Ren, played by Lucy Liu, runs down the table and beheads him on the spot.


What is the nickname the man who runs the House of Blue Leaves?

The man's fawning wife agrees that he does look like Charlie Brown.


What is the name of the band at the House of Blue Leaves?

They're a real-life band that often covers American rock.


Whose arm does the Bride cut off before the showdown begins?

In a flashback, Sofie is seen as an onlooker at the wedding-chapel massacre, which might explain the Bride's hostility.


Which two weapons does Gogo, O-Ren's bodyguard, use most?

We primarily see her use the meteor hammer, but O-Ren has a tearful moment looking at Gogo's short sword after her death.


What odd request does the Bride make of the departing Crazy 88 survivors?

This seems like a touch straight out of classic martial-arts films.


What was O-Ren's "Deadly Vipers" codename?

A bite from the cottonmouth, or water moccasin, can be fatal.


Which actress portrayed Elle Driver?

Elle and the Bride had an antagonistic relationship even before the events of the wedding chapel.


When do we first see Bill?

David Carradine voiced Bill, always on the phone or off-camera.


What secret do we learn in the film's closing moments?

Bill mentions it to Sofie Fatale in their debriefing.


Where does the final fight between O-Ren and the Bride take place?

Tarantino notably used long shots of Liu and Thurman fighting with an innocent wooden "water tip" in the foreground.


For which Academy Awards was "Kill Bill: Vol. 1" nominated?

Uma Thurman was nominated for a Golden Globe for her performance.


With which song from the soundtrack is the movie indelibly linked?

The track was everywhere after that, from the trailer for "Team America" to the 2004 Summer Olympics.


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