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This Studio Ghibli charmed the world ... and probably you, as well! But do you really remember the details of "Spirited Away"? (Losing your memory after walking back through the magic tunnel is no excuse!)

Why are Chihiro and her parents in the car as the movie opens?

They pass Chihrio's new school on the way; she is less than impressed.


What gift from her best friend is Chihiro holding?

Chihiro got a single rose for her birthday, earlier, her mother says.


What kind of car does Chihiro's father drive?

The father notes he has four-wheel drive, which is true of the model he drives.


What activity turns Chihiro's parents into pigs?

The scene can be taken as a critique on consumerism, especially when Chihiro's father assures her he has "credit cards and cash" to pay for everything.


What marks the boundary with the spirit world?

Chihiro fails to cross the river and is shocked to see a lighted riverboat coming her way.


What does Haku give Chihiro that stops her from fading into invisibility?

As unflattering as Haku's pageboy haircut is, you could be forgiven for hoping he might fade into invisibility.


What must Chihiro do on the bridge, to avoid detection by the spirits?

Chihiro doesn't quite make it.


Why does Chihiro stand out among those in the bathhouse?

At first Haku hides her from everyone else, but then counsels her to expose herself and ask for work.


From whom does Chihiro ask for work first?

Kamaji works in the basement, commanding the soot creatures.


How many arms does Kamaji have?

His arms also stretch almost infinitely -- he seems to be related to Plastic Man.


Who actually gives Chihiro work?

"Yubaba" means "bathhouse witch."


Who is the only person that Yubaba fears and caters to?

Boh lives in a nursery off Yubaba's chambers, and she rushes to fill his every need.


How does Yubaba seal the contract with Chihiro?

Yubaba controls people by renaming them.


What new name does Yubaba give Chihiro?

Critics suggest that the name "one thousand" is one of the film's little emphases on value and money.


What is Sen's first job, shared with Lin?

No-Face helps Sen get the herbal soak tag she and Lin need.


What item does Sen first pull out of the "stink god"?

Many other mud-covered items, including a toilet, follow.


What does the "stink god" turn out to be?

Creator Hayao Miyazaki explained that he helped clean up a river, and pulled a bicycle from it.


What does the river god give to Sen as a thank-you?

For the uninitiated, an emetic is a substance that causes vomiting.


Who thrills the bathhouse staff by giving away gold in large amounts?

No Face also eats large quantities of food and several bathhouse staffers.


What kind of creatures attack Haku?

They were animated by Zeniba, Yubaba's twin sister, who has a grudge against Haku.


What does Zeniba want back from Haku?

The seal, Zeniba warns Sen, comes with a curse.


Who gives Sen the train tickets she uses to get to Zeniba's house?

He gives her several tickets, which comes in handy.


What does Zeniba turn Boh into?

Zeniba also turns Yubaba's bird into a tiny flying creature, who stays by Boh's side all the time.


How is No Face restored to his normal, quiet self?

At first angry, No Face chases Sen from the bathhouse while vomiting.


What deal does Haku make with Yubaba?

Haku knows that Boh is safe for now, as a mouse in the company of Sen.


What train stop is nearest Zeniba's house?

The train tracks are mostly under water since the epic rains, but the trains are still running.


Who or what greets Sen and company when they are close to Zeniba's place?

When it reaches their destination, the lantern jumps up to hang on a gateway arch.


What does Zeniba give to Sen, to protect her?

Its protective qualities, we must assume, are spiritual and not practical.


Who stays behind at Zeniba's cottage?

No Face spins well, and is going to be Zeniba's assistant.


Why does Sen remember Haku's real name as a river spirit?

Learning his true name will free Haku from bondage to Yubaba.


How does Sen win her name back and her parents' freedom?

The bathhouse staff are delighted at her triumph over Yubaba.


Which of the following has NOT been suggested as a prominent theme in "Spirited Away"?

The darkest fan theory is that "Spirited Away" is a critique of underage prostitution in bathhouses.


Who voiced Chihiro/Sen in the English-language dub?

Chase also played the creepy young girl, Samara, from "The Ring."


When "Spirited Away" became Japan's top-grossing film, it overtook which U.S.-made box-office behemoth?

Fortunately, Haku doesn't sink to the bottom of the ocean at the end.


Hayao Miyazaki's most recent film, "The Wind Rises," was controversial in the U.S. for what reason?

"The Wind Rises" was about a young engineer who made improvements to Japan's fighter planes.


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