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Junk dealer Fred Sanford has more money-making schemes than Wall Street. His son, Lamont, tries to stay one step ahead of his father but at times appears the greedier of the two.

Fred Sanford loves to fake a _________.

Any time Fred is in distress, he fakes a heart attack. No one ever falls for it.


What's' the name of Fred's business?

Fred names it Sanford and Son so that he can leave it to his son to run after his death. His son, however, wants to do something else.


What kind of instrument does Fred own that plays on its own?

Fred has a pneumatic player piano. Player piano sales were at the highest in 1924. The stock market crash of 1929 put a hold on player piano manufacturing.


Poor Lamont tries to have a fully-stocked _________.

Lamont combines leftover booze into one bottle to give it the appearance of a full bottle. Unfortunately, no matter what Lamont does, Fred still drinks it all.


Lamont is always trying to find ways to _________.

Lamont wants to move up in life and get away from the junk business. However, every time he tries something to increase his social status, it backfires.


When Fred grabs his chest to fake a heart attack, he normally yells __________.

Fred says his wife Elizabeth died in 1947. He may shout that he's going to join her, but he is in no hurry to leave. Fred's having too much fun.


Lamont's Aunt, _______, is the first major thorn in Fred's side.

Aunt Ethel is played by Beah Richards. Richards began her career in film in 1938 as Grecco Maid in "The Mugger." She died in 2000.


After Ethel leaves the show, Aunt _______ takes over as Fred's nemesis.

Aunt Esther is Ethel's sister and Fred's sister-in-law. The two rarely agree on anything.


Who plays the cranky, yet loveable, Fred Sanford?

Redd Foxx began his onscreen career in the 1960 movie, "All the Fine Young Cannibals." He had a busy career up until his death in 1991.


Sanford and Son Salvage drive a _________ for the business.

Lamont drove a red 1951 Ford F-100. It now belongs to the Dimmitt family of Argos, Ind. who just so happens to own a salvage yard.


Fred has two best friends, _________ and ___________.

Grady gets pulled into many of Fred's get-rich schemes. Bubba, on the other hand, encourages Fred to try his plans.


Fred and his friends love to get together for a game of _______.

Fred loves winning at poker. He has a marked deck and special glasses so he can peek at the cards he's dealing.


Esther loves to call Fred a ___________.

If Esther wasn't calling Fred a fish-eyed-fool, she called him an "Old heathen." She has always disapproved of Fred marrying her sister.


In what part of California is Fred's junk empire located?

Watts is a neighborhood in south Los Angeles. It's infamous for the 1965 Watts riots.


What phrase does Aunt Esther use to stop Fred from his onslaught of verbal abuse?

Esther and Fred frequently trade insults. Fred is usually the one who starts in on Esther as soon as she enters a room.


What does Aunt Esther always carry with her?

Esther is a Bible-carrying woman who seems to yell "Hallelujah" or another religious exclamation each time she leaves the Sanford home. She is a strict religious Baptist who isn't fond of humor.


Who are "Hoppy" and "Smitty?"

Anytime these two cops come calling, Fred never understands what Hoppy says. Smitty usually has to translate.


When the show ended in 1977, to what state do the Sanfords retire?

Arizona's temperatures are extremely hot. The state is located in the southwestern region of the United States. The mild winters make up for the heat of summer.


What is Fred's nickname for his son?

Anytime Lamont messes up Fred calls him a dummy or a big dummy. Lamont shoots back with "old fool."


Who plays Lamont Sanford?

Wilson began his TV career on "All in the Family." He can currently be seen as Reverend Henry Nichols in "American Zealot."


Lamont's neighbor and friend, Julio, has a ________ that loves to bother Fred.

Fred finds the goat in his house quite often. The goat's name is Chico.


Fred Sanford and the actor who plays him, Redd Foxx, share _________ as their birthplace.

St, Louis is located in Missouri on the Mississippi River. It's famous for the Gateway Arch.


Before Lamont began liking his father's fiance, what nickname did he give her?

A barracuda is a scary saltwater fish. It's known for its appearance and violent behavior.


"Sanford and Son" was created from the British show, ____________.

"Steptoe and Son" was on in Britain from 1962-1974. The main characters had a rag-and-bone business which is the equivalent of an American salvage yard.


Who plays Fred's nemesis, Aunt Esther?

Page's career began in 1977 on "Sanford and Son." Series executives didn't want her in the role of Esther, so Redd Foxx threatened to quit if she didn't stay.


Who strolls into town claiming to be Lamont's father?

Big Money Grip is a friend of Fred from back home. One night, many years ago, he went into what he thought was Elizabeth's room. This is why he thought he was Lamont's father. But he had slept with Esther by mistake.


Fred loves to watch ________ and _________.

Fred loves watching boxing so he can find new moves to fight Esther. Fred says he would roller skate, but his arthritis is too bad.


What is Fred's good friend, Grady's, full name?

When the show first aired, there was a running gag that Grady couldn't remember Lamont's name. Grady is named after Demond Wilson who plays Lamont.


Which character loves to use the line, "Good Goobly Goop!"?

Grady loves to say the line, "Good Goobly Goop!" He sometimes followed it up with "She is fine as he@@."


Which former heavyweight boxing champion made an appearance on the show?

Foreman won the title in 1976. He appears in the episode "The Director" from season 5.


Despite Lamont and Fred's arguments, they are _______ to one another.

No matter what they say to one another, they are always there for each other. Throughout the series, each moves away only to come back because of the one left behind.


Who plays Fred's good-natured friend Grady Wilson?

Whitman Mayo made his splash on screen as Alex in the 1966 movie, "The Black Klansman." He worked steadily in movies and TV until his death in 2001.


What does Fred's fiancee do for a living?

She is an LPN or a Licensed Practical Nurse. An LPN provides basic medical care. They were good skills to have in case Fred ever had a real heart attack.


Fred, Grady, and Bubba appear on what game show?

"Wheel and Deal" is a parody of the real game show, "Let's Make a Deal." The men hoped to win a car for Lamont.


Who plays Fred's straight-man, Bubba Bexley?

Don Bexley began his career playing a Skycap in the 1972 movie, "What's Up, Doc?" He worked throughout the early 1990s, before his death in 1997.


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