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Patrick Swayze is no longer with us, but his films will live on forever. In addition to films such as "Dirty Dancing" and "Ghost," Swayze starred in the 1989 film "Road House". Swayze as a highly educated bar bouncer? Well, it worked for some, but not for everyone. Unfortunately, for most, it just wasn't considered a good movie. With a $15 million budget, the film grossed only $30 million at the box office, rendering it a flop both monetarily and critically. 

Critics panned the movie as generally bad, but somewhat entertaining for the right viewer. The themes of violence and romance were trite and poorly developed according to most reviewers. The movie continues to rate poorly in the minds of viewers but there's no doubt there are still some that get a kick out of it. In addition to Swayze, the film starred Ben Gazzara, Kelly Lynch, and Sam Elliott, and even starred Bigfoot #7, a truck. Hey, it's a movie about a bouncer at a bar called the Double Deuce in Jasper, Missouri... gotta credit the truck.

Take this quiz to see if you can hold your own with the big boys. Let's get started! 

How does Dalton meet Elizabeth, his love interest?

He impresses her with tough-guy lines like "Pain don't hurt."


Why does Tinker survive the final showdown with Dalton?

This happens in Wesley's "trophy room," full of preserved animals he's killed.


What kind of animals does Emmett, Dalton's landlord, keep on his property?

Wesley spooks them by flying low with his helicopter.


Who is in Dalton's Mercedes when it crash-lands on Wesley's property?

The Mercedes, which Dalton took such good care of, is well and thoroughly trashed in this scene.


Where do we see, very briefly, Dalton's first name?

Elizabeth is surprised that he has these when he turns up at her ER. It's James, for those who can't recall.


What kind of car does Elizabeth drive?

Oddly, in the diner scene, Dalton says "I'd better take you back," but Elizabeth is then seen to be driving.


What is Brad Wesley's chief offense against the people of Jasper?

When Wesley doesn't get what he wants from business owners, serious vandalism like firebombing ensues. Wesley does buzz livestock and drive drunk, but that's not the biggest problem Dalton has with him.


Dalton has three basic rules for his bouncers. What is Rule #3?

"Until it's time to not be nice," Dalton adds.


How does Wesley sabotage the car dealership?

The scene was typical of the movie's unapologetically macho tone. Pete, like Red, had refused to pay his protection money.


What event from his past haunts Dalton?

According to Wade, it was self-defense. The killing was part of a love triangle; Dalton didn't know his girlfriend was actually married.


As head bouncer, what is Dalton's actual job title?

Appropriate, as in the late 80s, Patrick Swayze was the coolest. It's actually another term for bouncer.


Why does Dalton have the Deuce's bartender fired?

Dalton sees him tuck money directly into his pocket. The bartender really was the nephew of bad guy Wesley, but that's not why he was fired.


How does Dalton's fight with Jimmy end?

Elizabeth sees Jimmy's fatal wound and recoils from Dalton.


In what Missouri town is the Double Deuce located?

"Road House" was actually filmed mostly in inland California. You can find the town name on the town clock as Dalton arrives in town.


How many times does Dalton dance in "Road House"?

He and Elizabeth listen to the radio and sway a little to the music, but they don't actually dance.


When Dalton leaves New York, what does he do with his old Buick?

Dalton's long-term car is a Mercedes, but he doesn't always drive it.


Why does Dalton prefer old Buicks to his Mercedes for driving to work?

In one comic scene, he finds a stop sign has been jammed through his window. Nonetheless, he drives the Mercedes to the Double Deuce his first night there. He drives both a 1964 and 1965 Buick Riviera


What persuades Dalton to take the job at the Double Deuce?

Dalton also likes to move around a lot. Screenwriter David Lee Henry named the character after the town of Dalton, Georgia.


What does Dalton say when Elizabeth asks him "Do you ever win a fight?"

Disclaimer: Swayze wins every fight in the movie (though he needs Wade's help with one).


What is Wade's nickname for Dalton?

It was Sam Elliott's idea for his character to call Dalton "mijo."


Who lives right across the river from Emmett and Dalton?

This gives Dalton a good view of his low-class shenanigans. Late in the film, Dalton sends one of Wesley's dead henchman floating back across to his boss.


Who in Jasper is Elizabeth related to?

Red is her uncle; her picture hangs in his auto-parts store.


Who kills Brad Wesley?

The vigilante-style killing resembled a real-life Missouri murder that was never solved. Afterward, they were each other's alibis


What does the note stuck to Wade's chest say?

Wesley had claimed to flip a coin, deciding whether to kill Wade or Doc. The note is better described as "stabbed" to Wade's chest, with the knife that killed him.


How long does the renovation of the Double Deuce take?

The "new" Double Deuce scenes were filmed at a club in Anaheim; the old one was just a set.


How many times does Dalton, the philosophy major, quote philosophers in "Road House"?

Not surprising given that Dalton was pretty vague about what kind of philosophy he focused on in school. Maybe he gets credit for saying things like "Pain doesn't hurt" and "Nobody ever wins a fight."


What is the name of the guitarist that Jeff Healey plays?

Healey, a well-known blind Canadian musician, and his band had their biggest hit "Angel Eyes" when "Road House" was in theaters. The song wasn't featured in the movie though.


Where does Dalton call Wade Garrett from?

The director wanted the audience to see Dalton doing everyday things.


What skill did Kelly Lynch learn for the role?

She spent a month researching the role in an emergency room but was given a staple gun to use on set.


What are Elizabeth and Dalton doing in the movie's closing moments?

The ending implies that the nomadic Dalton might be settling down at last.


What martial art does Dalton practice but never use?

He never uses T'ai chi in the fight scenes, instead he takes from various sources including hapkido.


"Road House" was re-made in 2003 as what kind of production?

This is a minor motif in Swayze's career -- his "Point Break" became "Point Break Live!" an audience-participation theater piece. This happened with the movie "Carrie" as well, and is a backhanded tribute to the film's cultural impact.


According to "Road House 2," what eventually happened to Dalton?

His murder was a plot point in the second film. Swayze's decision not to return for the second film presumably required him to be written out of the script in an interesting way.


What book is Dalton reading when Wesley's pool party distracts him?

Harrison was a revered Western poet and critic.


Which actress was initially given the part of Elizabeth Clay, but apparently lacked chemistry with Swayze?

Not sure the re-casting helped because Variety magazine found the Lynch-Swayze pairing lacking in chemistry as well.


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