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Often regarded as one of Martin Scorsese's best movies, the 1980 film, "Raging Bull," is based on a memoir by boxer Jake LaMotta. Robert De Niro gives a stellar performance as a fighter who could not control his self-destructive urges and inner demons. How well do you recall the film?

In the movie's opening scene, what does Jake do as he prepares to give a performance?

The film opens with an older, heavier Jake LaMotta waiting to go on stage as a comedian. While he waits, he recites a stream of consciousness series of rhymes about his life.


The movie's first fight takes place in Cleveland early in Jake's career. How does it end?

Jake's opponent is Jimmy Reeves. Although it appears that LaMotta has bested him, the decision goes to Reeves, giving Jake the first loss of his career. The decision is controversial and the crowd reacts by erupting into violence.


In what weight class does Jake fight?

Jake is a middleweight. In a discussion with his brother, he laments that he will never be able to fight Joe Louis for the championship he really wants because he can never be a heavyweight.


When Jake gets angry with his wife and knocks over a table, what is he upset about?

Jake is sitting at the table while his wife cooks a steak for him, but he complains that she is overcooking it. She disagrees but finally puts it on his plate. By then Jake is enraged and knocks over the table, spilling all the food onto the floor.


Where does Jake first see Vickie?

Jake and his brother are outside the public swimming pool when he spots a beautiful blonde teenager. He is immediately enchanted by her and wants Joey to introduce them.


How old is Vickie when she begins seeing Jake?

Vickie is only 15 years old when she and Jake meet. Although he is married, he finds her irresistible and they soon begin an affair.


Where do Jake and Vickie go on their first date?

Jake takes Vickie to a miniature golf course on their first date. The game ends when the ball somehow gets lost in one of the obstacles.


With what famous fighter does Jake have several matches as his career begins to take off?

As his star rises, Jake has several fights with Sugar Ray Robinson, widely recognized as one of the greatest boxers of his time. Both eventually held the title of middleweight champion.


From what does Jake abstain before a fight?

Jake insists on abstaining from sex for a few weeks before a match. He finds it difficult because Vickie tempts him and even pours ice down his boxers to cool off.


Why does Jake have trouble getting opponents?

As his career takes off, Jake is seen as a very formidable opponent and other boxers don't want to get into the ring with him. Since Sugar Ray Robinson has a similar problem, they keep fighting each other.


What causes Jake to begin getting suspicious that Vickie is interested in other men?

As they are discussing an upcoming fight with Tony Janiro, Vickie casually mentions that he is a good looking guy. Jake immediately begins questioning her about her feelings for Janiro and how she knows what he looks like.


What does Jake need to do before his fight with Janiro?

Jake has gained weight since his last match and now weighs 168 pounds. Before he can fight Janiro, he needs to get down to 155 pounds.


What does Jake do to make his weight class?

As he tries to lose weight before his next match, Jake works out in a steam room. He also is denied water.


Why does Joey attack Salvey outside a nightclub?

Joey is surprised to see Vickie at a nightclub with a group of friends, including Salvey. Although Vickie insists that nothing is going on, Joey has promised Jake to keep an eye on her, so when they are kicked out of the club, Joey attacks Salvey and slams him into a car door repeatedly.


Who makes peace between Joey and Salvey?

Mob boss Tommy Como has taken an interest in Jake's career. After the fight at the nightclub, he brings Joey and Salvey together and convinces them to make up.


What does Tommy want Jake to do before he will give him a chance at a championship fight?

Tommy is interested in helping Jake get a championship match, but he tells Joey that Jake must first agree to lose his next match. Jake isn't happy about it, but agrees because he needs Tommy's help.


What happens to Jake after his fight with Billy Fox?

During his fight with Fox, Jake punches his opponent mercilessly in the beginning, but then stops putting up any effort at all. It is obvious that he threw the fight, so he is suspended for a while.


What is the pattern on the robe Jake typically wears in the ring?

Like all boxers, Jake wears a hooded robe before and after a fight. His preference is one with a leopard print.


What prize does Jake receive when he wins the middleweight championship?

Jake finally gets a championship match against Marcel Cerdan and he wins. As middleweight champion, he is given a large belt covered in jewels.


What causes Jake's falling out with his brother Joey?

As Jake becomes increasingly paranoid about Vickie cheating on him, he sees her give Joey a casual kiss as she is leaving the house. This causes him to accuse Joey of sleeping with her.


What leads to Jake's permanent rift with Joey?

After becoming convinced that Joey has been sleeping with Vickie, Jake goes to his brother's house. Even though Joey's wife and children are there, he beats Joey savagely.


What does Vickie do after Jake breaks down the bathroom door and hits her?

After Jake accuses her of sleeping with Joey, Vickie hides in the bathroom, but Jake breaks down the door and punches her in the face. He later finds her packing to leave him, but is very contrite and convinces her to stay.


Who does Jake try to call after defending his championship in a grueling 15-round fight?

Jake and Joey are estranged now, but Jake wants to talk to his brother after he successfully defends his championship. When he calls, though, Joey thinks it's Salvey and hurls insults at him, so Jake hangs up without saying anything.


To whom does Jake eventually lose his title?

As his career declines after his rift with Joey, Jake has his final fight with Sugar Ray Robinson in 1951. Sugar Ray wins and Jake never regains his title.


Where does Jake move after losing his title?

After losing his title, Jake's career never completely recovers. Eventually he retires and moves to Miami with Vickie and their children.


What reason does Jake give for retiring?

When a reporter interviews Jake about his career and current life, he says he is enjoying retirement and his new home. He tells the reporter that he was tired of trying to keep his weight down, and it is clear by his appearance that he has been taking advantage of his ability to eat what he wants.


What kind of business does Jake open?

After moving to Miami, Jake opens a nightclub called Jake LaMotta's. He enjoys hanging out and drinking with his customers.


What second career does Jake take up?

After buying his nightclub, Jake doubles as owner and entertainer, performing a stand up routine for his customers. After returning to New York, he continues performing at small venues, including strip clubs.


What does Vickie do after Jake fails to come home one night?

After Jake stays out all night at his club, he emerges to find Vickie in the parking lot. She tells him she is divorcing him, something she has been planning for some time, and that she wants full custody of their children. He asks her to reconsider, but she refuses.


For what is Jake arrested?

Jake is arrested after the police learn that he has been admitting underage girls to his club and introducing them to men there. They show him two photos of a 14-year-old girl who has been a customer. In one, she clearly looks like a teenager, but the second photo shows her glammed up and looking much older.


How does Jake try to get girls to prove they're at least 21?

Jake has a unique method for ensuring that the beautiful girls who frequent his club are old enough to be there. He kisses them passionately, telling his friends that only someone 21 or over would be able to kiss like that.


How does Jake try to raise money to handle his criminal case?

Believing his can bribe his way out of the charges against him, Jake needs to raise $10,000. He removes the stones from his championship belt and tries to sell them, but is told that they are worth less than $2,000, although the belt itself, if left intact, would have been worth much more.


How does Jake react when he is put into prison?

When Jake is led to his prison cell, he struggles against the guards, but is eventually locked up. Once he is alone, he begins screaming, crying and pounding the walls with his head and fists, lamenting his misfortune.


Where does Jake see Joey again?

After his release from prison, Jake returns to his native New York. One night, he is coming out of a club when he sees his estranged brother going into a small store.


How does Joey react when he sees Jake again?

Jake follows Joey to his car, hoping to repair their relationship, but Joey tries to get away from his brother. Joey says he forgives Jake and says he'll give him a call, but it is clear that he wants no part of Jake's life anymore.


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