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Test your knowledge of the ultimate holiday trip. It's anything but a straight shot. Try to remember what happens on the planes, trains, and automobiles!

"Planes, Trains and Automobiles" is a ____________ film?

John Hughes was a favorite film director, producer, and screenwriter. He directed and scripted some of the most successful comedy films of the 1980s and early 1990s.


The movie begins __________?

Usually, the Wednesday before Thanksgiving is the most hectic travel day of the holiday weekend. The busiest day for return travel is typically the Sunday after Thanksgiving.


In what city do the main characters start?

New York City packs more people within their city limits than any other place in the United States. Situated in the southern portion of the state of New York, the city is the center of the NYC scene of the city that never sleeps.


Which of the two main characters is an Advertising Executive?

Neal is a Chicago advertising marketing man, who is sleek in tailor-made blues and grays, full of self-confidence, money, and anal-retentiveness. He prefers first class accommodations and looks down on those considered blue-collar.


What city does Neal need to get to for Thanksgiving?

Chicago enjoys the status of the third-most-populated city in the United States. It's nicknamed "The Windy City" due to the high winds that whip through the city.


Who plays the character that Neal tries to beat to the open cab in NYC?

Kevin Bacon shot to fame for his portrayal of Ren in "Footloose." He can be seen as Richard DesLauriers in "Patriots Day."


Which character sells shower curtain rings?

Del Griffith is a shower curtain ring salesman and all-around blabbermouth who is never short of advice, conversation, bad jokes, or stories. He's lovable to everyone he meets and is considered by Neal to be blue-collar.


How do Del and Neal first meet in NYC?

Del hits the trunk for the cabbie to open it while Neal argues with a lawyer about letting him have the cab. Del takes off in the cab after Neal pays off the lawyer to take his cab. Neal chases the cab.


When the plane is diverted from Chicago because of the snowstorm, Del and Neal land in __________?

Wichita is the largest city in Kansas. In the 1860s and 1870s, it became an important path for driving cattle from North Texas to the railroads, giving the city the nickname of "Cowtown."


What is stolen from both Neal and Del?

The money is stolen from their hotel room as they slept. Neal had $700. Del had $263. Now they have to figure out how to get home with no cash.


The train stops because it __________?

A conductor tells Neal that all he has to do is walk across the field a mile to a mile and a half to the highway and trucks will take him to Jefferson City. Del is seen struggling to get his heavy streamer trunk across the field. Neal rushes up to help.


After getting off the train, the guys jump on a _______?

Del points out a couple making out on the bus. Neal is busted by the couple for watching them. The bus takes them to St. Louis.


In St. Louis, Del sells _________ to earn some money?

The money he earned selling helium-filled rings and a Walter Cronkite Moon ring bought them both dinner. While Del is selling, Neal tries to call home, but his family is at his daughter's Thanksgiving pageant.


Neal needs to go to spot ________ to pick up his rental car?

When he's dropped off by the shuttle bus, Neal heads over to V-5 to discover there is no car waiting for him. He must hike back to the airport terminal. But before he heads back, he has a hissy fit in the parking lot.


What is the name of the car rental agency?

A car rental company rents cars for short periods of time, anywhere from hours to weeks. Branches of the car rental company can usually be found near airports and the city.


As Neal and Del drive in Del's rental car, Del has a difficult time with the ___________?

A power seat in a car is a front seat which is adjustable by moving a switch or joystick. In the movie, Del has a problem dealing wth the adjustment of the passenger seat, breaking it for Neal.


As Del comes to a very scary stop, he tells Neal that they almost __________?

Del tries everything to stay awake: smoking, window down, music, and in-seat dancing. He then tries to take off his parka and his arms get stuck behind him. Once the car stops, Neal wakes up, and that's when Del makes up the lie about the deer.


As the car squeaks in between two semi-trucks, Neal looks over to Del and sees the _______?

According to Christianity and Islam, the Devil is the primary opponent of God. Some non-Abrahamic religions contain figures similar to the Devil, such as the Buddhist demon Mara and the Zoroastrian spirit Angra Mainyu.


What happens to the car as Del and Neal pick up Del's belongings from the road?

During the scene when Del is trying to stay awake, Del throws his lit cigarette out the window but it winds up in the back seat. The smoldering cigarette catches the car on fire.


Since they have no money and no credit cards, how does Neal pay for a room at the El Rancho Motel?

Neal paid for the room with $17 and a hell of a nice watch. It's not mentioned what kind of watch. Del tries to make the same deal with $2 and a Casio watch. He's turned down.


Who plays Neal Page?

Steve Martin made his splash on screen as an original cast member of "Saturday Night Live." He can be seen as Norm Oglesby in "Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk."


What is Del's wife's name?

He talks "to" his wife as he is sitting in the burned out car, freezing outside the El Rancho Motel. He wishes he could be with her, but says it won't happen, at least right now.


When Del and Neal get pulled over, they're doing ______?

Del tells the cop that the speedometer is melted. In fact, the whole dashboard is melted. However, the radio works.


After the car fiasco, Del and Neal hop a ride on a ________?

The truck driver is a bit freaky about people riding in his cab. So the guys must brave the cold in the refrigerated truck.


Who plays Del Griffith?

John first made his big splash in the comedy group 'Second City' in Toronto. Before dying in 1994, John had many big hits, including "Uncle Buck" and "Cool Runnings."


Aboard the commuter train home, Neal realizes that Del's wife is _________?

Neal rushes back to the train station where Del is still sitting. Del doesn't have a home. Marie died eight years ago.


Neal takes Del home for ___________ dinner?

Thanksgiving was originally celebrated as a day of giving thanks for the blessing of the harvest and the good fortune of the passing year. The United States celebrates Thanksgiving on the fourth Thursday of November and Canada celebrates on second Monday of October.


What is Neal's client doing that is making him late to catch the 6:00 pm flight to Chicago?

William Windom played Bryant the client. He also played in another John Candy/John Hughes film called "Uncle Buck," as the voice of Mr. Hatfield.


Who plays Neal's wife, Susan Page?

Laila Robins' first movie was "Planes, Trains and Automobiles." She can be seen as Dean Gaslow in "Impossible Monsters," and Maggie in "Island Zero."


What book is Del reading in the airport?

"The Canadian Mounted" is not a real book, but a movie prop. The joke on set is that John Candy is a Canadian playing an American.


How many children does Neal have?

Neal has one daughter and two sons. When the viewers first meet the children, they are all around the dinner table when Neal calls to say he'll be late getting there.


When Neal boards the first plane he's supposed to be on, the flight attendant tells him he is bumped from _______to coach?

First class is more comfortable and expensive than business class, premium economy, and economy class. On a passenger plane, the first class usually refers to a limited number of seats or cabins toward the front of the plane which have more space, comfort, service, and privacy.


Who plays the Wichita Airport Representative?

Ben Stein was a speech writer for Presidents Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford and a columnist for T"he Wall Street Journal." He also played the teacher in "Ferris Bueller's Day Off," who called out, "Bueller? Bueller?"


In the scene that goes back and forth between Neal trying to sleep next to Del clearing his sinuses and Neal’s wife watching TV alone in their bed, she is watching ________?

'She’s Having a Baby" was released in 1998, a full year after "Planes, Trains and Automobiles" hit the theaters. It starred Kevin Bacon, who many people guess was playing his character Jake from the movie in the scene where he out-hustles Neal for the Taxi.


Why does Del carry his own pillow?

Del uses a hypoallergenic pillow. There are currently hypoallergenic types of down pillows to allow people sensitive to down to enjoy the comfort of feather or down pillows.


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