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Be careful, don't tell a lie or your nose will grow! How well do you remember this wholesome tale from your childhood? Find out by taking this quiz!

Who is the first character seen in the movie?

Jiminy Cricket is the first character seen in the movie. He introduces the story of Pinocchio to the audience by opening up a storybook. He then has to prop something against the pages so that they won't flip back onto him while he tells the story!


How did Jiminy get into the wood carver's shop?

Jiminy got into the wood carver's shop by sliding under his door. The wood carver's shop was the only place in town that Jiminy said showed signs of life. He went over to stay warm by the fire.


What two pets did the wood carver have?

The wood carver, Geppetto, had a small black and white cat and a goldfish. The kitten's name is Figaro and the goldfish is named Cleo. The two make appearances in other Disney movies, as well as in their own short.


What did Geppetto do with Pinocchio after he added the final touches to him?

Geppetto made Pinocchio dance after he added the final touches to the puppet. He turned on his music box and made the puppet dance while Jiminy hid underneath. Figaro also danced with Pinocchio.


What did Geppetto tell Figaro that he forgot to do before he went to sleep?

Geppetto told Figaro that he forgot to open the window before both of them fell asleep. An annoyed Figaro got out of bed to do it for his master. The small cat ended up hanging from the open window but made it back to safety!


What did Geppetto see outside in the sky?

After Figaro opened the window, Geppetto saw a wishing star. He recited a rhyme and made his wish. He told Figaro that he wished for Pinocchio to become a real boy.


Why couldn't Jiminy get to sleep?

Jiminy couldn't sleep because it was too noisy in the wood carver's shop. Geppetto had many clocks that made ticking noises and Geppetto, Figaro and Cleo all snored. Jiminy finally got fed up and yelled, "Quiet!"


Who appeared at Geppetto's house in the night?

A blue fairy appeared in Geppetto's house after he fell asleep. She came to grant Geppetto's wish because she said he had given so much happiness to many people that he deserved to have his wish come true. She then turned Pinocchio into a real boy.


Whose responsibility did the fairy say it was to make Geppetto's wish come true?

The fairy said that it was up to Pinocchio to make Geppetto's wish come true. She told him that in order for him to make it come true, he would have to be brave, truthful and unselfish. Those three things would make Pinocchio a real boy.


Who did the fairy dub as Pinocchio's conscience?

The fairy dubbed Jiminy as Pinocchio's conscience. He was given a brand new set of clothing and an umbrella. Before the fairy left, she told Pinocchio to "always let his conscience be his guide."


What did Jiminy tell Pinocchio to do if he needed him?

Jiminy told Pinocchio to whistle if he needed him. Jiminy demonstrated to Pinocchio how to whistle, but Pinocchio had trouble getting the hang of it. After a couple tries, he finally got it!


What woke Geppetto out of his sleep?

Pinocchio's fall woke Geppetto out of his sleep. He was singing with Jiminy Cricket when he tripped and fell. Geppetto woke up and thought that there was an intruder in the house.


What did Geppetto do when he thought he was dreaming?

Geppetto poured water onto himself when he thought he was dreaming. After Geppetto realized that there wasn't an intruder in the house and that it was just Pinocchio, he was amazed to see that Pinocchio was alive. He was so amazed that he thought it was all a dream!


What caught on fire while Geppetto was dancing?

Pinocchio's finger caught on fire while Geppetto was dancing. Pincchio was curious about the candle that Geppetto had lit, and he decided to touch the flame. His finger caught on fire and Geppetto rushed to find some water to put it out.


Where did Geppetto say that Pinocchio had to go in the morning?

Geppetto said that Pinocchio had to go to school the next morning. Pinocchio didn't understand why he had to go to sleep, so Geppetto tried to explain. Since Pinocchio had just come to life, he didn't understand a lot about how the world works.


What did Geppetto give to Pinocchio on his first day of school?

Geppetto gave Pinocchio an apple on his first day of school and told him that it was for his teacher. Figaro brought him his notebook.


What did Honest John and Gideon try to get Pinocchio to become?

Honest John and Gideon tried to get Pinocchio to become an actor. Honest John tried to persuade Pinocchio that becoming an actor would be an easy way for him to get to the top. Pinocchio went along with Honest John and Gideon instead of going to school.


What did Gideon try to hit Jiminy with?

After Honest John and Gideon tricked Pinocchio into going with them, Jiminy saw what was happening and jumped onto Honest John's hat. Gideon grabbed a hammer and tried to hit Jiminy with it. He accidentally hit Honest John over the head instead!


What did Jiminy say that Honest John was?

Jiminy said that Honest John was temptation. He had explained the word "temptation" to Pinocchio the night before, but Pinocchio was still confused. Jiminy advised Pinocchio about what to tell Honest John and Gideon so that he could get away. But Pinocchio didn't listen!


What is the name of the puppeteer that Pinocchio went to work for?

The name of the puppeteer that Pinocchio went to work for is Stromboli. He introduced Pinocchio as the only puppet that can sing and dance without a string. Pinocchio then came out to perform.


What happened to Pinocchio while he was performing?

Pinocchio fell while performing. Stromboli became very angry at his accident until he noticed that the audience was actually laughing. He let Pinocchio redo his performance for the audience.


What did the audience throw on stage after Pinocchio finished his performance?

The audience threw money on stage after Pinocchio's performance. Pinocchio finished the performance with a board stuck to his nose, but the audience still loved it. They showed their love by throwing coins on stage!


What did Stromboli lock Pinocchio in?

Stromboli locked Pinocchio in a cage. After Stromboli gave Pinocchio a piece of metal that someone had thrown on stage, Pinocchio said he would go home to show his father. Stromboli was angry and locked him in a cage so that he would always know where Pinocchio was.


Why did Jiminy jump on the carriage?

Jiminy jumped on the carriage with Pinocchio to wish him good luck. Jiminy was surprised to find Pinocchio locked up in a cage when he got there. He tried to break Pinocchio out and bring him back home.


Who came to visit Pinocchio and Jiminy on the carriage?

The fairy came to visit Jiminy and Pinocchio on the carriage. She asked Pinocchio why he wasn't at school that day and he told her the story - although the story was all a lie!


What happened to Pinocchio every time he told a lie?

Every time that Pinocchio told a lie, his nose would grow. He found that out after telling the fairy a lie when she asked him about school. The fairy decided to give Pinocchio and Jiminy another chance to redeem themselves.


Where did the Coachman plan to take the misbehaved boys from town?

The Coachman planned to take bad, misbehaved boys from town to Pleasure Island. Honest John and Gideon tricked Pinocchio once again and he went along with the other boys to Pleasure Island. Jiminy ran after him to try and stop him.


What did the boys do on Pleasure Island?

The boys misbehaved on Pleasure Island. The Coachman persuaded the boys by telling them that they were allowed to do whatever they wanted on the island. The boys were allowed to do everything that they weren't allowed to do at home.


What did the boys turn into after they went to Pleasure Island?

After the boys visited Pleasure Island, they turned into donkeys. They were then sold to places like the circus. If they were still able to talk, then they stayed on the island until they couldn't anymore.


How did Pinocchio and Jiminy escape Pleasure Island?

Pinocchio and Jiminy jumped into the water surrounding the island to escape. After Pinocchio started to turn into a donkey, Jiminy realized they had to jump into the water. He said that was the only way they could save themselves.


What happened to Pinocchio's father, according to a message received by Pinocchio and Jiminy?

The message that Pinocchio and Jiminy received said that Pinocchio's father was swallowed by a whale. It also said that he was still alive inside the whale. Pinocchio decided that he had to set out and find his father.


What happened to Pinocchio when he went to find his father?

When Pinocchio went to find his father, he was also swallowed by Monstro. Pinocchio found his father in the whale's stomach and reunited with him. Geppetto was surprised when he saw that Pinocchio had donkey ears and a tail!


What did Jiminy hide in when birds were attacking him?

Jiminy hid in a glass bottle. Birds started to attack Jiminy after Monstro swallowed Pinocchio. Jiminy was trying to get the whale to open his mouth so that he could save Pinocchio, Geppetto, Figaro and Cleo.


What did Pinocchio do to make the whale sneeze?

Pinocchio made the whale sneeze by building a fire. Pinocchio came up with this brilliant plan that Geppetto didn't think was going to work. Geppetto was wrong, though, and the bunch made it out of Monstro's stomach safely!


What did Jiminy receive after Pinocchio became a real boy?

Jiminy received a badge after Pinocchio became a real boy. It was a gold badge that read "Official Conscience." Pinocchio and Jiminy had both proven themselves to the fairy.


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