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Meet the Fockers is the sequel to Meet the Parents that brings Greg and Pam's families together! Although they don't get along at first, they quickly learn to love each other. Think you know their wild and weird journey? Take the quiz to find out!

What did Greg do for a living?

Greg is a nurse. At the beginning of the movie, he finds himself left to deliver a baby without a doctor present. He got the job done!


Who did Greg and Pam pick up after leaving the airport?

Greg and Pam picked up Pam's family after leaving the airport. They were stopping by their house to pick them up and then heading to Miami!


What did Little Jack do to Greg when he was holding him?

Little Jack head butted Greg while he was holding him. Jack wasn't very fond of Greg and when he head butted him, Greg's nose started bleeding!


What did Jack ask Greg to do to the RV?

Jack asked Greg to throw a brick at the RV to show just how strong it was. When Greg threw the brick, it flew off the window and onto the windshield of his rental car!


What was Jinxy able to do?

Jinxy was able to flush a toilet. Jack had a flusher that was specially made for her, and she was able to learn how to flush it remarkably fast!


Who came to keep Greg company while he drove the RV?

Jack came to keep Greg company while he was driving the RV. But he really came up to talk to Greg about his future and what his future would be like with Pam.


What was wrong with the Focker's house?

The toilets in the Focker's house weren't working properly. They lived on an island and, to make matters worse, the island was having a water shortage.


What did the Focker's have on their wall?

The Focker's had a shrine dedicated to Greg's achievements. Awards, medals and ribbons that he had obtained over the years were proudly displayed on their wall!


What did Pam tell Greg in his parent's bathroom?

Pam told Greg that she was pregnant. He was surprised and happy until he realized that Pam's father wouldn't be very happy about it!


What happened to Moses when the Focker's brought him into the RV?

Moses was flushed down the toilet when the Focker's brought him into the RV. Bernie broke the toilet in order to get the little dog back!


What did Bernie do when Greg was born?

When Greg was born, Bernie quit practicing law and became a stay-at-home dad. Roz, on the other hand, kept working.


Who was Isabel?

Isabel was the Focker's housekeeper when Greg was younger. It was revealed that Isabel had her own catering company, but had come to the Focker's house to help them out for the weekend.


Who did Jack find in the bathroom with him while he was taking a shower?

Jack found Bernie in the bathroom with him while he was taking a shower. He was trying to have a conversation with Jack, although Jack didn't really feel like it was the right place to talk!


What were Bernie and Roz doing for Greg and Pam on one of their nights in Miami?

On one of their nights in Miami, Bernie and Roz were going to throw Greg and Pam a party to celebrate their engagement. They didn't tell Greg and Pam until the morning of the party.


What sport did the two families play in the Focker's backyard?

The Focker's and the Byrnes' played football in the backyard of the Focker's home. While playing, Bernie became very competitive and knocked Jack onto the ground where he hurt his back.


Who figured out that Pam was pregnant before they told anyone?

Roz found out that Pam was pregnant before Greg and Pam told anyone. Greg asked Roz not to tell anyone, because Jack would be angry if he found out about it!


Who stayed home to watch Little Jack while Pam's father and Bernie went into town?

Greg stayed home to watch Little Jack while Pam's father and Bernie went into town. Jack didn't trust Greg to watch the child so he installed a hidden camera to keep an eye on them.


Why did Jack take a picture of Jorge?

Jack took a picture of Jorge because he thought he looked a lot like Greg. He knew that Greg had been with Jorge's mother, Isabel, raising more of a suspicion!


What did Jinxy do while Greg was on the phone?

Jinxy let Little Jack out of the playpen while Greg was on the phone with Roz. Little Jack had enough time to grab a bottle of glue and glue his hands to a bottle of rum!


What happened to Jack while he was eavesdropping on Greg, Bernie and Roz?

While Jack was eavesdropping, Dina asked what he was doing and startled him. He flinched and got a kink in his back, but Roz was there to give him a massage!


Who did Jack want to meet him in the RV after his massage?

Jack wanted Greg to meet him in his RV. When Greg arrived, Jack made him sit in his hideout and questioned him after finding out that he may be the father of Isabel's son.


What did Jack do to Greg at the party?

At the party, Jack injected Greg with truth serum. He wanted him to admit to everyone that he had been hiding that he had a child.


What did Bernie do to stop the Byrnes' from leaving?

Bernie laid in front of the wheels of the RV to stop the Byrnes' from leaving. Jack was upset after hearing the news of Pam's pregnancy and wanted to get off the island.


What did Bernie do after he found out about the truth serum?

After finding out that Jack had injected Greg with truth serum, Bernie prepared to fight Jack. When he tried to kick him, he hit Greg by accident, giving him a bloody nose!


What happened when Bernie and Greg set out to find Jack?

When Greg and Bernie set out to find Jack, they were pulled over by a cop. When they both got out of their car, the cop cuffed them and told them to stay in the vehicle.


Who drove by while Greg and Bernie were handcuffed?

Jack drove by while Greg and Bernie were handcuffed. When they saw him driving by, they chased the RV, but the cop chased them and shot Greg with a taser.


Who was the minister at Pam's wedding?

Kevin was the minister at Pam and Greg's wedding. Jack wanted him to do the honor of marrying the two because of the influence that Greg had on Kevin.


What did Roz bring Little Jack without Jack knowing?

Roz brought Little Jack chocolate without Jack knowing. Jack found out about it when he played back the footage from his hidden camera.


What did Roz and Bernie think Jack did for a living?

Bernie and Roz thought that Jack was a florist. He didn't want them to know that he was actually a retired CIA agent.


What did Jorge's real father do for a living?

Jorge's real father was a baseball player. Jack was upset that he was wrong about who Jorge's real father was!


Where was Jack when he found out the results of the DNA test he ran on Greg and Jorge?

Jack was in the RV when he found out the results of the DNA test. He was with Little Jack and they turned the RV around when Jack realized that he was wrong for what he had done.


Where were Debbie and Bob throughout the movie?

Debbie and Bob were in Thailand throughout the movie. Jack and Dina were babysitting Little Jack while his parents were gone.


When Greg and Pam rented a car, what did the employee ask if they wanted?

When Pam and Greg were renting a car, the employee asked if they wanted to purchase rental insurance. They said no, but later they wished they had purchased it!


What did Greg accidentally drink on the RV?

Greg accidentally drank Debbie's breast. Jack explained that Debbie had to prepare enough milk for Little Jack while she was gone.


What job did Greg ask his mother to pretend she had when the Byrnes' were there?

Greg asked his mother to pretend that she was yoga instructor. She was actually a sex therapist who specialized in elderly couples!


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