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After Betsy, an orphan, is adopted by her parents' friends, she finds herself living in an exciting hotel filled with performance artists. Across the street, Sarah, who leases the hotel, doesn't find the artists so appealing. Think you know Betsy's adventure to save the hotel? Take the quiz to find out!

Why was it Betsy's last time singing with the girls in the orphanage?

It was Betsy's last time singing with the rest of the girls in the orphanage because she was adopted. Her parents' friend adopted her and she was going to live in New York with them!


Why didn't Rosalie want to say goodbye to Betsy?

Rosalie didn't want to say goodbye to Betsy because she didn't want her to leave the orphanage. Betsy was quite sad to say goodbye to Rosalie as well.


Who helped Betsy with her homework?

Mr. Berdini the magician helped Betsy do her homework. Her new home was in a hotel that housed many different performing artists!


What did Barbara tell Betsy to do at bedtime?

Barbara told Betsy to ignore the music from the musicians and go to sleep. Betsy said she'd try, but she figured she would still be able to hear it!


Why did Sarah Wendling call Barbara?

Sarah Wendling called Barbara because she was tired of listening to the music that the musicians were playing. She hung up when Barbara tried to reason with her.


How long did Mr. Shea have to pay his rent?

Mr. Shea had five days to pay his rent or he would be evicted. Sarah asked her assistant how much Mr. Shea owed, and it came out to $2,500!


Who was going to try to help Pop out?

All of the performers who live in Pop's building were going to help him out. They were grateful that Pop allowed them to live in his building and they wanted to help him keep it!


Who did Betsy meet outside of Sarah's house?

Betsy met Sarah's nephew, Roger, outside of her house. Betsy was turned away at the door because Sarah supposedly wasn't in, but Sarah's nephew came along and got Betsy in the door!


What did Betsy bring to Sarah?

Betsy brought Sarah some money to put towards the rent for the hotel. She went to Sarah's house to give her the little money she had to put on Pop's account.


What did Roger and Betsy have in common?

Betsy and Sarah's nephew were both dancers. Betsy told Roger that she learned to dance from a band and Roger said that he had learned at Harvard!


What did Willoughby give to Betsy?

Willoughby gave Betsy some cookies. Sarah wanted Betsy out of her house, but the rest of family took a liking to the little girl and wanted to help her out!


What did Roger want to do for Pops?

Roger wanted to lend Pop the money he needed for the rent to keep the hotel. Barbara was upset because she didn't think that they could ever pay Roger back for what he loaned them.


What did Roger ask Betsy to do with him?

Roger asked Betsy to have lunch with him. Roger asked Betsy if her mother was seeing anyone. Betsy said she wasn't and said that she was an old maid!


What did Betsy do when she and Roger went to talk to Mr. Wendling?

Betsy disrupted everyone in the room when she and Roger went to see Mr. Wendling. She blew into a paper bag and busted it, startling everyone in the room!


Where did Betsy suggest that the quartet practice?

After the quartet received noise complaints in the club, Betsy suggested that they practice at the hotel owned by Pop. She even helped them out with their notes!


How did Pop make the rent money that he needed?

Pop made the needed rent money by selling a suite to the quartet. With some coaxing from Betsy and Roger, the quartet paid for their room in advance for a year.


What was said to be the reason that Roger was always parked outside of Pop Shea's?

Sarah's assistant read a story to Sarah that said the reason that Roger's car was always outside of Pop Shea's was because of Barbara. Sarah wasn't very happy to hear this!


What did Sarah accuse Barbara of?

Sarah accused Barbara of allowing Roger to pay the rent for the hotel. Even after he told her that her statement wasn't true, Sarah wanted Roger to stay away from the hotel.


Why did an officer arrive at the hotel and ask for Mr. Shea?

An officer arrived at the hotel asking to speak to Mr. Shea because he was going to be taking Betsy back to the orphanage. Betsy, Barbara and Roger walked in just as the officer was giving Mr. Shea the bad news.


Where did Barbara and Roger plan to have Betsy stay while the officer was at the hotel?

Barbara and Roger planned to have Betsy stay at Roger's house. He said that his aunt was supposed to be going to Newport, so there would be no issue with Betsy staying there!


Who dressed up as Betsy to fool the officer?

Olive dressed up as Betsy to fool the officer. Unfortunately, George, who wasn't familiar with the plan, walked in and saw the officer escorting Olive out. He asked what the officer was doing with his wife!


Who tried to cheer Betsy up on her birthday?

Willoughby tried to cheer Betsy up on her birthday. She was sad that she wasn't able to go to the hotel or see Barbara and Pop. She didn't know that there was a big birthday party waiting for her in the next room!


Who walked into the room during Betsy's birthday party?

Sarah walked into the room during Betsy's birthday party. She was angry and told everyone to get out. She had the officer with her to take Betsy back to the orphanage.


How did Sarah say that Pop violated his lease on the hotel?

Sarah said that Pop had violated his lease on the hotel by having many animals. Sarah had plans to throw Pop out and demolish the hotel!


What did Betsy do when she heard about Roger and Sarah going to court?

Betsy snuck out of the orphanage when she heard about Roger and Sarah going to court. Miss Hutchins had read the news story to Betsy and she became worried about what would happen.


How did Betsy get to the subway station?

Betsy got to the subway station by getting a ride on a bike with a boy. He also gave her a nickel that she needed in order to make it back home!


Who arrived at the court in the middle of the trial?

Betsy arrived to court in the middle of the trial. She reunited with Barbara, Roger and Pops and even spoke up on what she thought during the trial!


What did Sarah say that Barbara and Roger did with Betsy in court?

Sarah said in court that Barbara and Roger kidnapped Betsy from the orphanage. Betsy stood up and said that she had left the orphanage to come to New York, proving that Sarah kept lying!


What did the judge say that he wanted to see in the courtroom?

The judge said that he wanted to see the show in his courtroom. He said that it seemed like the only argument being made was whether or not money should be invested in the performers.


Who danced with Betsy in front of the court?

Roger danced with Betsy in front of everyone in the courtroom. Not only did Betsy dance with Roger, she also sang along with the quartet and got a great reaction from the audience!


Who changed their mind about the performers after Betsy's performances?

Sarah changed her mind about the performers after Betsy's performances. A man stood up to offer a place for the show to go on but Sarah objected and said she wouldn't take anything less than $5,000 a week for the show!


What did Betsy ask for from a court employee after the trial?

Betsy asked for a marriage license after the trial had finished. The employee was confused and asked if it was for her. She said it was for her mother and father, meaning Roger and Barbara would be married!


How did Betsy sneak out of the orphanage?

Betsy snuck out of the orphanage through the window. The girls tied sheets together and Betsy went out through the window and climbed down the sheets to the ground!


What did the young boy that gave Betsy a ride do as a job?

The young boy that gave Betsy a ride on his bicycle delivered newspapers. He didn't want to be inconvenienced by taking Betsy outside of his route, but he finally warmed up and helped her out!


What does Ole do for a living?

Ole is an animal trainer. He has a bird that can be seen throughout the movie wearing a top hat and a suit! The little bird even startled Sarah at one point!


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