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Irish tradition says a men who receives a proposal on Leap Day must accept it. So if your boyfriend won't propose, why not propose to him?! Enjoy this "Leap Year" quiz now!

In which year was the premiere of "Leap Year"?

"Leap Year" was released on January 8, 2010. It was directed by Anand Tucker and had a running time of 100 minutes.


Which famous actress plays the role of Anna Brady?

Amy Adams was born on August 20, 1974, in Venice, Italy. She made her feature film debut in "Drop Dead Gorgeous" in 1999.


What is Anna's profession?

"I'm a stager. I stage apartments for Realtors. I transform ordinary spaces into something special. Most people don't know what it is they want until I show them, and so many places need my help. Not the Davenport, course."


What is the name of Anna's boyfriend?

Jeremy's last name is Sloane. Throughout the film, he appears to be less into Anna than his career and the impressions he makes on others.


Jeremy Sloane is portrayed by which actor?

Adam Scott is best known for his role as Ben Wyatt in the NBC sitcom, "Parks and Recreation." He is also known for his roles as Derek in "Step Brothers" and Henry Pollard in "Party Down."


Where do Anna and Jeremy live?

"Leap Year" was filmed at 14 different filming locations. Although some scenes appear to be set in Boston, the entire film was actually filmed in Ireland.


What is Jeremy's profession?

Adam Scott was born on April 3, 1973. He is not only an actor, but also a director, screenwriter, producer and comedian. He has been active since 1994.


Why is Jeremy in Ireland?

He is attending a medical conference in Dublin, Ireland. Before he leaves for his trip, he goes out to dinner with Anna, where she thinks he's going to propose, but he doesn't!


Anna's flight from Boston to Dublin is diverted to...

Her plane diverts to Wales and when she tries to take a boat to Cork, the seas are too rough. She ends up in Dingle, which is on the complete opposite coast from Dublin!


According to _______ tradition, a man who is proposed to on Leap Day must accept the proposal.

Anna is fed up with the fact that she and Jeremy have been dating for four years and he hasn't proposed yet. She believes he is the "one" and wants to take matters into her own hands!


What is the name of the establishment where Anna ends up in Dingle?

Caragh's Tavern is a rustic old pub and inn. It has wooden floors, tables and bar. It is a local establishment - the type where the music stops and people look at you if you are an outsider.


Who is the innkeeper at Caragh's?

Declan O'Callaghan is a tall, dark and handsome man. He has a sarcastic and witty side to him. He is also the chef of his establishment and takes pride in his food.


Which famous actor plays the role of Declan?

Matthew Goode is an English actor, born on April 3, 1978. He has appeared in countless films since the start of his career in 2002, in the film "Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister."


For how much money does Declan agree to drive Anna across country to Dublin?

Caragh's Tavern is in trouble and Declan could use the money to help save it. Anna, who is desperate to get to Dublin, agrees to pay the costly fee!


What name-brand luggage does Anna possess?

Louis Vuitton luggage is extremely posh and expensive. Anna's bag stands out as an overly excessive piece of luggage in the simplicity of the Irish countryside.


How does Declan refer to Anna's luggage?

Anna's Louis Vuitton suitcase was a gift from Jeremy. Declan found it humorous that a boyfriend would give his girlfriend a suitcase as a gift! Anna, offended, replies, "It's a Vuitton!"


At a pit stop during their trip, how does Declan's car end up in a stream?

When the car approaches a herd of cows in the middle of the road, Anna and Declan get out of the car. Declan tries to shoo them away while Anna leans on the car to clean her shoes, and away goes the car down the hill!


What type of shoes is Anna wearing throughout the road trip?

Anna appears out of place as she treks through Ireland with fancy high heels on! On several occasions, she is seen walking long distances in high heels, which has to be uncomfortable!


What happens to Anna's luggage along the trip?

After the car ends up in the stream, Anna starts hitchhiking and believes she has gained a ride to Dublin, but once she puts the luggage in, the van takes off! Eventually, she and Declan find the men in a pub and retrieve her luggage.


Where are Anna and Declan when their train to Dublin departs?

On this stroll, Anna and Declan get to know each other better. She loosens up a bit and is intrigued by his storytelling, so much so that they miss their train to Dublin and she becomes furious at him!


Where do Anna and Declan stay after missing their train?

Anna wants nothing to do with Declan at this point. She just wants to survive the night at the bed and breakfast so they can get back on the train the next day and make it to her final destination in Dublin.


In order to stay at the bed and breakfast, Anna and Declan pretend to be _______.

The owners of the bed and breakfast are quite conservative. It is important for Declan and Anna to pretend they are married in order to stay together at the inn.


What do the bed and breakfast owners urge Anna and Declan to do at the dinner table?

In an awkward moment at the dinner table, all of the other couples kiss and Anna and Declan are then highly encouraged to do the same. Little do the other guests realize that this is their first kiss!


After being caught in a hailstorm, Anna and Declan break from their road trip once again and end up where?

In order to take shelter, Anna and Declan find themselves in a church and join in the wedding festivities. At this time we can see the potential romance between the two!


At the wedding reception, what happens to Anna when she and Declan are about to kiss?

She has had too much to drink at the wedding reception. She realizes that she has developed feelings for Declan and as they are about to kiss, she vomits and passes out!


As the movie rolls on, we learn that Declan was previously...

Declan was once engaged to his best friend. We don't know exactly the cause of their breakup, but it seems to have a lasting impact on Declan until he meets Anna.


What does Anna encourage Declan to get back from his ex-fiance?

A Claddagh ring is a traditional Irish ring given to someone special. It represents love, loyalty and friendship. It consists of hands, a heart, and a crown. It originated in the village of Claddagh, just outside of Galway.


When they finally arrive in Dublin, who do Anna and Declan find in the hotel lobby?

She finally makes it to Dublin, and though she tried for the entire movie to get to this hotel, she actually feels disappointed to see Jeremy, as she really began to develop feelings for Declan along this journey.


What does Jeremy do in front of everyone in the lobby?

Anna is totally caught off guard. She hesitates but accepts his proposal. We see a saddened Declan walk away and a less-than-thrilled Anna confused and let down by this proposal.


What does Anna do in order to end her engagement party?

Anna pulls the fire alarm because she can't take the fake love from Jeremy any longer. She has had an epiphany about what real love looks like and all she can think about is Declan.


What does Jeremy take with him as he evacuates for the fire alarm?

Anna watches Jeremy collect all of his expensive electronics, not checking for her once. She is disheartened by what is really important to him.


The only reason Jeremy decided to propose to Anna was because...

When Anna finds out about this reasoning, she knows it isn't real. She calls off the engagement and makes her way back to Ireland.


Back at Caragh's Tavern, how does Anna get Declan to come out of the kitchen?

Declan comes out of the kitchen in a fury, "Which one of you bollocks thinks my chicken is dry? You? You?" and out from one of the tables comes Anna with a proposal for Declan.


The bride, offering a toast at the wedding says, "May you never steal, lie or _______."

"May you never steal, lie, or cheat, but if you must steal, then steal away my sorrows, and if you must lie, lie with me all the nights of my life, and if you must cheat, then please cheat death because I couldn't live a day without you. Cheers!"


What does Declan call Anna at the end of the film?

"Mrs. O'Brady-Callaghan, where the hell are you going?" Anna replies, "You said no." Declan responds, "I didn't say no. I didn't say anything... I was getting something." He then pulls out his mother's Claddagh ring and proposes to Anna.


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