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Kiss and Tell is a movie from 1945 that follows the feud of the Archer family and the Pringle family after their daughters turn a booth at the bazaar into a kissing booth! Think you know how the families finally reconcile? Take the quiz to find out!

What were Mildred and Corliss selling at the bazaar?

Mildred and Corliss were selling towels at the bazaar. They experienced a slow start to the day with no sales coming in, but it wasn't long before they got their first customer.


When Dexter wouldn't buy a towel from the girl's booth, what did Corliss do?

When Dexter wouldn't buy a towel from Corliss and Mildred's booth, Corliss said that she wouldn't go to the movies with him that night. Dexter agreed to buy a towel instead of losing his date with Corliss.


What did a man who came to the girls' booth think he was buying?

A man who came to the booth thought he was buying a kiss from the girls. He saw Corliss kiss her boyfriend after he had bought five towels from them and he kissed Mildred after paying her.


Who caught Corliss and Mildred selling kisses?

Corliss and Mildred's mothers saw that their booth was getting a lot of business and went to buy a towels for themselves. Their mothers were surprised when they got to the booth and saw their daughters kissing all the men.


Whose idea did Corliss say the kissing booth was?

Corliss said that the kissing booth was Dexter's idea. Corliss was the one who brought the idea up to Mildred shortly after.


Dexter said that he wouldn't tell Lenny about the kissing booth under what condition?

Dexter said that he wouldn't tell Lenny about Corliss and Mildred's kissing booth if Corliss promised to marry him when he's older. He asked her to wait for him.


Why did Private Jimmy Earhart come to the Archer household?

Private Jimmy Earhart came to the Archer's house for dinner. Although he was a stranger, Mr. Archer invited him over to the house!


What did Corliss lie about while talking with Private Jimmy Earhart?

While talking with Private Jimmy Earhart, Corliss lied to him about her age. She told him that she was older than she actually was.


What did Mr. Pringle do after hearing about what Mrs. Archer said about Mildred?

Mr. Pringle forbid Mildred and Raymond from seeing the Archers after he heard about what Mrs. Archer had said about Mildred. She had called her "a contaminating influence."


What game did Corliss and Jimmy play after dinner?

Corliss and Jimmy played table tennis after dinner. Unfortunately, their game was interrupted when Dexter came to pick up Corliss to go to the movies.


Who arrived at the Archer's front door while Raymond was in the kitchen?

Lenny arrived at the Archer's front door while Raymond was in the kitchen. Lenny wanted to surprise his family, but they were all at the movies when he arrived.


What did Lenny do when he saw Mildred for the first time since he returned?

When Lenny saw Mildred for the first time since he returned, he asked her to marry him. They were planning to elope.


What did Mildred lie about in order to get married?

Mildred lied about her age in order to be married by the priest. She was really only a couple months away from being 18, but she told the priest that she was of age.


What did Corliss offer to Dexter?

Corliss offered candy to Dexter when they were outside. Dexter said that Corliss' father spoiled her too much, but Corliss said the candy was actually sent to her by Jimmy Earhart.


Why did Mrs. Pringle and Raymond show up at the Archer's house?

Mrs. Pringle and Raymond showed up at the Archer's house to confront Mrs. Archer about something that Raymond had overheard. He overheard women talking about how Mrs. Archer said Mildred was leading Corliss astray.


Why was Mr. Archer bleeding after Lenny told Corliss that he was married?

Mr. Archer came inside the house bleeding because he was in a fight with Mr. Pringle and he hit him. The Archer's dog also ripped his pants.


Who saw Corliss come out of the obstetrician's office?

Mrs. Wilcox saw Corliss come out of the obstetrician's office. Corliss pretended like she was actually looking for the orthodontist's office instead.


Who did Corliss meet outside after leaving the obstetrician's office?

Corliss met Jimmy outside after leaving the obstetrician's office. Unfortunately, Mrs. Wilcox witnessed their meeting as well!


What did Mrs. Pringle tell the Archers about Corliss?

Mrs. Pringle told the Archers that she heard that Corliss had been visiting an obstetrician. She also told them that Corliss was meeting with Jimmy.


After Corliss admitted to being pregnant, what did Mr. Archer do?

After Corliss admitted to being pregnant to keep Mildred and Lenny's secrets, Mr. Archer called the Commander of the Air Force. While he was on the phone, Corliss told her father that it wasn't Jimmy who was the father, but that it was actually Dexter.


What did Mr. Archer tell Louise not to do?

Mr. Archer told Louise not to take Corliss her dinner as punishment. Louise said that she was going to because Corliss and the baby needed to be fed.


What lie did Corliss tell her mother while her father was out on a walk?

Corliss told her mother that she and Dexter were already married. She also told her mother that she made Dexter swear to keep the secret of their marriage.


Who came to visit the Archers in the middle of their talk with the Franklins?

Corliss' uncle, George Archer, arrived at the Archer's house while they were in the middle of speaking with the Franklins. He invited himself into the house, even though the Archers didn't want visitors.


What did George decide to do after hearing that Corliss and Dexter eloped?

George decided to have a ceremony for Corliss and Dexter at their home that night. He was a little bit upset that he didn't get the honor of marrying them and figured that it would be the perfect opportunity.


What did Raymond hide under the mat?

Raymond hid a telegram to Mildred from Lenny under the mat. Mildred decided that it would be the perfect time to tell her parents about her marriage and pregnancy.


What did the Pringles do after finding out about Mildred and Lenny?

After finding out about Lenny and Mildred, the Pringles went to the Archer's house. Mr. Pringle ran into the house and interrupted the wedding.


What did Raymond think that many things throughout the movie were?

Raymond thought that many things throughout the movie were dumb. When referencing many situations throughout the movie, he often said "I think it's all very dumb."


What did Dexter say many times throughout the movie?

Dexter often said "Holy Cow!" throughout the movie. At one point, after Corliss admitted that she was pregnant, Mr. Archer even mocked him for it.


Who was Dexter to Corliss?

Dexter was Corliss' boyfriend. Throughout the movie, Dexter was often jealous about Corliss spending time with Private Jimmy Earhart.


What did Corliss put in Mrs. Franklin's laundry drawer when she was young?

Corliss put a fish in Mrs. Franklin's laundry drawer when she was younger. Dexter actually took the blame for what Corliss had done.


What did Raymond collect?

Raymond collected stamps, although his father didn't think very much of it. After her father became angry about what Mrs. Archer had said, Mildred knocked Raymond's collection from his hands. He said he was going to start collecting rocks instead.


What did the priest who married Lenny and Mildred tell Mr. Archer when he called him?

When Mr. Archer called the priest that Corliss claimed had married her and Dexter, the priest said that he had a record of an Archer being married there. However, he didn't specify which Archer.


What did Raymond say that Mildred did with the letters that Lenny sent her?

Raymond told Lenny that Mildred slept with the letters that he sent her under her pillow. Lenny was happy to hear that they meant so much to her.


Who was Louise?

Louise was the Archer's housekeeper. She acts like a second mother to Corliss. On one occasion, she brings Corliss her dinner in her room.


What did Raymond drink after Louise left it on the table in front of him?

Raymond drank coffee after Louise left it on the table in front of him. Louise happened to walk out at just the right time to catch Raymond drinking it!.


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