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This was the film that saw the Bride finally tracking down her lover and nemesis, Bill. Can you survive the bloody conclusion of the classic revenge quest? Find out now with our quiz!

What is the Bride's name, as revealed in Vol. 2?

Arlene Plympton was to be Beatrix's name once she got married, in Texas.


What kind of car is Beatrix driving in the second film?

The Pussy Wagon was supposed to be destroyed, but that part of the script stayed unfilmed for time concerns.


Who played Rufus, the piano player at the wedding chapel?

Rufus says he played with about every band that came through Texas.


How does Beatrix know Bill has found her?

They have a tense reunion on the porch of the wedding chapel.


What does Tommy, the groom, do for a living?

Beatrix, as Arlene, works in his record store.


How many of Bill's assassins participate in the slaughter at the wedding?

The massacre wasn't at a wedding, but a wedding rehearsal. All four remaining DiVAS were there.


What does Budd do for work, now that he's no longer an assassin?

His duties, apparently, include cleaning up the toilets.


What does Budd say he did with his Hanzo sword?

Beatrix later finds the Hanzo sword in Budd's trailer.


How many Crazy 88 fighters were there?

"I guess they thought it sounded 'cool,' Bill says, after telling Budd there weren't really 88 of them.


Complete the sentence, "That woman deserves her revenge, and ________."

It's a rare philosophical moment for the unsentimental Budd.


After Budd captures Beatrix, what does he offer Elle Driver?

Both movies stress the value and rarity of a Hanzo sword.


What is the name on the grave that Beatrix is buried alive in?

This chapter of the film is titled, "The Lonely Grave of Paula Schulz."


How does Beatrix escape Paula Schulz's grave?

This punch is said to be inspired by Bruce Lee's strength.


Why, according to Bill, did Pai Mei massacre a Shaolin temple?

According to Bill, the long-lived Pai Mei did this about 1000 years ago.


How long does Bill say it should take before Beatrix can tease or be informal with Pai Mei?

Pai Mei doesn't like Caucasians, Americans or women, so it's going to take some time for him to warm up.


Tiger Crane is Beatrix's martial art specialty. What is Pai Mei's?

Pai Mei definitively wins their first sparring match.


What is Pai Mei's super-secret killing technique?

Pai Mei never teaches anyone, Bill says, yet he does teach Beatrix.


What kind of car does Elle Driver drive?

It's an unusual choice for the all-business Elle.


How does Elle kill Budd?

"I'm sorry, Budd, that was rude of me," she says after it strikes.


What secret does Elle reveal to Beatrix in the trailer?

He's lived more than a thousand years, yet none of his enemies tried to poison him before Elle?


How does Beatrix kill Elle Driver?

Did the black mamba then kill Elle? We'll probably never know.


In what country does Beatrix's quest for Bill end?

She gets needed information from a man who runs a Mexican brothel.


What shocks Beatrix when she arrives at Bill's home?

He's named their daughter BB, possibly for "Beatrix" and "Bill."


Which movie does BB want to watch before bed?

Beatrix watches it with her, until BB falls asleep.


What does Beatrix leave in her daughter's bedroom?

Beatrix isn't confident she'll survive her showdown with Bill.


What does Bill shoot Beatrix with when she returns to the living room?

Afterward, she tells the story of why she let everyone think she was dead.


What does Bill say that Clark Kent is?

"Arlene Plympton," Bill says, would have been Beatrix's Clark Kent.


Why does the assassin at the hotel leave without killing Beatrix?

Beatrix has just found out, via a home-pregnancy test.


What does Bill say when Beatrix says, "We have unfinished business."

Bill also says, hilariously, that he "overreacted" in ordering the wedding-chapel massacre.


What is notable about the fight between Bill and Beatrix?

Bill is surprised that Pai Mei taught the move to Beatrix.


What kind of person does Bill call Beatrix?

Beatrix tears up at this moment.


What does Beatrix say when Bill asks, "How do I look?"

Bill then gets up, takes his five steps, and dies.


Gordon Liu, who played Pai Mei, was also which character in "Vol. 1"?

He's acted in famous martial arts films in his native China.


Which award did "Vol. 2" win?

The fight in question was Beatrix and Elle in Budd's trailer.


Which Deadly Viper had a daughter, whose own revenge quest might anchor a "Vol. 3"?

Tarantino doesn't seem in a hurry to make this discussed sequel, but we can always hope!


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