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In 1995, we were introduced to the story of "Jumanji," where a young boy found himself trapped in a board game for years. How well do you remember the adventure? Find out with this quiz!

In what year does the film begin?

The film "Jumanji" begins in 1869 with two young boys burying a box, presumably with the game inside.


What kind of instrument is heard from the game?

When it comes to the game, Judy and Peter first heard the drums. As the movie closes and two girls are coming across the game, we hear the Jumanji drums again.


In what state does "Jumanji" take place?

After the opening scene, we are taken 100 years later to 1969 in Brantford, New Hampshire where we see Alan riding his bike around town.


What kind of factory does Alan's father own?

After being chased around town on bikes, Alan takes cover at his father's shoe factory.


Who tries to cheat the game?

When Carl arrests Alan, Peter, realizing he only has 12 spots to finish the game, tries to cheat so he can get the exact number.


What kind of shoe does Carl show a young Alan?

When Alan runs into the factory after being chased by the boys, he starts talking to one of his father's workers, Carl. Carl shows him a shoe he created, sneakers, that have the name Parrish written along the side.


What animal does Peter turn into when he tries to cheat?

When the game realizes that Peter tried to cheat, it turns him into a monkey. He grows hair and a tail.


Which actor stars as the older Alan Parrish?

The late, great Robin Williams stars at the older Alan Parrish in "Jumanji." After Peter rolls a second time and a lion appears in the house, Alan comes out to help them.


What is Alan's last name?

"Jumanji" tells the story about a young boy, Alan Parrish, who discovers the game and it causes troubles from him.


Where does Alan discover the box the boys buried 100 years earlier?

When Alan is leaving his father's factory, he is harassed by a few of his classmates. He then notices a weird 'wall' on a construction site and pulls the box the boys buried 100 years earlier.


What is the name of the boarding school Alan's parents want him to attend?

During dinner one night, Alan's parents give him a brochure for the Cliffside School for Boys. Their family had a dormitory named after them, but Alan didn't want to attend.


When Alan first begins playing the game with Sarah, what is the first creature to come out?

When Sarah rolls the dice, bats start flying out of the fireplace. They chase her out of the house.


How long was Alan stuck inside the game?

After Sarah is chased out of the house by bats, the film fast forwards to 26 years later when someone else is moving into the Parrish household.


Which actress stars in "Jumanji" as Judy?

Kirsten Dunst stars in the 1995 film "Jumanji" as Judy Shepherd, a young girl who moved into the Parrish house with her aunt and younger brother.


What is Judy's brother's name?

Bradley Pierce plays Peter Shepherd, a young boy who after the death of his parents, doesn't speak to anyone other than his sister.


What did people think happened to Alan Parrish?

When Nora Shepherd calls an exterminator for the bats, the exterminator tells Judy that they shouldn't be worried about bats and should be worried about living in a house with a dead person. He tells Judy that people believed Alan Shepherd was murdered by his parents and placed in pieces around the house.


What creature comes out of the board game the first time Peter rolls?

When Peter rolls for the first time during the game, monkeys appear in their kitchen before they break loose and run out of the house. On his second turn, a lion appears.


How do Judy and Peter's parents die?

When Judy begins talking with the realtor, she gives a fake sob story of how her parents died, but her Aunt Nora tells the realtor that they died in a car accident.


Carl Bentley, who used to work for Alan's father, works as what in 1995?

When Alan gets freed from the game 26 years later, he runs into Carl Bentley, a police officer who used to work for his father in his factory.


Which actor starred as Carl Bentley?

David Alan Grier starred in "Jumanji." He played Carl Bentley, a former employee of Parrish, who became a police officer when he was fired.


What is the name of the hunter from the game?

When Alan does his first roll as an adult, Van Pelt, a hunter, comes out of the game and starts chasing after him with a musket.


Which theme song does Alan sing while in the shower?

When Alan goes into the bathroom to shower and shave after a long 26 years, he begins humming the tune to "Gilligan's Island."


Who convinces Alan to play Jumanji again?

When Judy and Peter figure out they have to finish the game for it to be over, Peter uses reverse psychology to convince Alan that he should help them.


What kind of person is working out of Sarah's house?

When Alan, Judy, and Peter go to Sarah's old house, they find a psychic sign outside the front door. When they open it up, they are met by an older Sarah Whittle.


Which actress stars as the older Sarah?

Bonnie Hunt stars in "Jumanji" as the older Sarah Whittle.


When there's a stampede in the house, what animal is leading the way?

When Judy rolls for her second turn, Alan yells that a stampede is coming. We see a group of animals start running out of the wall and a rhino is leading the way.


What zodiac sign is Alan?

When Alan blames Peter for not grabbing the game, Sarah tells him not to worry about it because Alan is a Libra.


What animal does Alan chase after for the game?

After the four gain cover from the stampede, a pelican takes the game off the ground and flies away with it. It leads Alan to a lake where Peter helps him get it back.


What was Carl's old nickname?

When Carl arrests Alan, Alan reveals some things about Carl, one being they called Carl the Soul Man/Sole Man at the factory.


What number does Sarah have to roll to win while Alan is stuck in the ground?

While Alan is stuck in the ground, they realize that Sarah only has to roll a seven to win the game. Since her arms are stuck in the ground, she has to roll with her mouth.


What kind of animal did Alan wrestle for Sarah?

After it starts raining and the Parrish house begins to flood, Sarah thanks Alan for saving her from an alligator. Alan corrects her by telling her it was a crocodile.


Who wins the game?

When Alan rolls for the last time, he is confronted by Van Pelt. He drops the dice as a roll and he wins the game before Van Pelt and all the animals disappear back into the game.


When Alan wins the game, to what year does the film return?

After Alan wins the game, he and Sarah are transported back to 1969 when they originally started playing the game. When Mr. Parrish walks back into the house, Alan apologizes to him and tells him that he missed him.


How do Alan and Sarah get rid of the game when they return to 1995?

When Alan and Sarah return to 1995, they decide they need to get rid of the game. In order to do so, Alan tosses it into a river.


At the end of the film, where is the game found?

At the end of the film, we see two girls walking along the beach. As they come closer, we see Jumanji lying in the sand.


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