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It won't take long -- every minute taking our quiz is only seven seconds back on Earth! (Fair warning: If you didn't get that in-joke, you might not be ready for this quiz!)

Why are so many people farmers, like Cooper, in the world of "Interstellar"?

Nowadays, most farmers in the U.S. have a four-year degrees in agricultural science.


What was Coop's job before he was a farmer?

Cooper becomes a farmer later, but wants more for his son.


Which crop is blight destroying as the film opens?

Corn has become the staple crop.


What is the name of Cooper's son?

Tom is planning to follow in his father's footsteps and become a farmer.


Why does Murphy dislike her name?

Her father tells her that Murphy's Law isn't necessarily bad; it just means that anything that can happen, will happen.


What do Cooper and his kids find on the way to the parent-teacher conference?

They drive a truck through a cornfield in chasing it -- a reckless thing to do when food is scarce!


Why did Murphy get into trouble at school?

The textbooks have been changed to suppress interest in space exploration, which is expensive and resource-intensive.


Who played Donald, Coop's father-in-law?

Lithgow is the film's window into our age, a time of "six billion people ... all wanting to have it all."


What does Coop realize is causing the phenomena in Murphy's room?

There's a little more to it than gravity, though, we learn near the film's end.


What does the dust in Murph's room create, thanks to gravity?

Coop doesn't want Murph to go with him to the point the coordinates indicate, but she hides in his truck.


Who plays Dr. Brand the elder (Anne Hathaway's father)?

Brand was Coop's favorite professor, back in the day.


Plan A is to evacuate Earth en masse. What is Plan B?

Survival of the species is the most basic imperative in Darwinian biology.


What does Coop leave to Tom when he goes into space?

Tom will need it if he's going to take over the farm.


What does Coop leave to Murphy when he goes into space?

The watch will be essential to the plot for more than sentimental reasons.


What is the name of the robot that Coop bonds with most?

TARS is programmed to be funny, but this depends on your idea of humor.


Where in our solar system is the wormhole located?

The wormhole is a cosmic express lane to another galaxy.


What is the name of the spaceship they board to go through the wormhole?

This is also the name of the ship Shackleton sailed to Antarctica.


What is the name of the black hole that the planets orbit?

We'll take the astrophysicists' word for it that it's a good idea to populate a planet near a black hole.


How many potentially-habitable planets are there?

Finding even that many is a stroke of luck.


What is wrong with Dr. Miller's planet?

Dr. Doyle is killed by a wave, and the ship's engines are temporarily waterlogged.


When Coop, Brand and CASE get back on board, how long has Romilly been waiting for them?

To be exact, he's waited 23 years, four months and eight days.


Why does Brand want to go to Edmunds' planet next?

Brand says that Edmunds' planet has been more exposed to meteors -- events that stimulate life and biological diversity.


Who played the treacherous Dr. Mann?

After all, if Damon hadn't been a traitor, we couldn't have had the fistfight-on-a-glacier scene every movie needs!


How long is a day on Dr. Mann's planet?

"Sixty-seven COLD hours," he says -- these scenes were filmed in Iceland.


What was the name of Tom's first son?

Tom's wife Lois says 'maybe next time' they can name a son "Cooper," which they do.


Why does Murph record her first message to her father?

Before leaving, Coop explained that they might be the same age when he returned from deep space.


What does Dr. Brand reveal to Murph on his deathbed?

Part of the answer they need, Dr. Brand says, can only be found inside a black hole.


How does Coop intend to get the low-on-fuel ship to Edmunds' planet?

Coop sends both TARS and himself, in a landing vehicle, into the black hole.


How does Murph distract Tom while getting his wife and son out of the house?

Murph also uses the time to try to communicate with the "ghost" in her old bedroom.


What does the inside of the tesseract resemble?

Coop believes that highly-evolved future humans built the tesseract so Coop could relay essential information to his daughter.


What message does Coop send to the child Murphy?

It's a neat trick -- when Murphy tells her father this early on, we're meant to believe that she's lying or mistaken, but she isn't.


What message does he send to the adult Murph via the watch he left her?

But wait -- if future humans made the tesseract so Coop could relay the information that made the escape from Earth possible, how did humans escape and evolve to that point in the first place?


Where does Coop wake up after being ejected from the tesseract?

Murph has succeeded in making mass exodus from Earth possible.


What does Murph want her father to do at the film's end?

Hey, it's not like he'd want to stick around a meet all his grandkids, right?


Who directed "Interstellar"?

Jonathan Nolan, his brother, was the film's scriptwriter, and involved before his more famous brother.


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