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It might surprise you, but "Last Summer" was 20 summers ago, way back in 1997! How well do you recall this teen chiller and its fresh-faced, just-coming-up stars? Find out now with our quiz!

In what state is Southport, the film's town?

All these states could have played host to the action, as they all have coastlines. In fact, California was where the car accident was filmed, as its coastal roads are curvier and its cliffs steeper than those of North Carolina.


On what holiday does the movie begin?

As the film opens, we see a lonely young man drinking on some rocks over the ocean. Then colorful fireworks explode in the sky above.


Who played the teen beauty queen, Helen?

Helen's glittery crown plays a significant role in the movie. It should have gotten billing of its own!


What title does Helen compete for and win?

Southport is a fishing town, and a "croaker" is a type of fish. It's a good thing Helen didn't live in an inland state with lakes -- she could have been the "Crappie Queen!"


Who played Julie James?

Jennifer Love Hewitt and Sarah Michelle Gellar actually auditioned for each other's roles in the film. In the end, the filmmakers went with conventional casting: the blonde beauty queen and the serious-minded brunette.


What does Julie want to do for a living?

Julie is the brains of the group, the script implies. As events unfold, she does most of the investigative footwork.


Which of the four has a working-class background?

Ray's father was a fisherman, the work he takes up later. Barry is a rich kid who drives a BMW, and Helen and Julie are comfortably middle-class.


What sport does Barry play?

Barry is a high-school quarterback, then a college one. He's seen working out at a boxing gym, but apparently this is just an outlet for his antisocial personality.


Where does Helen plan to move after high school?

Helen tells the crowds at the beauty pageant that she intends to "serve my country through art." It's later revealed, though, that New York "didn't work out."


What business is Helen's family in?

Their family name is "Shivers," but the store is named "Shiver's." This is presumably to avoid grammatical awkwardness: "Shivers's" doesn't roll off the tongue.


Who is driving Barry's car when they hit the fisherman?

Ray is sober at the time. Barry is drunk, and he (usually) never lets anyone else drive his car. This leads the four to believe that no one will accept that Barry wasn't driving.


What does the fisherman/victim have tattooed on his arm?

Later, when Julie discovers the victim's identity, she concludes this was David Egan's girlfriend, Susie Willis. She's right (but with a twist later).


On the pier, what does the fisherman grab?

Until that moment, the four think the man is dead. Horrifyingly, they just roll him into the water anyway, and he grabs Helen's crown just before falling in.


Who is the first to get a threatening note?

Julie gets a note when she arrives home from school. Barry, who is skeptical of the whole thing, is the second to be threatened.


Who dies first?

Max dies just after Barry accuses him of sending Julie the threatening note. The fisherman's motive for killing Max isn't clear, but in "meta" terms, his death serves to prove that the killer means business and the four friends are in real danger.


What does Barry find wedged in his locker at the gym?

The Polaroid has the words "I know" written at the bottom. When Barry goes to look for the person who left it, the killer steals his letter jacket and car keys.


What does Julie find in the trunk of her car?

This leads to a classic slasher-film trope. Julie runs to get Barry and Helen, but when she does -- shocker! -- the body is gone and the trunk is completely clean.


Why was David Egan out drinking by the ocean on the Fourth of July?

Julie does some research and finds out their victim's name was David Egan. Egan himself was guilty in a premature death -- at least morally, if not legally.


What does the killer write on Helen's mirror?

He also gives Helen an erratic haircut while she sleeps. Or, as Julie colorfully puts it, "makes coleslaw of Helen's head."


Who does Missy Egan say visited her after her brother's death?

Helen and Julie visit Missy to try to figure out who might be trying to kill them. A bit of fishing on Julie's part gets Missy to remember the visit from "Billy Blue."


How does Missy believe her brother died?

Missy shows Julie a note saying, "I'll never forget last summer." Julie recognizes the writing and says that the letter is a death threat, not a suicide note.


Where is Barry killed?

Barry is keeping an eye on Helen, who's on stage. But it's Helen who has to witness Barry being killed, when the fisherman sneaks up behind him with his hook.


What fills the alley where Helen is killed?

Helen really gives the killer a run for his money and nearly gets away. But he catches up with her in an alley behind an auto shop, and stacks of tires obscure the details of her death from the audience.


What is the name of the boat Ray works on?

Julie remembers that this is the name of the "classmate" who visited Missy Egan. Thinking this is Ray's killer alter ego, she runs from him -- straight into the hands of the real killer.


Who is the real killer?

Willis survived being hit by Barry's car -- so, as Julie tells Ray, "We didn't kill anyone." No, but you did dump an accident victim off a pier while still alive, Julie -- we wouldn't wait for the humanitarian awards to roll in.


What does Julie find in the cabin of the Sweet Susie?

Julie now realizes that she's on Ben Willis's boat. We already know this, having seen the name "Sweet Susie" painted on the stern.


What does Julie find in the ice below deck?

Willis transports and hides several of his victims. How he got away with carrying Barry's and Helen's bodies out of the center of town in the middle of a Fourth of July celebration is anybody's guess.


What comes up in the net when police drag the harbor?

We're meant to suspect that the unsinkable Ben Willis is still alive. After all, there has to be a sequel.


In the final scene, what's in the envelope Julie gets at school?

Julie is in the showers wearing a towel when her roommate delivers the note, so we know something bad is about to happen. And it does: after she reads the invitation with relief, she looks at the shower door. "I Still Know" is written in the steam.


Who wrote the novel on which the movie was based?

The movie bears little resemblance to the book, in which all four friends survive. Duncan has said that she hated the movie.


Who wrote the screenplay for "I Know What You Did Last Summer"?

Williamson wrote this screenplay before he wrote his hit, "Scream." But it was only the success of the latter movie that got Hollywood interested in making "Last Summer."


Which of the film's four stars got top billing?

Jennifer Love Hewitt was the film's biggest name, due to her role on "Party of Five." Gellar's show, "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," had just premiered on the WB but hadn't turned into a cultural phenomenon yet.


Which "Big Bang Theory" star had a minor role?

Galecki played Max, a local boy with a crush on Julie. He ends up working on the docks -- a far cry from his physicist character on "Big Bang."


Which two actors fell in love on the set?

Married in 2002, Gellar and Prinze Jr. seem to have one of Hollywood's most stable marriages, as well as two kids. Good for them!


What is the movie's body count?

Only two of the four principals die. But Max, Elsa, and the police officer are secondary victims, and David Egan, also killed by Ben Willis, is number six.


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