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When you look at your "Reflection," do you see what it takes to 'be a man?' Mulan was smart, intelligent, and clearly had what it takes to be a man. Are you as mysterious as the dark side of the moon? Find out with this quiz!

Who is Mulan late to meet with at the beginning of the film?

At the beginning of the film, we see Mulan rushing off to meet with a matchmaker. Many girls in her town are meeting with the matchmaker to see if she'll find them a husband.


What does Mulan's grandmother gift her with?

When Mulan is headed to her meeting with the matchmaker, her grandmother gifts her with a cricket. Her grandmother tells her that the cricket is lucky.


What is the name of Mulan's cricket?

When Mulan's grandmother gifts her with the cricket before her meeting with the matchmaker, she names him Cri-kee.


What is Mulan's family name?

In China, family is seen as extremely important, which is why the family name comes before the person's individual name. Mulan's family name is Fa, which is why she's referred to as Fa Mulan in the fillm.


What color is Cri-Kee?

Since Cri-kee is a cricket, you might think he's green, but watch again! Cri-kee is mainly purple with a blue stomach.


What is the name of Mulan's father?

When Mulan joins the army, we hear Chi-Fu announce that he didn't know that Fa Zhou had a son. He was right! Mulan is an only child in the film!


What is the name of Mulan's dog?

She had a sibling after all! At the beginning of the film, we see Mulan running around calling for her "Little Brother." We soon realize she is talking to her dog.


What is the name of the small red dragon sent to protect Mulan?

After Mushu messes up one of his missions, he goes on a journey to protect Mulan while she joins the army.


Who do the ancestors originally choose to go after Mulan to protect her?

After Mulan leaves in the middle of the night to replace her father in the army, the ancestors plan on sending The Great Stone Dragon to protect her. After Mushu is sent to awaken it -- but accidentally destroys it -- he goes to protect Mulan himself.


Mushu is voiced by which actor?

Mushu is definitely one of the stand-out characters in the film and his dynamic character is voiced by Eddie Murphy.


What is the name of Mulan's horse?

When Mulan leaves to join the army, she brings along her horse, Khan.


Khan, Mulan's horse, is what color?

Mulan rides off into the night with her own personal horse, Khan. Khan is a strong black horse with blue eyes.


What does Mulan say her name is when she joins the army?

When Mulan joins the army, she has to give them a fake name. When asked, Mulan quickly thinks of the name Ping.


Which pop artist sings "Reflections" for the soundtrack?

Although Lea Salonga sings "Reflections" during the movie, a music video was created with Christina Aguilera singing the song. It was also released as a single from the soundtrack.


What is the villain's name?

In the film, Shan Yu is the leader of the Hun army, who are looking to capture the emperor and invade China.


What kind of animal does Shan Yu own?

Shan Yu owns a falcon that always stays perched on his shoulder. He uses it to send messages for him.


What color were Shan Yu's eyes?

Shan Yu has a very menacing look and a lot of that has to do with his eye color. In the film, the villain has evil, yellow eyes.


What is the name of the captain responsible for leading the army?

When Mulan/Ping joins the Chinese Army, she is introduced to Captain Li Shang, the son of the army general. He is tasked with training the new recruits.


Which character had a black eye for the entire film?

When Mulan is introduced to the other army recruits, we see Yao, Ling, and Chien Po, the first two who initially start off as bullies. Yao has a black eye for the entire film.


When Mushu and Cri-kee impersonate a messenger, what kind of animal were they riding?

Mushu and Cri-Kee dress up as messengers to deliver to Chi Fu and give Mulan more responsibility. Since they don't have access to a horse, they ride a sluggish panda instead.


How does Mulan fight off the Huns during the battle on the mountain?

During the battle with the Huns, Mulan sends a firework straight into the side of the mountain. When it explodes, it causes an avalanche that wipes out the Huns.


What color was Mulan's uniform while she was dressed as Ping?

When Mulan dresses as Ping, her armor is mostly made up of green fabrics and armor.


The two medals needed to climb the post during "I'll Make a Man Out of You" had words on them. What were they?

When Li Shang shoots an arrow into the top of a post, he tells the army that they have to retrieve it with two medals weighing down their arms. The medals say "discipline" and "strength" on them.


During "I'll Make a Man Out of You," which character wishes that he knew how to swim?

During the scene for "I'll Make a Man Out of You," we see Li Shang making the army do a series of difficult tasks. As they are hopping from post to post on water, Chien Po sings, "Man, I really wish that I new how to swim!"


Who said, "The flower that blooms in adversity... is the most rare and beautiful of them all."

Close to the end of the film, Mulan rescues the Emperor and it is made known what she has done for her family. He thanks and rewards Mulan, but not before giving her this compliment.


Who is the first person in the army to realize that Mulan is a female?

After Mulan is injured, she is left to rest in her tent. When Li Shang goes in to check on "Ping," he quickly notices her bandaged chest and realizes that Ping was a woman all along.


When Li Shang finds out that Mulan is a woman, Chi Fu deems it high treason. What is her sentence?

When Li Shang realizes that Mulan was a woman the entire time, Chi Fu quickly deems it treason and says the act merits a death sentence. It is Li Shang's responsibility to carry it out, but rather than kill her, he tells her that she's on her own.


When the Huns sneak into the city, what are they disguised in?

When the Emperor is having a festival, the Huns are quite clever and hide inside of a dragon in order to invade the city and kidnap the Emperor.


In order to sneak past the Huns, Mulan's friends dress as women. What kind of fruit was Ling hiding in his dress?

When Ling, Yao, and Chien Po were trying to sneak past the Hun, an apple falls from Ling's dress and they use the distraction to get away.


When Mulan returns home, what does she give her father?

When Mulan returns home to her father, she gifts him with Shan Yu's sword, which she was allowed to keep for helping to defeat him.


What is on the crest of the Emperor?

When Mulan gifts her father with Shan Yu's sword -- as well as the crest of the Emperor -- it has a dragon on it. Her father is less interested in the gift and more interested in his daughter's safe return.


Finish the lyrics: "Look at me / You may think you see / Who I really am / But you'll never know me."

"Reflections" is one of the singles released from the "Mulan" film. The song is performed by Lea Salonga in the film. It was released as a single by Christina Aguilera.


Finish the lyrics: "Wait and see / When we're through / Boys will gladly go to war for you / With good fortune."

"Honor To Us All" is the first song performed in the film while they are getting Mulan ready to meet with the matchmaker.


Finish the lyrics: "Tranquil as a forest but on fire within / Once you find your center, you are sure to win."

"I'll Make a Man Out of You" was performed as Li Shang was trying to get the army ready to battle against the Huns. The song is performed by Donny Osmond, who also provided the vocals for Li Shang's character.


At the end of the film, what does Li Shang return to Mulan?

At the end of the film, Li Shang goes to Mulan's house to return her helmet and also to apologize to her. Mulan asks him if he wants to stay for dinner, but her grandmother makes sure to ask him if he wants to stay forever!


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