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The morbid mercenary of the Marvel universe made it into his own film, and it was glorious. Whether you watched it in theaters the day it came out or waited to watch it in the privacy of your own home, the profane shenanigans and intense senseless violence were an utter delight. This film broke both bones and the fourth wall in an effort to reach the darkest and most morbid senses of humor, and it massively succeeded in entertaining the public. 

The best moments of "Deadpool" display his sordid desire for revenge, despite warming our hearts with his touching motives. While we admire Wade Wilson for the clearness of his moral code, the film leaves us questioning whether he is a good guy or not. The wonderful the legacy of Marvel's "Deadpool" was masterfully upheld in the 2015 film.

Between the wanton violence and lecherous comedy, the movie went by fast. So how well do you remember what happened in "Deadpool?" In between uproarious laughter, did you pay attention to the masterful easter eggs that Wade Wilson peppered into the story? Or do you only remember the general plot? Take our quiz to challenge your knowledge of "Deadpool," and see if you could make the dastardly Wade Wilson proud!

What was Deadpool's real name?

Wade Wilson becomes Deadpool, a mercenary who is after revenge for the experiment done on him that left him disfigured.


What city does Wade Wilson live in?

Wade Wilson lives in NYC where he meets his girlfriend at a local club.


Who is Wilson's girlfriend?

Wade met his girlfriend, Vanessa, at a local bar where she worked as an escort.


Who is Wade's friend who runs the local bar?

Wade's friend, Weasel, owned the local bar and was in charge of the dead pool.


What is the name of the bar that Weasel owns?

Although the bar is titled Hellhouse in the comics, it's nickname, "Sister Margaret's" lead to the name of the bar being "Sister Margaret's Home for Wayward Girls" in the film.


Which X-Men is seen initially trying to stop Deadpool's antics but ultimately ends up helping him?

In the film, we see Colossus accompanied by Negasonic Teenage Warhead, who try to keep Deadpool in check.


When Deadpool goes on his killing spree at the beginning of the movie, how many rounds does he say are in his gun?

Deadpool says there are only 12 rounds in his gun, and after missing a few, he is able to kill 3 of his targets with one bullet.


When Wade is waiting in an apartment to threaten a young man to stop stalking a girl, what was he there to do?

With his job as a mercenary for hire, Wade waits in the apartment for the pizza boy who he is threatening to stop stalking a young girl.


When Wade first goes to the bar, what is the name of the drink he orders?

When Wade goes to Sister Margaret's he orders a Blowjob and has it delivered to a big, muscular man and says it was given by another man. This then leads to a bar fight.


What does Wade have that leads him to pursue the experiment?

Wade is diagnosed with terminal cancer which leads him to undergo the experiment.


Which one of Wade's organs is NOT affected by the cancer?

When Wade is diagnosed with terminal cancer, it is found in his brain, lungs, prostate, and liver.


What body part does Wade cut off to get away from Colossus?

After Deadpool's fight in the streets, Colossus comes to recruit Deadpool to the X-Men before he refuses. Colossus then handcuffs him to his hand before Deadpool cuts it off to escape.


What is the name of the mutant that Wade meets when he undergoes the experiment that he ultimately plans to kill?

When Wade goes to undergo the experiment, he meets Ajax who tells him that in order for him to heal, they have to put him under extreme conditions which ultimately leads to his disfigurement.


What is the name of Ajax's female sidekick?

Ajax's sidekick, Angel Dust, helped him watch Wilson during the experiment and helped facilitate it.


What did Angel Dust always have in her mouth?

Throughout the time of the experiment, Angel Dust keeps a match in her mouth that Wade later uses to cause an explosion.


What is Ajax's real name?

In order to vex Ajax even more, Deadpool referred to him by his actual name, Francis.


Who encourages Wade to make a suit?

After Wade visits Weasel at the bar, Weasel gets in a few good jokes before he gives Wade the idea to make a suit.


What is the name of the woman that Wade decides to stay with while he hunts for Ajax?

Great for him because she can't see him, Wade moves in with an elderly woman named Al, who he often refers to as Blind Al.


Where does Wade meet Al?

The first time Wade meets Al is at the laundromat where she gives him some advice.


Why does Wade make him suit red?

After some great advice from Blind Al, Wade decided to make his Deadpool suit red so that his enemies can see him bleed.


When Deadpool goes to Vanessa's job, what do we see Stan Lee working in the club as?

When Wade visits Vanessa at her job to see her for the first time since the experiment, we see Stan Lee working in the club as a DJ.


What does Deadpool refer to the X-Mansion as?

When Deadpool is ranting to Colossus, he refers to the X-Men headquarters as the Neverland Mansion.


What means of transportation does Wade use throughout the film?

Throughout the film, Deadpool is driven to his locations by a taxi cab driver named Dopinder.


Who kills Ajax?

Deciding not to be the 'classic superhero' that spares as many lives as possible, Deadpool shoots Ajax in the head.


Who tried to convince Deadpool not to kill Ajax?

Before Deadpool shoots Ajax, Colossus gives him a long, drawn out speech of why he should make the hero's decision. Deadpool cuts him off by shooting Ajax.


Who throws up after seeing Ajax shot in the head?

After Deadpool ignores him and shoots Ajax anyway, Colossus can't stand the sight and throws up.


Who caused the helicarrier to collapse in the final scene?

When Negasonic sees Angel Dust strangling Colossus with a bar, she causes a blast that blows Angel Dust off but also causes the helicarrier to collapse.


Who saves Angel Dust from being crushed by the helicarrier?

Although the collapse happened from Negasonic saving Colossus from Angel Dust, he still chooses to save her from being buried by the rubble.


When Vanessa removes Wade's mask, whose face does she initially see underneath?

When Vanessa goes to remove Deadpool's mask, she immediately sees a picture of Hugh Jackman's face stapled to Wilson's.


After the end credits, who does Deadpool say they're trying to get for the sequel?

At the end credits, Deadpool appears in a robe and says they're trying to get Cable, who is Cyclops' son to be in the sequel.


Who played Deadpool?

Ryan Reynolds made his first appearance as Deadpool in "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" before receiving his own movie.


What name does Deadpool spell out after he kills the mercenaries on his way to Ajax?

After he gets Colossus and Negasonic's help to go save Vanessa, Deadpool kills Ajax's team in hand-to-hand combat before placing their bodies to spell out Francis.


In the first scene of the film, where do we see Deadpool?

In the opening scene, we see Deadpool in a cab with Dopinder on his way to confront Ajax and his team.


Why was Wade Wilson initially after Ajax?

Although Wilson ultimately goes after Ajax to save Vanessa and kill him, his original plan is to get Ajax to give him the cure to fix the disfigurement from the experiment.


When did Deadpool appear in theaters?

Deadpool premiered in February 2016 where it became the highest-grossing R-rated film and X-Men film of all time.


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