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One of Hollywood's well-known sweethearts, Brittany Murphy passed away at an early age. How much do you remember about all of her big roles in films and television? Test your knowledge of her acting roles and life history with this quiz!

In what year was Brittany born?

She was born on November 10th, 1977, making her a Scorpio. She was born in Atlanta, Georgia, but only lived there very briefly.


She was a talented actress but also skilled at ______.

Not only was she the lead singer of the band Blessed Soul, she also knew how to play the trumpet and the piano!


What was her father involved in?

Her dad was a veteran and actually heavily involved in organized crime! He spent most of his life in and out of prison. This led to her parents splitting up when she was two.


What talent did Brittany first start expressing?

After she and her mother moved to New Jersey following the divorce, she became interesting in acting and performing. Her mother enrolled her in Verne Fowler's School of Dance and Theater.


When did the actress move to Los Angeles?

She was 14 years old at the time. She and her mother were ecstatic about her success landing roles, so they moved to get a better jump on gigs!


What movie sparked her to enter the spotlight, nationally?

"Clueless," starring Alicia Silverstone, was a huge hit! Brittany Murphy played one of Cher's best friends, named Tai.


Bruce Willis, Jessica Alba, and Mickey Rourke were her co-stars in what 2005 film?

Released in 2005, "Sin City" was a very interesting style American neo-noir crime anthology film. Much of the film is based on the first, third and fourth books of a comic series. It is a well-known cult classic.


What was the date of Brittany's death?

This was a rough year for the actress and everything was seemingly going downhill. She was 32 years old at the time of her death. It was a very tragic loss.


What was one of the first sitcoms that Murphy appeared in?

A classic show of the 90's! There is currently a new spinoff of the show called “Girl Meets World.” However, the actors have been replaced.


What was Brittany's role in the movie, "Uptown Girls"?

Murphy's character had lived like a queen since her father, a famous rock 'n' roll star, died and left her his fortune. But Molly realizes that her manager has stolen her money! This led to the reason she landed the nanny gig.


What was the name of her husband?

Simon Monjack was a known screenwriter in Hollywood. In 2009 he was hospitalized for serious health problems! He died only six months after her!


What was the name of the movie Murphy dropped out of?

Murphy was shooting in Puerto Rico in 2009. There was many rumors that the actress was fired, but she denied the accusations.


What was the cause of Brittany's death?

It was originally reported that Murphy had died of a heart attack. However, after examination the cause of death was stated as pneumonia and severe anemia.


There is a rumor floating around that who was responsible for her death?

Brittany served as a witness for a Homeland Security employee who testified against the organization. According to Davis, the government was possibly responsible for her passing.


She was at one point in a _____.

In the early 1990's, Murphy was in a band called Blessed Soul with Eric Balfour. She was the lead singer.


She co-starred with Ashton Kutcher in what movie?

"Just Married" is a film about a newlywed couple who takesa honeymoon vacation around Europe. The two get into a ton of debauchery and fights, but find their love for each other is stronger by the end.


What is her middle name?

Brittany Anne Bertolotti is her born name! She took her mother's last name, Murphy, after her parents' divorce. Her father is Italian and her mother is Irish.


How old was she when she first approached Academy Award nominees, Burt Reynolds and George Segal?

She approached the table where the two were seated and introduced herself. She told them that someday she would also be a star! Turns out, she was right.


Who was her famous co-star in the movie, "Girl Interrupted"?

The movie came out in 1999 and created lots of buzz. The movie examined the lives of young women at a renowned mental institution.


There is a documentary about her called what?

The title is, "The Brittany Murphy Story." The documentary, which came out in 2014, examined her life and death scandal. It examines the final hours of her life and what could have happened.


Who called the ambulance for her on the day of her death?

Brittany collapsed in the arms of her mother! By the time she got to the hospital, it was too late. According to doctors, Murphy was taking prescriptions that could have hidden the extent of her illness.


What was the final film role she appeared in?

The movie didn't hit theaters until 4 years after her death! It was a thriller about young love gone wrong. The producer stated, “Brittany pulled off one of the spookiest scenes in the movie, I think it's one of the best scenes of her career.”


She was featured as a voice in which animated film?

This musical movie was about penguins and how they find their mates! Elijah Wood is the voice of the main character, a young emperor penguin.


Where did Brittany pass away?

Brittany and her husband, Simon, both passed away in the same room! Her mother, Sharon, investigated the fact that the pneumonia could have been caused by toxic mold in her house!


She dated what actor before marrying Simon?

The two were co-stars in the movie, "Just Married," and played the roles of a newlywed couple tromping around through Europe!


She was given this nickname.

It was a nickname given to her in her high school math class. The actress got the name because of her invariably silly sporadic laughs in the middle of class.


What was the name of her character in the movie, "Girl Interrupted"?

She played Daisy, a sexually abused girl who also has a severe eating disorder. The movie also featured Wynona Ryder and Angelina Jolie!


What month was she born in?

She was born in November of 1977. She was born in Georgia but mostly raised in New Jersey, before moving to LA to pursue her career.


What was her character's name in the movie, "Sin City"?

She portrayed a barmaid in the movie. "Sin City" had an all-star cast and the assistance of the talented director, Quentin Tarantino.


Drew Barrymore was her co-star in what film?

"Riding in Cars with Boys" is about a teen mother trying to make it as a writer, while dealing with a failing marriage with a drug-addicted father


Which young actress was Brittany's co-star in the movie, "Uptown Girls"?

One of Dakota Fanning's breakthrough roles. Murphy played Fanning's nanny in the film, and the two form a very special and close bond, as the little girl's mother had passed away.


What was the name of Brittany's character in “Little Black Book”?

She plays a controlling girlfriend role. Her character seeks and finds her boyfriend's Palm Pilot, revealing all his past relationships.


Which movie that Brittany starred in also featured a famous rapper?

"8 Mile" followed the road to stardom for the world-renowned rapper, Eminem. Murphy played the role of the rapper's wife, Kim, who he frequently had written lyrics about.


What was the cause of death of her husband, Simon?

Pneumonia and anemia! The same exact cause that she was said to have died from! Both autopsies were closed within a very brief period of time. This led to much controversy about the couple being a target of the government.


Murphy recorded a song in 2006, with whom?

The title of the song was “Faster Kill Pussycat.” It was inspired by the movie 'Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!' and became a club hit. Paul Oakenfold is a world-renowned DJ.


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