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"Bright Eyes" is a heartwarming movie about a young girl who loses both of her parents and has two individuals fighting over her custody. Eventually, she gets to pick the family that she wants to live with! Think you remember her story? Take the quiz to find out!

Where did Shirley say she was going when a man stopped her on the road?

Shirley told the man who had stopped her on the road that she was going to the airport. He asked her if she wanted a ride and she declined because she was in a rush!


What did Loop do for a living?

Loop was a pilot. At the beginning of the movie when Shirley was walking down the road, it was because she was on her way to see him at the airport!


Who was in the picture hanging on the wall inside of the airport?

The picture inside of the airport was of Shirley's father who had passed away. Shirley was upset because the picture was full of dust, so she cleaned it off herself!


What did Shirley's mother do for a living?

Shirley's mother was a maid who worked for the Smythe family. The Smythes didn't treat Shirley and her mother very nicely. Anita even scolded Mary for receiving too many phone calls!


What did Anita plan to do after the holidays?

Anita said that she would fire Mary after the holidays. After she talked to Mary about all of the phone calls and visits from the pilots at the airport, Anita talked with her husband, who said they never should have hired her.


What did Elizabeth ask Higgins to pick up?

Elizabeth asked Higgins to pick up a sewing kit. The kit was a Christmas present for Shirley. Elizabeth had to remind Higgins because he forgot all about it!


What instrument was Joy learning to play?

Joy was learning how to play the piano, although she didn't want to! After some bribing from Anita, she finally agreed to sit down and learn, even though she was not happy about it!


What did one of the men at the airport give to Shirley?

One of the men at the airport gave Shirley a piece of mistletoe and he told her what to do with it. When she got home, she used it on Higgins!


What did Shirley find in the garbage?

Shirley found a doll in the garbage. When Joy saw Shirley with the doll, she took it from her and told her that she couldn't have the doll. She ripped the doll up!


What were the men at the airport going to do for Shirley for the holidays?

The men at the airport were going to have a Christmas party for Shirley. Shirley didn't know about the party. Mary said that she would try to get there as soon as she could.


What was Shirley worried about on Christmas Eve?

Shirley was worried about her stocking being too small for any presents that Santa might bring her. To fix her problem, she took one of Elizabeth's stockings!


What was one thing that Shirley got for Christmas?

Shirley got a doll that she named Mary Lou for Christmas. She was very happy with all of her presents. However, Joy wasn't so happy because she didn't get a wheelchair like her uncle had.


Who was going to be living with the Smythes?

Adele Martin was going to be living with the Smythes. Shirley and Thomas met her at the airport when she got off of the plane. Adele asked if Shirley was Joy, the Smythes' daughter!


What did Loop give to Shirley?

Loop gave Shirley a ring. He said that if she ever needed his help for anything, all she had to do was send him the ring and he would be there.


What did Mary get for Shirley's Christmas party?

Mary got a cake for Shirley's Christmas party. The cake had a plane with Shirley's name on it and it said "Happy Landings!" Mary had to wait for it to arrive before she could leave and go to the party!


What happened when Mary was on her way to the party?

While on her way to the party, Mary was hit by a car and killed. Thomas happened to be driving by when the incident took place and identified Mary for the police.


After Loop heard the news about Shirley's mother, what did he and Shirley do?

After Loop heard the news about Shirley's mother, he took Shirley into the air. She was very excited to finally get up into the sky and Loop told her that they would be going all the way to Heaven.


What did the Smythes plan to do with Shirley after her mother's death?

The Smythes planned to send Shirley to an orphanage. They knew that she had no other relatives and they did not want to raise her themselves. Uncle Ned was very upset that they wouldn't care for her.


Why was Loop so cold with Adele?

Loop was cold with Adele because they were once engaged and she left him. Loop was still upset with her for what she did and he was even more upset after hearing that the Smythes agreed to take Shirley in like Uncle Ned had asked.


What did Loop let Shirley take with her while she lived with the Smythes?

Loop let Shirley take his dog Rags with her while she lived with the Smythes. Adele was going to be taking care of her until Loop was able to find a place and someone to take care of her permanently.


What did Loop do after walking by the yard and witnessing how Joy treated Shirley?

After witnessing how Shirley was being treated by Joy while walking by the Smythes' yard, Loop went inside to ask the Smythes if he could take Shirley to live with him. He told them that he was Shirley's godfather.


What did Uncle Ned and Loop have a fight about?

Loop and Uncle Ned argued over who should have custody over Shirley. Uncle Ned shocked everyone when he announced that he was going to be legally adopting Shirley. Loop was angered because he believed that he would be better able to take care of Shirley.


What did Anita scold Shirley for, while putting the girls to bed?

Anita scolded Shirley for having Rags in her bed. Anita didn't approve of Rags being in the room and said that she thought that he had fleas. She had no idea that Rags was in Shirley's bed at the time!


What did Shirley hear when she went to put Rags downstairs?

When Shirley went to put Rags downstairs, she heard the Smythes talking about all the trouble that she had caused them. They were also discussing how they could get rid of her.


Who showed up at the airport in the pouring rain one night?

Shirley showed up at the airport in the pouring rain one night. She ran away from the Smythes after she heard what was being said about her.


What did Uncle Ned tell the Smythes over breakfast?

Uncle Ned told the Smythes that he would be making changes to his will. They were worried that they would be affected, but Uncle Ned said that he was starting a trust fund for Shirley.


What did Loop do for $1,000?

Loop took a job flying a plane to New York in terrible weather conditions. He needed the money in order to become Shirley's legal guardian and he would do anything to make it happen!


What was Loop suspected of?

Loop was suspected of kidnapping Shirley. Shirley got into Loop's plane without him knowing, making the police believe that Loop took her with him on purpose. He heard an announcement on the radio saying that they were looking for him.


What happened when Loop and Shirley were on the way to New York in the plane?

On the way to New York, the plane had a broken gas line. Shirley and Loop had no other choice but to jump out of the plane and parachute to safety.


Who was the third person that Shirley said that she'd like to live with while in court?

The third person that Shirley said she wanted to live with was Adele. She also said she'd like to live with Uncle Ned and Loop. The judge brought Uncle Ned and Adele in to speak with him.


What was Adele holding when the judge brought Loop in to talk to her?

Adele was holding the magic ring that Loop had given to Shirley. The two decided to get back together and adopt Shirley as their own!


What did Joy tell Shirley about Christmas?

Joy told Shirley that Santa wasn't real. This caused a fight between the two girls. Shirley insisted that he was and even asked Uncle Ned, who agreed with her.


How did Mary die?

Mary died because she was hit by a car. The man came around the corner too fast while Mary was running across the road. A bus was obstructing their view of each other and Mary was hit.


Who was the only person that Uncle Ned liked in the Smythe household?

The only person in the Smythe household that Uncle Ned liked was Shirley. Shirley and Uncle Ned got along well and they enjoyed each other's company.


Who interrupted the breakfast of the employees who worked at the Smythes' house?

Anita interrupted the breakfast that her employees were having together. She also commented about the fact that Mary had another visitor over to the house.


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