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The 80's are gone, but the Penguin Lust lives on! Revisit the crazy world of Bloom County and its citizens, including Bill the Cat and Opus the Penguin. If you don't enjoy this quiz, we have only one thing to say: Ackphhhpt!

What was the name of Bloom County's creator?

Breathed created the strip while at the University of Texas.


One long-running storyline was Opus's search for what?

The quest took Opus to the Falkland Islands, where she was believed killed in the war with England.


What war did Cutter John serve in?

His name recalls both "Trapper John" from "MASH" and Alex Cutter, the Vietnam vet in "Cutter and Bone."


What kind of animals are Hodge-Podge and Portnoy?

In early strips, they often rode on Cutter John's wheelchair.


Which two words made up most of Bill the Cat's dialogue?

Bill did speak in a few strips, but this was rare.


Which neurotic character had an "Anxiety Closet"?

Binkley also interrupted his dad's sleep frequently with his fears for the future.


What was Steve Dallas's primary profession?

Actually, he probably would have thrived in any of these roles.


Whom did schoolteacher Bobbi Harlow date?

She was Cutter's girlfriend, but did also go out with Steve, whom she liked less.


Who did Lola Granola marry?

Lola had a tattoo of Dan Fogelburg, to Opus's chagrin.


What was the original name of Bill the Cat's heavy-metal group?

They were forced to change their name to "Billy and the Boingers".


Why did the heavy-metal group become "Billy and the Boingers"?

The name change was announced abruptly, in the middle of a hearing.


Oliver Wendell Jones is skilled in what area?

Jones once hacked Pravda to try to bring an end to the arms race.


What was Steve Dallas's characteristic fashion statement?

The perm came much later in the strip's history.


What was the name of Bobbi's cousin, who more enthusiastically dated Steve Dallas?

Steve dated her, in part, to make Bobbi jealous.


When Binkley meets his future self, who is president of the United States?

It was "The Simpsons" that foresaw a future "President Trump."


What causes Opus's near-death experience?

In the afterlife, Opus feels at peace, even though "I regularly fibbed on my taxes!"


What was the name of Oliver's computer?

It was later revealed to have sold only two units.


Why did Oliver's hacking of Pravda fail to result in nuclear disarmament?

"Gorbachev urges disarmament!" was changed to "Gorbachev sings tractors!"


What happens to Steve Dallas when he is abducted by aliens?

Returned to earth, the newly-sensitive Steve gets a perm to make him "look more like Alan Alda."


With which conservative figure did Bill the Cat have a romance?

Jeane sends Bill a box of chocolates shaped like Nicaragua


With whom did Oliver accidentally scramble his DNA?

The whole thing turned out to be a dream.


What was the name of the strip in its University of Texas days?

The college newspaper was called The Daily Texan.


What was the name of the "last living basselope?"

The rest of the basselopes died of heart disease, due to a love of butter.


What was the name of the female rock star who appeared in early strips?

Steve Dallas's hair is burned off in the filming of a Tess Turbo music video -- a spoof of Michael Jackson's Pepsi commercial accident.


Who does Opus go up against in breaking his mother out of a cosmetics lab?

"Even their Uzis are pink!" marvels Opus.


After the epic battle with Mary Kay, where do animal activists relocate Opus?

Opus might have had the weirdest storylines in Bloom County, though closely followed by Bill the Cat.


What character was revealed to be female during the strip's "sexism crisis"?

The story revolved around a Supreme Court ruling against male-only clubs.


"Bloom County" ended when which mogul bought it and fired the cast?

W.A. Thornhump was the fictitious owner who, in earlier years, caused the cast to go on strike.


Where exactly is Bloom County?

Iowa is strongly implicated, as that was where Breathed moved after college.


Which is not the title of a "Bloom County" compilation?

There were seven compilations, in addition to other related books.


What was the name of the strip that immediately followed Bloom County?

This strip ran only on Sundays, unlike Bloom County.


Who was the central focus of "Outland" (at first)?

Other characters from Bloom County eventually returned and stole the limelight.


Where was the magic world of "Outland"?

The "alternate universe" concept allowed for an even looser grasp on reality, but the storylines quickly came down to earth.


Which character got their own strip after "Outland"?

It was telling that Opus re-appeared in only the third installment of "Outland."


Who came out as gay at the end of "Outland"?

Supposedly, he was later cured by 'reparative therapy'.


In what year did Breathed revive the actual "Bloom County"?

The first strip ran via Facebook.


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