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A woman on drugs. Then a shootout on the city streets. Now a stream of robberies! Take this quiz now to remember all of your favorite moments from Adam-12!

Adam 12 is full of car chases and bad guys in a show about _________?

The Los Angeles Police Department began in 1853 as the Los Angeles Rangers. Since then, it has grown into the third largest police force in the United States.


Adam 12 patrols ___________ to keep the streets safe.

Los Angeles is the Spanish name for "The Angels." In the United States, it is only second in population to New York City.


When Malloy says, "the Dicks have their jobs, and we have ours," who is he referring to at that moment?

A detective is a rank for a police officer. He or she investigates and solves crime.


Who is the veteran officer who wants it to be his last day in the first episode?

Three weeks prior to Reed joining the force, Malloy's partner dies during their shift. The partner was trying to arrest an armed robbery suspect. The partner's death deeply saddened Malloy.


When dealing with armed suspects, Malloy and Reed use what weapon to nab the bad guys?

The shotgun used is an Ithaca 37, which is a pump-action shotgun. Shotgun shells expel and are loaded from the bottom of the gun, making it the perfect gun for left or right-handed people.


"Adam 12" helped introduce ______ and ______to the general public.

Knowing police procedures allows the general public to understand why the police do something and how it is done. Police jargon examples include, ATL for "Attempt to Locate," and GTA for "Grand Theft Auto."


What is Malloy's badge number?

A badge number is given to an officers when they graduate the police academy. This number stays with them for the duration of their employment with law enforcement.


On one of their calls, Malloy, and Reed respond to a 211. What is a 211?

When the guys patrol the area where the 211 occurs, they come across a man walking his dogs. The man says the young man for whom they are looking took off in a red convertible.


Each episode is based on __________.

Each episode is based on a real case from in or around Los Angeles. The officers encounter incidents from the trivial to the tragic. As long as it is a real case, nothing is too big or too small to cover in the series.


Malloy and Reed are _________ partners.

A beat is the area that a police officer patrols. Malloy and Reed patrol in a car instead of on foot or a horse.


Who plays Officer Pete Malloy?

Martin Milner began on screen playing John Day in the 1947 movie, "Life with Father." His last appearance was in 1997 as Detective Halloran in "Diagnosis Murder." He died in 2015.


What type of firearm was issued to the police for the first few seasons?

A Smith & Wesson Model 14 is a double-action revolver with six-shots. The gun was first made in 1947.


To add a sense of realism to the show, retired LAPD dispatcher __________ is the voice over the radio.

Shaaron Claridge is retired from her second-shift duties for the LAPD. The police department liked to use women as dispatchers as it was thought that their voice sounded more soothing and calm over the radio.


"Adam 12" is one of the few live action shows from the '70s that had a _________ adaptation.

In 1973, Gold Comics released an "Adam 12" comic book line. The line has 10 comic books with pictures of Reed and Mallow alongside the illustrations.


Malloy is a confirmed ____________ with an occasional girlfriend.

Malloy calls himself a happy bachelor. Over the course of the series, he has at least two girlfriends whom the public could see.


Jack Webb, one of the creators of "Adam 12," also created what hit TV cop show?

"Dragnet" made a splash on radio, TV, and movies. It is one of the most famous police dramas in history.


When the dispatcher is unable to hear a response from the officers, he or she says,_____________.

The dispatcher always calls out the car first, as in Adam 12, followed by the comments that the officer is not readable. In the episode, "The Search," Malloy thinks the radio is broken because of a short wire in the mic.


What make of police car did Malloy and Reed drive the first few years of the show?

Plymouth was made first by the Chrysler Corporation and then DaimlerChrysler. The first Plymouth was made in 1928 as a low-price alternative to Chevrolet and Ford.


"Adam 12" did crossovers with "Dragnet" and what other show?

"Emergency" is a show that combined medical with action adventure. It starred Randolph Mantooth and Kevin Tighe as firefighters.


Who plays Officer Jim Reed?

Kent McCord began his acting career in 1964 by playing an uncredited role in "Seven Days in May." His last role was in 2005 as Vice Admiral Sommerville in "Tides of War."


At the end of each episode, "Adam 12" reminds people that _________.

The statement rolls at the conclusion of each episode. It is important to remind the viewers that what they watched happened in real life but the show needs to respect the privacy of those who were involved.


The electronic siren on the squad cars is capable of emitting what three variables?

The siren also serves as an outside speaker and public address system. The lights flash red only.


At the beginning of the series, Officer Jim Reed is not a full-fledged LAPD officer as he's on ___________?

Reed is on probation for the first two seasons and is only allowed to perform basic duties. Probation, when he or she is fresh on the force, is normal. When his probation is over, Reed is a full-fledged officer.


Malloy continually clashes with a police officer named ________?

Ed Wells is played by Gary Crosby. He first starred in the 1942 movie, "Star Spangled Rhythm." Crosby died in 1995.


In "1-Adam-12" Adam stands for __________?

"A" stands for a two-person unit. "12" is the last two numbers of Malloy and Reed's police car.


What does the one in "1-Adam-12" mean?

In the LAPD, District 1 is also known as Central Division. It is in downtown Los Angeles. When "2" is heard, it's District 2, or the Rampart Division.


Reed is married to ________?

Reed wife is named Jean, but several actresses played the part. Two of the actresses are Kristin Harmon and Mikki Jamison.


___________ arrives in almost every episode to ask Malloy and Reed about a case or evidence.

Sgt. MacDonald is played by William Boyett. William began his career in 1951 in "The Bogus Green," with his last role in 1998 in "Adventures in Odyssey: A Stranger Among Us."


Malloy has a ________________ shooting medal.

The "Distinguished Expert" is the highest marksman medal a person can earn. The U.S. Army gives these medals to their soldiers, uniformed civilian guards, U.S. civilians, and foreign military personnel.


Reed tends to lose his cool on cases involving __________.

Reed has a hard time keeping his cool, and on occasion, Mallory loses his temper when children are victims of a crime. Anytime Mallory loses his cool; Reed mentions that Mallory likes children and should have some of his own.


_________ is the Division's Watch Commander.

Lt. Moore is played by Art Gilmore. He made his first splash on screen by playing the Newsreel Announcer in the 1941 movie, "The Lone Wolf Takes a Chance." He worked steadily from the '40s to the late '70s.


Reed earns what kind of shooting medal?

The "Sharpshooter" medal is the second highest a person can earn. The Army began giving out marksmanship badges in 1881.


During the series, Malloy is promoted to _________?

An "Officer-3"/Senior Lead Officer can serve in many capacities, such as a Vice Investigator or Detective Trainee. With his promotion, Malloy could coordinate neighborhood patrols and work as the shift supervisor.


Highlighted in several episodes, Mallory and Reed are part of the division's ____________ team.

S.W.A.T. stands for Special Weapons And Tactics Team. LAPD's S.W.A.T. division began in 1967.


On and off screen, Milner and McCord remained ___________.

The men hit it off from the first time they met. Through thick and thin their friendship endured. After Milner's death in 2015, Reed wrote a touching tribute to his friend.


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