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The 1980s were an era when Isis was just a goddess and Tom Cruise wasn't a Scientologist ... Good times! Okay, if we can't literally go back, we can still enjoy the delightful teen movies, romantic comedies and action films the '80s did so well!

What writer/director was the undisputed king of 80s teen comedies?

Hughes died relatively young, of a heart attack at 59.


Which actor/actress was NOT considered a member of the Brat Pack?

Other core members were Rob Lowe, Molly Ringwald, Judd Nelson, and Anthony Michael Hall.


Which of the following is NOT a 1980s movie?

"Pretty Woman" was released in 1990 -- which mathematicians would say is the last year of the 80s, but we're not buying that.


Which "Fast Times at Ridgemont High" actor went on to get seriously involved in social activism?

Penn has also won Academy Awards for his acting -- a far cry from his time as stoner Spicoli.


Which "Fast Times" actress also starred in the 80s' hottest TV miniseries, "Lace?"

Her iconic line in "Lace" was, "Incidentally, which one of you bitches is my mother?"


Who directed the 1983 adaptation of "The Outsiders"?

Coppola received a letter from a school librarian and her students suggesting he make the film.


What megastar-to-be had a small role as Steve Randle in "The Outsiders"?

Swayze didn't do so badly himself, starring in "Road House" and "Dirty Dancing."


Which "Outsiders" cast member went on to a role on "The West Wing"?

Lowe played assistant communications director Sam Seaborne.


Who recorded "Don't You Forget About Me," the theme of "The Breakfast Club"?

Billy Idol turned it down, but later recorded a version of it.


The same year they were in "Breakfast Club," Sheedy, Estevez and Nelson played college grads in which film?

This Brat Pack film dealt with Georgetown graduates navigating real life for the first time.


In "St. Elmo's Fire", St. Elmo's is also a what?

At the end of the movie, the gang decides to go elsewhere -- a sign that they're leaving their college days behind.


Which non-Brat-Pack actress played shy Wendy in "St. Elmo's Fire"?

Wendy is the eventual love interest of Rob Lowe's playboy character, Billy.


What's the name of the unlucky camp in "Friday the 13th?"

"Friday the 13th" had legs like no other horror franchise, lasting into the 2000s.


Who was the Camp Crystal Lake killer in the first "Friday the 13th?"

This question will become very important to Drew Barrymore in "Scream."


Which film caused a vogue for Ray-Ban Wayfarers?

And why not? Wayfarers are the rare style of sunglasses that suit every facial shape.


Who played Lana, the prostitute, in "Risky Business"?

DeMornay and Cruise shared a very racy sex scene on Chicago's El train.


Which film is about vampires in a California beach town?

Fun fact: star Kiefer Sutherland's father appeared later in "Buffy the Vampire Slayer."


What were the last names of "the two Coreys"?

They had their own reality show on A&E for a time.


What horror-movie icon was "the bastard son of a hundred maniacs"?

Krueger's mother was raped by inmates of an asylum, one of which was Freddy's father.


What was Freddy Krueger's signature look?

The trenchcoat and suit were the signature of DC's John Constantine, and now Castiel on "Supernatural."


Which Brat Packer was co-lead in the nerd-chic movie "Weird Science"?

Ilan Mitchell-Smith was his lesser-known co-star.


Also in "Weird Science," who plays the gorgeous woman the boys create?

LeBrock seems to have an interest in dubious science -- she owned a home hyperbaric chamber and started a line of homeopathic medicines.


Which band recorded the song "Pretty in Pink"?

The song predated the film and might have partly inspired it.


In that same film, who played Andie's friend Iona, the record-store owner?

Gina Gershon really did have a bit part in the movie, as did shock comic Andrew Dice Clay.


In which film did "Pretty in Pink" stars Molly Ringwald and Andrew McCarthy reunite?

Ben Stiller also starred, but he wasn't in "Breakfast Club" or "St. Elmo's Fire," so back then, we didn't care.


Val Kilmer starred in which film that rivalled the hit "Weird Science"?

The film's lead was the lesser-known Gabriel Jarret.


Who played the popular Amanda Jones in the love-triangle film "Some Kind of Wonderful?"

Molly Ringwald was the first choice for the role. It's lucky that Thomson got it -- she met her husband, director Howard Deutch, through the film.


"Mystic Pizza" starred Annabeth Gish, Lili Taylor and which 90s It Girl?

Roberts was arguably the 80s' biggest female star, though Gish and Taylor have both been successful.


Why is "Mystic Pizza" (a restaurant within the film) mystic?

The town has a large Portuguese population, and the film uses the slightly derogatory term "portagee" several times.


In which film does John Cusack famously hold up a boombox under his girlfriend's window?

Though stirring and romantic on the big screen, the scene has been parodied more than once.


In that film, what song is playing on the boombox?

In the slapstick "Date Movie," the song is the 70s' "Baby Come Back."


What Latin phrase is the rallying cry for the students of "Dead Poets Society"?

"Esto quod esse videris" means "Be what you seem," good advice as well.


Which "Dead Poets Society" actor played the doomed student Neil Perry?

A young Ethan Hawke played the lead, his roommate Todd.


The first "Pitch Perfect" movie has a homage to which 80s film?

Beca's love interest, played by Skylar Astin, introduces her to the movie.


Which 2000s TV show landed four out of five "Breakfast Club" stars in guest roles?

Emilio Estevez was the holdout -- maybe too busy with his little brother's antics.


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