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Since the early 90s, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have been starring in films together. From "It Takes Two" to "Passport to Paris," how well do you know their movies? Find out with this quiz!

What is the name of the first Mary-Kate and Ashley film?

The first Mary-Kate and Ashley film was "To Grandmother's House We Go," which was released in 1992. It was a Christmas TV movie that appeared on ABC.


Which "Full House" cast member also appeared in Mary-Kate and Ashley's first film?

Bob Saget appeared in "To Grandmother's House We Go," alongside another "Full House" cast member and his "Wake Up, San Francisco" co-host, Lori Loughlin. Candace Cameron also appeared in the film, as well as Andrea Barber.


At the end of the movie, what does Eddie, the delivery man, win?

After playing the twins' birthday, Eddie wins $1.3 million dollars at the end of the film. He splits the money with twins and their mother.


Which of these movies was created as a Halloween special?

"Double, Double, Toil and Trouble" was the made-for-TV Halloween special that premiered in October 1993. The story follows the twins as they try to break a curse that trapped their great-aunt.


Which actress plays their Aunt Agatha?

Cloris Leachman starred as their Aunt Agatha, who was responsible for trapping her twin Sophia by a magical spell.


What is Agatha stuck in at the end of the movie?

After the twins help Sophia escape from the Netherworld, Agatha falls in the mirror in an attempt to push Sophia back in. The mirror breaks and she is then doomed to spend the rest of her life in the mirror.


Which of these IS a Mary-Kate and Ashley film?

Don't get confused! "Two of a Kind" and "So Little Time" were Mary-Kate and Ashley TV SHOWS. "How the West Was Fun" was their 3rd TV movie.


In the film, "It Takes Two," what is the name of the camp where the twins meet?

Mary-Kate and Ashley's characters met at Camp Calloway, which was owned by Ashley's father in the film. Mary-Kate played an orphan who was attending the camp.


Which actress plays Diane, a social worker, in "It Takes Two"?

Kirstie Alley starred in the 1992 film, "It Takes Two," as Diane Burrows, a social worker who wanted to adopt Amanda, played by Mary-Kate Olsen.


"It Takes Two" is similar to the plot of what other movie?

"It Takes Two" is similar to the story of "The Parent Trap." Although the plot is similar, the movie does have many differences, one of them being that Mary-Kate and Ashley's characters aren't related in the film.


In what city does "Billboard Dad" take place?

"Billboard Dad" follows the story of two twins, Emily and Tess Tyler, who live in Los Angeles with their widower father. The movie was made in 1998.


What activity is Emily Tyler (played by Ashley Olsen) in "Billboard Dad" obsessed with?

Ashley's character, Emily, is a surfer in the film while her sister, Tess, is on the diving team for her school. The film is a romantic comedy at heart.


On what popular LA street did the twins post their father's billboard?

Hoping to find a girlfriend for their father, the twins post an ad on a billboard on Sunset Boulevard. When their father starts a relationship from the ad, his manager tries to break them up but is stopped by the twins.


In "Passport to Paris," what is the name of the assistant who is hired to watch over Melanie and Allyson?

During their spring break in Paris, the twins are monitored by Jeremy, a strict assistant of their grandfather's. He eventually loosens his reigns and becomes friends with the girls.


What do Melanie and Allyson convince their grandfather's chef to eat?

Choosing to appreciate the finer things in life, including fine cuisine, the chef doesn't understand the twins' request for hamburgers. They eventually convince him to try a hamburger with fries and he immediately LOVES it.


When Allyson and Melanie are out frolicking with the French boys they meet, what do they have a sword fight with?

After the twins ditch Jeremy, they spend the day with Jean and Michel, two boys they meet while sightseeing. After driving around on mopeds, Melanie and Allyson battle with baguettes.


When the twins meet Brigitte at lunch, what does she tell them is her occupation?

Brigitte tells them that she is a fashion model. One of the scenes in the movie shows her teaching the girls how to work the catwalk.


In the film, "Switching Goals," what sport do the girls play?

In the 1999 film, "Switching Goals," Mary-Kate and Ashley play sisters Sam and Emma who play soccer. Sam, played by Mary-Kate, wants to attract boys, while Emma wants to become a better soccer player.


Sam and Emma's dad is the coach for one of the soccer teams. What is the name of his team?

Mr. Stanton is the head coach for the Hurricanes Co-ed Team. Under the instruction of his wife, he picks Emma for his team instead of Sam, who is considered to be the better athlete.


What position does Emma end up playing on the soccer team?

Initially, Emma wasn't happy with her abilities on the soccer team. She soon finds out that she is better at being a goalie than the other positions.


In "Switching Goals," which team wins the championship?

At the championship game, the game is tied when Sam goes to score. Her shot is blocked by Emma and the game ends as a tie.


Where did the movie, "Our Lips Are Sealed," take place?

The 2000 film, "Our Lips Are Sealed," takes place in Sydney, Australia, where it was also filmed. It was the 9th Mary-Kate and Ashley film.


In "Our Lips Are Sealed," why does the Parker family move to Australia?

In "Our Lips Are Sealed," Maddie and Abby Parker are placed in the Witness Protection Program after witnessing a robbery. Since they have a habit of accidentally letting people know they're in the Witness Protection Program, the last place they haven't been sent to is Australia.


What is the name of the crook in "Our Lips Are Sealed"?

In the film, the leader of the robbers is Hatchew. The other characters constantly say "Bless you!" after his name is mentioned.


In "Our Lips Are Sealed," what do the robbers steal from the museum and slip into Abby's bag?

When the robbers steal the diamond, they slip it into Abby's bag as they make their getaway. Thinking it will be the last place anyone looks for it, the diamond is placed in Abby's necklace.


In "Winning London," what kind of competition do the twins compete in?

In "Winning London," Chloe and Riley Lawrence go to London to participate in a Model UN competition. Chloe, played by Mary-Kate, is the leader of the competition team, while Riley steps in at the last minute when one of the regular members can't attend.


In "Winning London," what country does Riley's team usually represent for their model UN competitions?

When Chloe's team shows up at the Model UN competition in London, they are expecting to represent their usual team, China. When they arrive, they see that China has already been taken.


What country does the team end up representing at the Model UN competition?

After they discover that China has already been claimed by another team, they settle for representing the United Kingdom.


In "Holiday in the Sun," where are the Stewart twins vacationing?

In their 2001 film, "Holiday in the Sun," the Olsen twins play Madison and Alex Stewart, who want to go to spend their winter break in Hawaii with their friends. Instead, their parents take them to the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas.


Which actress stars in "Holiday in the Sun" as Brianna, Alex's "enemy?"

In "Holiday in the Sun," Megan Fox stars as Brianna, a conniving girl who also likes Jordan, Alex's crush. This was her very first acting role.


In which of these films does Charli Hunter, played by Mary-Kate, design clothes?

In the 2002 film, "When in Rome," Mary-Kate stars as Charli Hunter. In the film, clothes for a modeling shoot go missing and the cast then uses Charli's designs instead.


In the 2002 movie, "Getting There," where do the twins take a road trip to?

In the movie, "Getting There," we see twins Kylie and Taylor take a road trip to the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City. Go USA!


What was the name of the last direct-to-video Mary-Kate and Ashley film?

Mary-Kate and Ashley's last direct-to-video movie was the 2003 film, "The Challange." The story followed sisters, Shane and Elizabeth, who lived on opposite sides of the country and didn't get along until they bonded on the TV show, "The Challenge."


What is the last movie the Olsen twins filmed together?

In 2004, the Olsen twins released their last film together, which was based in New York and told the story of twin sisters who never got along with each other. Seemingly completely different, one sister plans to ditch school to make it backstage at a music video while the other plans to deliver a speech for a college scholarship.


Which of these people/groups don't make an appearance in "New York Minute?"

Bob Saget and the band, Simple Plan, appear in the movie as themselves. Eugene Levy stars as Max, a truant officer who is after Roxy, played by Mary-Kate.


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