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Even the Bible believes in the importance of brotherly love! It outlines the lives of brothers which includes everything from fighting, to loving one another. Some brothers got along, while others took every chance to take their sibling down. Each group of brothers always had one thing in common – their story always taught a lesson.

Do you know what offerings Cain and Abel brought to God? What brothers would someone wish for God to make you like? Can you name the brother of Nahor? If those are too easy, can you name the person who was sold into slavery by his own siblings?

Do you know who in the Bible is thought to be a brother of Jesus? Can you name which of King Solomon's brothers was killed by him? Do you know for whom Moses and Aaron performed miracles? There are many groups of brothers in the Bible that did both good and bad things throughout their lives. You'll be quizzed on all of it!

So, Bible experts, if you think you know the brotherly bonds found throughout the greatest story ever told, you'll have no trouble acing this. Take the quiz to see how well you really know their stories and relationships!

Which Biblical brother was the first person to die?

There were a lot of firsts in this family. Cain was the first to be born, and the first murderer. His brother, Abel, was the first to die.


Which brother succeeded his father, King David, to the throne?

Solomon succeeded his father to the throne, becoming the King of Israel. Solomon is one of many children of David's, and his mother is Bathsheba.


Who was the father of Ham, Shem and Japheth?

Noah was the father of the three boys, but their mother's name is unknown. Noah is said to have had his sons when he was around 500 years old.


Levi and which of his brothers got revenge for their sister, Dinah?

Levi and Simeon got revenge for a sin committed against their sister, Dinah, by the people of Shechem. Their revenge on the town was killing its citizens.


Is it true or false that Noah's sons were on board the Ark with him?

This is true. The three sons were aboard their father's ark along each of their wives. The Ark was spoken of in the Book of Genesis.


Which of Nahor's brothers died in Ur of the Chaldees?

Haran was born and died in the Ur of Chaldees. It is mentioned in the Bible that his father, Terah, outlived him. Did you know that there was a city named Haran as well?


Which brother had a cursed son?

Ham had a son named Canaan who was cursed because of his father's actions. Ham had committed a sin which involved his own father, Noah, while he was drunk.


To whom did Andrew introduce Peter?

Andrew introduced Peter to Jesus. After the introduction, Peter became very close with Jesus while Andrew grew a little bit more distant from him.


Which two biblical brothers were twins?

Esau and Jacob were twin brothers. They are spoken of in the Book of Genesis, which talks about their birth and statuses involving the firstborn.


What brothers did Jesus call the "Sons of Thunder"?

Jesus called John and James the "Sons of Thunder." It's not known exactly why Jesus gave the men this nickname but they were both the sons of Zebedee.


Which of Benjamin's brothers was sold into slavery?

Joseph was sold into slavery by his own brothers and ended up in Egypt. Through this, he was able to become very powerful within the country.


Who is thought to be Jesus' brother?

Jude is thought to be the brother of Jesus. Jude is often credited as being the writer of the "Epistle of Jude" and he is also thought to be an apostle.


Cain and Abel might be the most famous offspring of Adam and Eve, but do you know who their third brother was?

Seth was Cain and Abel's younger brother. Seth married Azura, who was his sister, and the two had one child together named Enos.


Which of the following is one of Shem's brothers?

Ham is just one of Shem's brothers, with Japheth being the other. Did you know that Shem is always mentioned first in Bible when speaking of the three boys?


Is it true or false that Cain and Abel both married their aunts?

This is false. Cain and Abel actually married their sisters. They were the children of Adam and Eve, the first people on Earth and therefore had no one else they could marry.


Which two brothers are in the phrase "May God make you like ______________"?

The phrase is "May God make you like Ephraim and Manasseh." The meaning of the phrase comes from Jacob blessing the two children and giving them a good life.


Which of the following is a brother of Naphtali?

Levi is a brother of Naphtali. Naphtali's father is Jacob and his mother is Bilhah, but they share the same father. Levi's mother is Leah.


Manasseh and Ephraim were whose sons?

Manasseh and Ephraim were the sons of Joseph. Both were descendants of Jacob and they were also both blessed by their grandfather.


Which two other brothers were close with James and John?

Brothers Andrew and Peter were quite close with brothers James and John. Both groups or brothers were apostles and also very close with Jesus.


Is it true or false that Andrew and Peter were followers of Jesus?

This is true. Andrew and Peter were followers of Jesus who dedicated their lives to teaching and guiding all who would listen, much like their mentor.


What did Abel offer to God?

Abel offered a lamb as a sacrifice to God, whereas his brother, Cain, offered God fruit. God accepted Abel's offer and rejected Cain's.


Which of Dan's brothers has John the Baptist as a descendant?

One of the descendants of Levi is John the Baptist. Both of his parents were Levites, which was one of the many tribes found in Israel.


How did both Andrew and Peter die?

Andrew and Peter both wanted to die in the same way their teacher did, through crucifixion. They were both nailed to a cross to die.


Who was the father of Moses and Aaron?

Amram was Moses and Aaron's father. Amram was married to Jochebed, who is also the mother of the two boys. There is also one more sibling in the family named Miriam.


Is it true or false that Cain was officially forgiven for his sins?

This is false. Cain was not officially forgiven for his sins. He was cursed by God, which made him unable to work and farm the land.


Who was Andrew the Apostle's brother?

Peter is Andrew the Apostle's brother. The two brothers were both Apostles and Peter became a saint after his death. Andrew was the one who introduced Peter to Jesus.


Which of the following is a brother of Nahor?

Haran is a brother of Nahor., They also have one other sibling named Abraham. Unfortunately, the Bible states that Haran died, even before his father.


Which of Reuben's brothers married Uzith?

Reuben's brother, Gad, married Uzith. Not much is known about Uzith, but she was a descendant of Nahor as "The Book of Jasher" states.


After becoming king, which brother did Solomon have killed?

Solomon had Adonijah killed after he tried to make his way to the throne. Adonijah believed that he should be the heir to his father, David's, throne and did what he could to make it happen.


Is it true or false that Jacob and Esau made up?

This is true. The two brothers had issues with each other from the time of their birth, but eventually decided to make up and leave their problems behind them.


To whom did Moses and Aaron show some miracles?

Moses and Aaron showed their miracles to the Egyptians. The two brothers were able to perform miracles that the Egyptians couldn't imitate.


Which of Reuben's brothers became an important person in Egypt?

Joseph got his revenge on his brothers for selling him into slavery when he became powerful in the country and they were sent to Egypt for goods. He was able to imprison the brothers who had travelled to Egypt, but released them shortly after.


After having his brother, Amnon, killed, what did Absalom do?

Absalom killed his brother, Amnon, because he was getting revenge on him for what he did to Tamar. Absalom moved away for a period of time after the killing.


Which of the following is a brother of Isaachar?

Zebulun is Issachar's brother. The two share the same parents with four other brothers. Both brothers were also the founders of their own tribes.


Is it true or false that Cain and Abel were twins?

This is false. The two brothers were not twins and Cain was born before Abel. They share the same parents, Adam and Eve.


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