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The story of Regan MacNeil has transfixed audiences for generations. Now that it's moved to the small screen, it's snagged an even bigger audience. But how closely have you been paying attention?

In what city do the Rances live?

The Rance family lives in Chicago, specifically in the Andersonville neighborhood. Andersonville was primarily founded by Swedish immigrants, whose influence is still felt in the now-diverse neighborhood through The Swedish Bakery and the Swedish-American Museum.


What is the name of Father Tomas' parish?

Father Tomas presides over St. Anthony's Parish. There are eleven different Saint Anthonys, four of which are Patron Saints. Tomas's church might honor anything from gravediggers to the value of saving your money to skin disease. However, St. Anthony of Padua is the Patron Saint of lost articles and those who seek them, which could be a nod to both Casey's soul and Tomas's floundering faith.


In what city did Father Marcus pull a gun on Father Bennett?

Mexico City is both the capital and the most populous city of Mexico. It is also the oldest capital city in the Americas and, like Washington, D.C., it is a represented district in Mexican governemnt but is not part of a full-fledged state.


What was the name of Kat's friend who died in the car accident?

Kat was driving the car with Julia Clark as her passenger. in 2015, there were 35,092 deaths resulting from car accidents in the U.S. However, this is good news, as the number has gotten lower every year since 2012. Fingers crossed for 2016!


When Angela first talks to Father Tomas about the possibility of a demon, what flies into the window?

When Angela meets with Father Tomas, a crow flies into the window. Crows have been seen throughout history as harbingers of death, war, and doom. Some beleive they provide a gateway into the spirit realm.


What sport does Casey Rance play?

Casey is shown playing women's lacrosse and getting roughed up by an opponent. In men's lacrosse, the opponent would have been within his rights to do so, but in women's lacrosse physical contact is discouraged, due to the differences in protective gear. Unlike men, who wear helmets, face guards, shoulder pads, and a cup, female players only wear a mouth guard, gloves, and sometimes eye protection.


What plant does Mother Bernadette grow at the abbey?

Mother Bernadette and the sisters grow belladonna at the abbey for use in "extreme cases." Belladonna is sometimes known as the Devil's berry or deadly nightshade. It is very toxic - every part of the plant is deadly if ingested.


What is the name of the pope who is coming to visit?

Chicago is expecting a visit from Pope Sebastian. In real life, there has yet to be a Pope Sebastian. There is a Saint Sebastian, who is the Patron Saint of athletes (like Casey), soldiers, and "those who desire a saintly death". That last one sounds pretty painful.


What is the name of the residence where Father Marcus had been put to pasture?

Father Marcus has been squirreled away at the St. Aquinas Retreat Center. This is likely a reference to St. Thomas Aquinas, who is the Patron Saint of Catholic academies, learning/scholars, and (somewhat weirdly) pencil makers. He is also referred to as The Doctor of the Church for his contributions to doctrine and theology.


What is the name of Jessica's husband?

Jessica's rarely-seen husband, Jim, is played by Andrew Rothenberg. This is not his first time playing Jim. Horror fans may recognize him as Jim from The Walking Dead.


What caused Henry Rance's condition?

Henry Rance is played by the silver fox, Alan Ruck. Ruck is known to audiences as the hypochondriac Cameron in Ferris Bueller's Day Off and the shallow Stuart on Spin City. Ironically, Ruck is already familiar with Chicago, having graced the stage at the Wisdom Bridge Theater early in his career.


How much money did Maria Walters donate to Father Tomas's church?

Maria Walters is played by Kirsten Fitzgerald, who is also familiar with the Windy City. On the small screen, she played Kathy 'Mac' McNenimen on the Chicago EMT sitcom, Sirens, and also has stage credits at the Victory Gardens Theater.


Who is with Casey before the attack on the train?

Casey is played by Hannah Kalsulka. Despite playing the younger Rance sister, Kalsulka is a year older than Brianne Howey, the actress who plays her older sister, Kat.


How many victims were killed and had their organs harvested?

The so-far faceless bad guys kill and harvest the organs of nine victims. The number nine is significant in Catholicism, mostly in terms of death and mourning. When a pope dies, there is a nine-day period of mourning. Catholics also observe nine-day novenas of preparation before Christmas and Easter.


Once the exorcism begins, who is the first person the demon pretends to be?

Eventually taking the form of all the above, the demon chooses to first pretend to be Tomas's grandmother during the exorcism. Tomas is played by Mexican actor, Alfonso Herrera. Herrera has a long resume of appearing in telenovelas and played Hernando in the Netflix show Sense8.


Henry finds a Bible in the closet. To whom is it inscribed?

Regan MacNeil/Angela Rance is played by veteran actress Geena Davis, who has appeared in Tootsie, A League of Their Own, Beetlejuice, and The Fly. But she's not just a pretty face. With an IQ of 140, Davis is a member of MENSA and is proficient in Swedish.


What does Angela say, to reveal her possession to her mother?

Chris MacNeil was originally played by Ellen Burstyn in the movie, and is played by Sharon "Cagney" Gless in the TV show. Despite playing Geena Davis's mother, Gless is only 13 years older than Davis.


What is the name of the ritual performed using the ashes of harvested organs?

The show refers to it as The Ceremony of Ash, but "Vocare Pulvare" actually translates to "call dust." Among the organs harvested are eyes, heart, hands, and feet. Hopefully, this ritual is a creation of the show writers and not a real thing!


What is the name of the not-so-secret society that performs the Vocare Pulvare?

The Friars of Ascension is (thankfully) not a real group. There is, however, a real Church of the Ascension in Chicago in the Near North Side area. Since it is an Anglo-Catholic parish, they do not have friars.


Where did Angela get the picture of her "mom"?

Thrift stores have been popular for over a century, but have experienced a surge of popularity after the release of Macklemore's Thrift Shop. The earliest thrift shop on record was run in support of The Wolverhampton Society for the Blind in 1899, and thrift/charity shops became widespread during World War II.


What part of the Sears Tower did Maria Walters's family make?

Construction began on the Sears Tower in 1969 and the 108-story building was completed in 1973. As part of a real estate leasing deal for the tower's interior, the building was officially renamed the Willis Tower in 2009, but most people still refer to it by its original name.


How old was Marcus when he met his first demon?

Father Marcus Keane is played by British actor Ben Daniels, who has appeared in Law & Order: UK, and House of Cards. He has a role in the Star Wars film, Rogue One. Despite Marcus being Irish, Daniels is from Warwickshire, England.


What is the name of the demon Marcus faced in Mexico City?

There is no record of a demon named Baptist. However, there is a real legend of the Assyrian/Babylonian demon Pazuzu, which is named as the demon in the original Exorcist movie.


What is not a name of Casey and Regan's demon?

As explained in the previous answer, the legend of Pazuzu dates back to ancient Mesopotamia. The Louvre has on display a bronze statuette of Pazuzu, circa 800 BC, that depicts the demon as having a human body, two pairs of wings, the head of a dog, and eagle talons.


What is the slogan for the upcoming papal visit?

While most people assumed "he is coming" was a reference to the Pope's visit (and it seems like the demon club has another "he" in mind), the slogan is also an allusion to a verse from the Bible. Revelations 1:7 says, "Look, he is coming with the clouds, and every eye will see him, even those who pierced him; and all peoples on earth will mourn."


How did Marcus's mother die?

Marcus was shown to have been raised in a boys' home with ties to the Church. While orphanages still exist worldwide, they are on the decline as nations seek to promote adoption and foster care as an alternative.


What did Casey use to burn herself?

Casey uses a curling iron to burn herself in possibly the most painful place imaginable. The electric curling iron was invented in 1959 by Rene Lelievre and Roger Lemoine, though I doubt this was the use they had in mind when creating it.


What did Regan ask Captain Howdy when they first made contact?

Regan asked the Ouija board if her mother would remarry. Use of Ouija, or spirit boards, dates back to Ancient China, but didn't become widely used until World War I when the American Spiritualist movement began using it as a divining tool.


What does Kat decide to call her newly-met grandmother?

Kat decided to call her grandmother by her first name, Chris. On the show, Chris is played by Sharon Gless. In addition to her role on Cagney & Lacey, Gless also played roles in hit shows such as Queer as Folk, Nip/Tuck, and Burn Notice.


Before the accident, what type of dance did Kat perform?

Kat Rance is played by Brianne Howey. Howey has had guest roles in sitcoms like The Middle and dramas such as Criminal Minds, Revenge, and Red Scare.


What body part did Kat injure in the accident?

There are a variety of ways to injure a knee. The most common is a torn ACL, and the second most common is a torn meniscus. However, neither of these require the cast Angela said Kat had gotten. Most likely, she broke her knee.


What animal helped Marcus and Tomas locate Casey after the ambulance crash?

Marcus follows a pack of wild dogs to the possessed Casey, based on his assertion that dogs can smell evil. A dog's sense of smell is roughly forty times stronger than that of a human and makes use of mobile nostrils in order to determine what direction the smell is coming from. No studies have been done to determine whether dogs truly can smell evil.


What is the name of the defunct landscaping company that is a front for the demon club?

The demon club is fronted by the defunct Tattersall Landscaping. It's possible that this name is a reference to Thomas Tattersall, an English plasterer who murdered his wife in 1905 and was hanged for his crimes.


What drink is passed around at Julia's memorial?

While the brand is not specified, the dance troupe passes around a bottle of whiskey. The earliest recorded distillation of whiskey was by the Greeks in ancient Alexandria in the 1st century AD. It spread to Scotland in the 15th century, and, while manufactured around the world, is primarily considered to be a Scottish spirit.


At what time does Mother Bernadette's respite from her vow of silence take place?

Mother Bernadette is played by Deanna Dunagan, whose impressive stage career has earned her 3 Joseph Jefferson Awards and a Tony Award, in addition to multiple nominiations. She crossed over to the big screen to play Nana in M. Night Shymalan's latest movie, The Visit.


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