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HBO's "Silicon Valley" is the perfect satire for an era of technological innovation and obsession. Whether you're an amateur brogrammer, a seasoned C++ veteran or simply a fan of the show, this trivia quiz is for you!

What is Pied Piper?

In layman's terms, lossless compression means that a file is made smaller - or compressed - without losing any material. Because the files are smaller, they can be moved around and searched through faster, without any compromise on quality.


Gavin Belson originally offered how much to buy Pied Piper?

Gavin raised the amount to $10 million when Richard continually hesitated on smaller offers, but Richard turned him down. In season 3, the Pied Piper team learned that their company could be worth $250 million.


At TechCrunch Disrupt, Jared was on what drug?

Adderall is typically used to treat ADHD and narcolepsy. Side effects can include: rapid or irregular heartbeat, panic, dry mouth, anxiety, difficulty sleeping, heart failure, delirium and psychosis. The medication's negative effects were clear in Jared's case. He ended up being detained by the police for his erratic Adderall-induced behavior.


What bank chain was Carver notorious for hacking in the past?

Carver is just a screen name. The character's name is actually Kevin, and he never hacked into Bank of America, but he was hired to work on a project for them. BoA didn't want people to know they hired someone who destroyed their system.


How did Erlich originally come to own 10% of Pied Piper?

Erlich ran an incubator, where, in exchange for providing free housing, he was granted the rights to a certain percentage of tenants' companies, but tenants were responsible for their own food. Most Silicon Valley incubators aren't live-in like Erlich's, but help tech companies get up and running during the work day.


People often incorrectly believe Jared has what type of health issue?

Because of his slender frame and pale complexion, Jared says that people always want to diagnose him with a wasting disease. Wasting diseases are characterized by the gradual deterioration of a person's strength, muscle mass and sometimes appetite.


Gilfoyle was an undocumented immigrant from what country?

Gilfoyle actually walked across the border into the United States after his car broke down along the way. Fun fact: In 2012, Canada's top-selling grocery item was Kraft Dinner, which is called Kraft Mac and Cheese in the United States. They consumed 55% more of it than the United States.


Where did Richard first meet Peter Gregory?

TED stands for Technology, Education, Design. It's a nonprofit organization committed to facilitating the spread of ideas through hosting short lectures - or "talks" - that are 18 minutes in length or less.


Gilfoyle subscribes to what religion?

Gilfoyle is a self-proclaimed "LaVeyan Satanist with theistic tendencies." Gilfoyle and his girlfriend, Tara, took Dinesh and Erlich to a Satanic baptism in season 1, episode 6.


Who was cut from the original Pied Piper Cap Table?

"Cap Table" is short for Capitalization Table, which is a breakdown of stakeholders' percentages of ownership and equity. Jared helped Richard create a Cap Table to present to Peter, in order to secure Pied Piper's initial $200,000 in funding.


What is the name of the test that measures the performance of lossless compression software?

The Weissman Score is not a real test, but a fictional performance indicator. It was created specifically for the show.


Gavin said he hired which famous singer to preform at TechCrunch?

Shakira didn't actually appear on the show, but they played one of her songs. Shakira is a Colombian singer, and her full name is Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll.


How did Peter Gregory die?

The actor who played Peter Gregory, Christopher Evan Welch, died of lung cancer halfway through production of the first season. Consequently, the show had to find a way to write off his character. He was 48 at the time of his death.


What was in Erlich's garage when the police showed up to address neighbors' complaints about the obscene mural on the garage door?

Unfortunately for Erlich, the police took his plants. The actor who plays Erlich Bachman, TJ Miller, self-admittedly smokes way more weed in his daily life than Erlich does.


How much did Erlich agree to pay Chey for the mural?

Chey's first mural design was as obscene as his second one, despite Erlich asking him to tone things down a bit. Pied Piper couldn't use the mural, so Chey took it and was later approached by Gavin Belson, who bought it from him for $500,000. Gavin took Pied Piper's obscene garage door mural and put it on display at Hooli headquarters in view of his office.


AOL offered Russ Hanneman $1.2 billion for what?

At the age of 22, Russ Hanneman was worth $1.2 billion. 20 years later, and he was worth $1.4 billion. Russ is obsessed with his billionaire status and he's willing to do anything to maintain it.


What kind of implant does Russ Hanneman have?

Calf implants do not impact the function of the leg, but are intended to augment the calf's physical appearance. Monica cited Hanneman's implants as just one of many reasons why Pied Piper should not do business with him.


Big Head was promoted to what position in season 2?

He was later was made Sole-Head Dreamer before eventually being let go from Hooli. During his time in XYZ, his greatest accomplishment was managing the creation of a potato gun that didn't work.


What is Jared's real name?

Jared was born with the name Donald, but during his time working at Hooli, Gavin Belson called him Jared and everyone else followed suit. Later in the show, the Pied Piper team renamed Jared, yet again, to OJ - Other Jared - because they were considering hiring another person named Jared.


What language does Jared speak in his sleep?

Richard discovered Jared's secret talent after he invited Jared, who was experiencing housing issues, to room with him. After falling asleep, Jared would start talking and yelling in German, but when Richard asked him about it, Jared said that he doesn't speak German.


It's illegal to have what type of pet in California?

It's against California Fish and Game Code 2116-2126 to own ferrets. Ferrets are also not welcome in Washington, D.C., New York City, or Hawaii. Erlich's neighbor, Noah, kept a large number of ferrets in his back yard, and Richard and Erlich used the illegality of this to blackmail Noah into not reporting their zoning violations.


What was Erlich's nickname in college?

Double A, a man who knew Erlich in college, said that they used to call him Kool-Aid because whenever they were hanging out without him, he would come crashing thru the walls like the Kool-Aid man. Kool-Aid began airing the Kool-Aid Man commercials in the mid-1970s.


Which middle-out compression company tricked Pied Piper into revealing their algorithms?

The fictional company End Frame has its own website. According to the website, the company's CEO, Marc Wallace, "founded Endframe from his now ex-father-in-law’s garage in late 2013."


Richard interviewed for a CTO position at what company?

Flutterbeam is a fictional company. Many believe the company is loosely based on Snapchat. Richard believed he could improve Flutterbeam's video platform, but when he interviewed with the company, he didn't like what he saw.


How much severance did Hooli offer Big Head?

In the season 3 premiere, Gavin finally fired Big Head, but gave him a huge severance, which he promptly wasted with some help from Erlich. The two threw a party that cost $1,000,000.


In what episode of season 3 was Jack fired as CEO of Pied Piper?

Laurie fired Jack after he went too far in a board meeting. He said (about Laurie): "There's not a goddamn thing she can do about it," in reference to her ability to vote on whether or not Maleant Data Systems Solutions would be granted complete control of the box's programming, including the compression software. Well, she did do something about it - she fired Jack.


Which venture capital firm was Pied Piper's main funder in seasons 1-3?

Raviga Capital Management is a fictional firm with its own website. According to the website, the firm seeks "to disrupt the very concept of disruption itself."


Where is Monica from?

Baltimore is home to the first ever dental school and the first U.S. umbrella factory. Laurie asked Monica where she's from, right before admitting she was wrong to remove Richard as CEO and that she shouldn't have replaced him with Jack Barker.


Who did Richard choose to replace Erlich on Pied Piper's board?

Erlich sold his shares to Laurie, so Richard replaced him on the board with Jared. Jared was only able to attend one board meeting, which was also the last board meeting. They voted on selling Pied Piper to the highest bidder, which turned out to be Big Head and Erlich.


After Pied Piper's seemingly successful launch, Richard and Erlich participated in an interview with what TV news network?

The interviewer pointed out that Erlich owned 5% of Pied Piper, which wasn't exactly true. At this point, Richard still believed Erlich owned 10% of Pied Piper, but he had already sold his shares to Raviga.


How much money did Gavin burn through on the Nucleus and End Frame projects?

In season 3 episode 8,"Bachman's Earning's Over-Ride," the Hooli board fired Gavin because of his recent string of humiliating failures. However, by the end of the season, Gavin weaseled his way back in to the Chief Innovation Officer position at Hooli.


Where were Jack Barker and Gavin Belson both headed, when they crossed paths while preparing to board their respective private jets?

Jackson Hole, Wyoming, seems to be an arbitrary reference at first, but it's used in the show multiple times. There's some debate over what it could mean, but it looks like Jackson Hole could be an upcoming tech hub that rich CEOs like Barker and Belson are gentrifying.


Richard offered Erlich what position after learning Erlich had been forced to sell all of his shares of Pied Piper?

With this new position, Erlich believes he should be called the Chief Evangelism Officer, which abbreviates to CEO. Chief Evangelists are responsible for creating cult marketing dynamics that essentially lead consumers into becoming unpaid brand advocates.


In a promotional video, Pied Piper was compared to what type of furniture?

"Tables are for people to be together and share, and that is why tables are like Pied Piper." The promo features a compilation of scenes with people around different tables, doing different things.


Laurie threw a party to celebrate what milestone number of Pied Piper installs?

While Laurie and almost everyone else were celebrating, Richard was freaking out, along with Monica and Jared. The three of them knew something no one else did: that Pied Piper's daily active users were so low that the company would not pick up any funding in the next round.


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