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This animated musical movie hit the world like a pop culture blizzard! How well do you remember the songs sung by Anna, Elsa, Kristoff and Olaf? Prove your love for the music of "Frozen" with our quiz! (Note: contains spoilers for the film).

What is the film's opening number?

The song "Frozen Heart," technically about an icy lake, foreshadows the main theme of "Frozen" -- that an act of true love can thaw a frozen heart.


Which characters are singing in the movie's opening number?

In the movie's opening number, we see ice harvesters working, and young Kristoff and the baby reindeer, Sven, among them. Although Kristoff is soon adopted by the rock trolls, he still makes ice harvesting and selling his profession. Evidently it's in the blood!


Which character sings "Do You Want to Build a Snowman?"

Vocal duties on this song were shared by the actresses who played Anna at three ages: as a small child, an older child, and an 18-year-old. Respectively, they were Katie Lopez, Agatha Lee Monn, and Kristen Bell.


Complete the lyric: "The ______ never bothered me anyway."

This is one of the more recognizable lines in "Let It Go." It's less sung than spoken, a technique from opera called "recitative."


The song sung by both Anna and Elsa early on is called "For the First Time in _____."

Anna does most of the singing on this one; she's excited about the arrival of new people in Arendelle. Elsa's lyrics are more wistful and cautious -- she's afraid of facing the entire world at her coronation.


Which two characters reprise "For the First Time in Forever" later in the movie?

"For the First Time in Forever" is a sister act, both times. It's a song of both fear and hope.


Which of these songs was the breakout hit for "Frozen"?

Elsa, who is offstage for much of the action, has a fantastic solo when she finally gives in and uses her power. It's her power over snow and ice that she's "letting go."


In which song would you find the lyric: "Be the good girl you always have to be"?

Elsa sings this line in both songs. Except in "Let It Go," she's about to give up on the idea -- which is what makes the song so powerful.


Finish the lyric: "We finish each other's ... _______!"

Hans begins the line, and Anna finishes it with "sandwiches!" He was obviously going for "sentences," but quickly concurs, "That's what I was gonna say!" He's a little too eager to please his princess! We wonder why ...


Who sang the radio/single version of "Let It Go"?

Though actress Idina Menzel sang Elsa's solo for the movie, Lovato covered it for popular release. The song was an instant hit.


Finish the lyric: "Don't know if I'm elated or _______."

This is Anna's line from "For the First Time in Forever." We know how you feel, Anna. Except for us, it was the morning of our college-board exams.


What happens right after Anna sings "Nothing's in my way!"

This is what old-Hollywood writers called a "meet cute." Anna bumps into the horse, falls into a rowboat, and nearly ends up in the water. Hans rescues her, of course, as a prince should.


Complete the song title: "_________ Are Better Than People."

We're not sure why this title couldn't be "Reindeer Are Better Than People." "Reindeer" is both singular and plural. (Children are learning from these films, Disney!)


Who sings "Reindeer(s) Are Better Than People"?

Sven doesn't actually speak or sing in the movie. Kristoff provides Sven's lyrics -- in a gruff mock-reindeer voice -- in their "duet."


Who sings the song "Fixer Upper"?

Kristoff has been adopted by the rock trolls, and goes to them for advice when he and Anna are thrown out of Elsa's ice palace. The rock trolls, not really getting the urgency of the situation, sing about love in "Fixer Upper."


In which song would you find the lyrics, "It's funny how some distance/Makes everything seem small."

Elsa has gotten "some distance" from her life by fleeing Arendelle. Upon releasing her power and building herself a magical ice palace, she feels like her problems are far away.


In which song would you find the lyrics, "Our mental synchronization/Can have but one explanation"?

Prince Hans and Anna slip away from Elsa's coronation party to sing rhapsodically about their newfound love. (Spoiler alert: One of them isn't really in love).


Complete the lyric, "People will beat you/And curse you and ______ you."

Yikes! Kristoff's in a bad mood when he makes up this line. He's allowed, though: He's just been turned away for lack of funds from the trading post.


Finish the lyric: "Maybe it's the party talking or the ________."

It seems like everybody in Arendelle loves chocolate. Elsa, Anna and even Hans (who sings the line above) rhapsodize about it.


In the song "Fixer Upper," who is the "fixer upper" in question?

Initally, the lyrics describe Kristoff's many minor failings. But when it comes out that Anna is engaged to somebody else, suddenly she becomes a "fixer upper" as well.


Who sings, "Say goodbye to the pain of the past/We don't have to feel it anymore!"

Anna and Hans share this line. It's from their duet, "Love is an Open Door."


Which of these is NOT one of Kristoff's flaws in "Fixer Upper"?

It's Kristoff who claims that "all men" pick their nose, when he's trying to persuade Anna that her engagement to Hans is premature. The trolls, though, do not actually count this as one of Kristoff's flaws. (Phew!)


Complete the lyric: "_______, don't feel."

Elsa sings this line in "For the First Time in Forever" and in "Let It Go," and she speaks it several times as well. It's the adage that rules Elsa's life: Conceal your powers, by not feeling your feelings. (Golly, do you think there's a harmful message there that needs to be unlearned?)


In "Fixer Upper," the trolls sing that "her 'quote' engagement/Is a ______ arrangement."

Anna's engagement "is a flex arrangement," according to Kristoff's troll friends. They've immediately decided that she's the woman for him, no matter what.


Who sings the line, "Every one of 'em's bad/Except you"?

Kristoff is doing his "Sven" voice in this line from "Reindeer(s) Are Better Than People." Naturally, he's having Sven compliment him as the exception to the rule.


In which song would you hear the lyric: "Throw a little love their way/And you'll bring out their best"?

That's the theme of the song: That if love can't change people, it lessens their flaws. Or course, by the end of the movie, the power of love does a lot more than that!


Which song does Olaf the snowman sing?

Olaf fantasizes about how great summer will be. Kristoff and Anna don't have the heart to tell me that summer's heat will melt him.


Complete the lyric: "The hot and the cold are both so ______/Put 'em together, it just makes sense!"

Olaf the snowman thinks that opposites complement each other. He doesn't realize the summer heat will melt him. (Is this the movie's subtle argument against the idea that "opposites attract"?)


On which track does Elsa's snow monster sing?

The giant snowman who protects Elsa's ice palace doesn't sing. He barely talks. He does have a name, though. It's "Marshmallow."


Who sings the lyric, "When life gets rough, I like to hold onto my dream"?

Olaf sings this in "In Summer" -- that's his dream, seeing summertime. Which he finally does, thanks to a portable snow flurry that protects him from melting. Thanks, Elsa!


Finish the lyric: "Just imagine how much ______ I'll be/In summer!"

Olaf believes the summer will make him cool. Right, Olaf: Keep those wooden fingers crossed!


Complete the lyric: "The snow glows _____ on the mountain tonight."

Elsa sings this line at the beginning of "Let It Go." She's climbed to the near-top of North Mountain to be alone.


In which song would you find the lyric: "The past is in the past"?

Elsa sings this in her song of liberation. What she doesn't know about the past, though, is that her "past" includes condemning Arendelle to an endless winter. (Oops).


Which of these characters does not sing in "Frozen"?

Singing duties were split up among a handful of "Frozen" characters. Anyway, who ever heard of a singing reindeer! (But snowmen do; everyone knows that!)


Who voiced Anna and sang her music?

Bell is best known for playing the title character on "Veronica Mars," the late, lamented teen drama. She sang on an episode of "Mars," too.


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