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A British teacher wins the respect and love of an apt pupil, the King of Siam. Her methods and lessons extend well beyond the classroom walls. Did you learn your lessons well enough to pass this quiz?

What question does Anna's son ask her when their ship pulls into port in the opening scene?

The royal barge approaches the ship. However, the prime minister is on board, not the King.


In what era does the story take place?

Victorian ideals are addressed by the main character, Anna. It is pre-suffragette movement but the strength of women is featured.


What does Anna suggest to her son, Louis, they do when they are afraid?

The song "Whistle a Happy Tune" by Rogers and Hammerstein is the first song in the film.


What makes the King laugh when he first meets Anna?

The king asks many personal questions which Anna is reluctant to answer. He says, "You are not afraid of the King," and he likes that about her.


What has the King supposedly promised Anna when she arrives in Siam?

Anna will also be paid 20 pounds a month. The King seems reluctant to keep his promise on the house and says he doesn't recall making that promise.


When the King's prime minister asks Anna if she is married, what does Anna say?

She shows her strong character is this response in a culture where women are not treated as equals.


When Anna first meets the King, he is receiving a present. What is it?

The King of Burma has sent a slave girl, Tuptim, to become another wife for the King of Siam. It is clear she does not want to be there.


The King tells Anna his wives have beauty but not "___________________"

The King sees Anna differently because she is an academic. He admires her for this.


What topic does the King want Anna to bring up at the diplomatic dinner?

The King feels if he can discuss the Bible, he will not be seen as a heathen to the British. He does mix up some of the details of what Moses did in the Bible.


What famous American book is the basis of a performance given to guests of the King?

The performance is called "The Small House of Uncle Thomas" and addresses slavery. At the end of the play, Tuptim runs away.


What do the royal wives think of Anna's dresses?

They are curious and don't understand what may be underneath.


How do the royal wives refer to Anna and why?

They admire her for her knowledge and like to learn from her. They don't have the self-confidence she does.


Why is Tuptim unhappy?

Tuptim's love, Lun Tha, devises a plan to help her escape so she can be with him. Anna has helped them visit each other.


What is Anna's deceased husband's name?

The wives see a picture of Tom and ask Anna about him. It is clear Anna loved him deeply.


When the King asks the Prince to discuss proverbs, what topic becomes the focus?

Anna has cleverly embedded the topic of houses into all of her lessons so the King is reminded he owes her a house.


What nearby country do the Siamese discriminate against?

There are subtle comments throughout the story that show Siam feels superior to Burma. The gift sent to the King from Burma even seems like an offer to ingratiate itself with Siam.


What place does Anna describe where one can walk on water?

Anna teaches geography to the children. They know very little about the world beyond their own country.


To what famous American(s) does the King dictate a letter?

Anna tells him of the U.S. President and how he leads. The King wants to lend support to him in the Civil War.


What gesture shows respect to the King according to the King?

There are several times when the King purposely lowers his stature so Anna must get lower. It is somewhat playful as he tests her.


Why does the King think Moses is a fool?

The King is not accurate in his understanding of Moses. Moses did not create the world, according to the Bible.


What does the King want to send to America as a gift?

The King has no idea of the climate or landscape of the United States. He assumes all places are like Siam.


What does Anna suggest to the King so he is not viewed as a "barbarian"?

Anna helps him provide a dinner that includes many British customs and traditions. They transform the atmosphere of the palace.


Which is NOT a cultural adjustment the King makes for his British guests?

The King practices eating with utensils and is a little awkward but willing. Anna schools him in the social graces and etiquette he needs.


Why does Anna tell the women to "keep your backs against the wall"?

Undergarments were overlooked and when the wives bow down, their hoop skirts fly up revealing what's underneath...or not!


When the English diplomats arrive in Siam, what intrigues the women?

They call it the "hair of a goat." One woman steps up to touch it.


What does the King have 106 of?

Anna is surprised to meet the many children she will be teaching. They all adore her.


Who is Edward Ramsey?

He had asked Anna to marry him many years earlier. The King is jealous of him.


What gift does the King give Anna after the banquet?

Anna accepts the gift. The gestures silently acknowledge their admiration for each other.


What punishment does the King attempt to give Tuptim, but is thwarted by Anna?

The King tries to impose the penalty but realizes it is cruel and abusive when Anna objects. He backs off and feels he is a weak king because of it.


What does the prime minister tell Anna about her influence on the King?

The prime minister never liked Anna. He does not accept the changes in the King since she arrived.


When the Prince is asked what he would do as King, what does he say?

He also mentions having boat races. One major change he would make would be that no one would bow to the King.


What word/phrase does the King pick up from Anna that he uses frequently?

The King wants to show his vast knowledge on topics without having to explain the details. He uses it in conversations and letters.


Who tells Anna the King is dying?

Mrs. Thiang tries to persuade Anna to stay and make amends with the King. The King has sent a letter apologizing to Anna.


Even while dying, what does the King say somewhat playfully to Anna?

The King's spirits are raised in the presence of Anna, but he still realizes it is time for Siam to move on with a new King.


What characteristic does Tuptim have that the others wives don't seem to have?

Tuptim is more independent and defiant. She looks to Anna as a role model and confidant.


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