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The history of the Boston Red Sox starts even before they were known as the Red Sox! The team had some of the greatest baseball players to ever play the game on their side. Some got their start with the Red Sox, and some finished their career wearing the iconic uniform. The also played in one of the most famous ballparks in history. Which Red Sox player was your favorite?

Are you an expert on the players who made the team, and even the ones who didn't? Do you know how many American League pennants the team won? Can you name some of the most famous attractions found in the team's iconic ballpark? Only a true fan of the team can answer questions like these!

Do you know everything about the "Curse of The Bambino"? Can you even name the player who is known as "The Bambino"? Can you name the owners who have shaped the team throughout the years? Maybe you can even name the team's official colors. There is plenty to know about the historic team, from their start, all the way up to today.

The Boston Red Sox have shown the world their skill and left an impact on baseball. So, if you think you're an expert on this historic team, this one is for you. Let's see if you can hit a home run on this quiz!

Who currently owns the Boston Red Sox?

John Henry currently owns the Red Sox. He has owned them since 2001 and the team has won three World Series titles under his ownership.


What was the last year that the Boston Red Sox made it to the World Series?

The Boston Red Sox last made it to the World Series in 2013. The team won the series which remains their last time winning thus far.


How many World Series titles has the team won?

The team has won eight World Series titles. Their last title was in 2013 against the St. Louis Cardinals and their first was in 1903 against the Pittsburgh Pirates.


What was the team once called?

The team was once called the Boston Americans. They have taken on a few different names over the years, such as the "Boston Red Stockings."


Is it true or false that Boston won the first World Series played?

This is true. Boston won the first World Series ever against the Pittsburgh Pirates. This took place in 1903, shortly after the team was created.


Where does the team play when at home?

The Boston Red Sox call Fenway Park home. The park has a rich history behind it and is one of the most famous venues in the sport.


What is the name of the left foul pole in Fenway Park?

The name of the left foul pole in Fenway Park is the "Fisk Foul Pole." It got its name after Carlton Fisk hit a home run that bounced off the pole.


Which of these players played for the team?

All of the listed players played for the Boston Red Sox. They made history with the team and in baseball itself, being some of the best players there have ever been.


What is the "Curse of The Bambino"?

The "Curse of The Bambino" is the name for a time after Babe Ruth was sold to the New York Yankees. The Boston Red Sox then suffered a long and tireless streak of bad luck.


Which player with a batting average that exceeded .400 for a time played for the team?

Ted Williams played for the team for the entirety of his 17-year career. He played the position of outfielder and had a very high batting average at one time.


Is it true or false that the "Boston Red Stockings" was once the name of the Boston Red Sox?

This is false. The Boston Red Stockings never had anything to do with the Boston Red Sox. This name was actually the previous name of the team we now know as the Atlanta Braves.


After more than 80 years of not winning a World Series title, who did the Boston Red Sox win against in 2004?

The Boston Red Sox won against the St. Louis Cardinals in 2004. This marked the end of the famed "Curse of Bambino" that had gone on for more than eighty years!


Who was the first owner of the Boston Red Sox?

Charlie Somers was the first owner of the Boston Red Sox. He owned the team for one year. He then sold the team to Henry J. Killilea in 1903.


Who did the Boston Red Sox play in Game 6 of the 1975 World Series that is regarded as the greatest game in the history of baseball?

The Boston Red Sox played this game against the Cincinnati Reds. The game was one of the most watched baseball games ever and it was won by the Cincinnati Reds.


In what year did the team sell Babe Ruth?

In 1920, the Boston Red Sox sold Babe Ruth to the New York Yankees. Babe was bought for just over $100,000.


What color were the team's hats from 1975 -1978?

During this time, the Red Sox wore red hats. This was a change from the navy blue hats the team usually wore.


What is the "Green Monster"?

The "Green Monster" is a the famous left field wall in Fenway Park. The wall was built to stop anyone on that side from seeing into the stadium and watching the game for free.


How many games did Fenway Park sell out from 2003 until 2013?

Fenway Park sold out 820 games in this ten-year period. The sell-out streak passed a few other team records in the sport, including the Cleveland Indians.


Which player tried out for the Boston Red Sox but was rejected?

Jackie Robinson was rejected by the Boston Red Sox. At the time, Ted Yawley owned the team and he rejected him because Robinson was black.


How many American League pennants has the team won?

The Boston Red Sox have won 13 American League pennants. Pennants are awarded to the teams who win the League Championship series in both the American and National Leagues. These teams then compete in the World Series.


Which player hit a pigeon when batting a ball at Fenway Park?

The Detroit Tigers' Willie Horton batted a ball that struck a pigeon. The pigeon died and Horton's hit was a foul ball.


Is it true or false that the Boston Red Sox are part of the American League?

This is true. The Boston Red Sox became part of the American League in 1901 when they also became a team. They were owned by Charlie Somers at the time.


What did Harry Frazee do with most of the players on his team?

Harry Frazee traded some of his best players on the team. These players included Harry Hooper and Dutch Leonard who were traded to the Chicago White Sox and the New York Yankees.


Which Boston Red Sox player hit a 502-foot home run in Fenway Park?

Ted Williams hit this legendary home run in Fenway Park. The seat that the ball landed in is painted red to celebrate the historic moment in the stadium forever.


What is the name of the right foul pole in Fenway Park?

The right foul pole in Fenway Park is called the Pesky Pole. This pole was named after John Pesky who played for the team for many years, starting in 1942.


Which pitcher played for the Boston Red Sox?

Lefty Grove was a pitcher for the Boston Red Sox from 1934 until his retirement in 1941. He was traded to Boston from the Philadelphia Athletics.


What was "Duffy's Cliff"?

Duffy's Cliff was a hill of dirt in Fenway Park. Duffy Lewis used to run up the hill to catch baseballs all the time, which is how the cliff got its name.


What do Boston Red Sox fans call 1967?

"The Impossible Dream" was what Red Sox fans called 1967. The team from this season included Carl Yastrzemski and Jim Lonborg.


The first All-Star game was played at Fenway Park in what year?

The first All-Star game was played at Fenway Park in 1946. Players like Stan Musial, Bob Feller and Ted Williams played in the game.


What year did Fenway Park open?

Fenway Park opened in 1912 and the Boston Red Sox played Harvard University during their very first game. Just days before the park's opening, the Titanic sank.


Is it true or false that at his last bat, Ted Williams hit a foul ball?

This is false. On Ted Williams' final bat as a player for the Boston Red Sox in 1960, he hit a home run.


Which of the following players was never on the Boston Red Sox team?

Lou Gehrig never played for the Boston Red Sox but instead played for the New York Yankees. He was an all-star in his own right and played for the New York Yankees for his entire career.


Which Boston Red Sox player won Rookie of the Year and Most Valuable Player for the American League?

Fred Lynn won both of these titles in 1975. One other player later achieved this feat, Ichiro Suzuki in 2001.


Why is there an "x" in the team name?

There's an "X" in the team name because that was a popular way for the word "socks" to be spelled. It helped the team differentiate itself.


How many fires were there at Fenway Park?

There were two fires at Fenway Park over the years that did some considerate damage. Both were in the early 1900s and affected the bleachers.


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