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We all want to know the future, right? What will you be doing later tonight, tomorrow, or maybe even 10 years from now? Will you pass this quiz? Those might be questions you're asking of your future, but if you're a fan of the Foundation trilogy, you know that there's more to the future than just yours! What's going to happen to the galaxy? Where will the world be in 3018? If these are the types of questions on your mind, there's a big chance you're thinking like a true Foundation fan. There's only one way to prove it. How well do you know the Foundation trilogy?

During the 1940s, a biochemistry professor from Boston University would begin working on the first novel in the Foundation series. Although he would go on to write more than 500 books, he would be most known for his Foundation trilogy. With the success of the first three books, it would take around 28 years before other novels were added to the series. Foundation's Edge and Foundation and Earth were two sequels added in 1981 and 1986, respectively. 1988 and 1993 would bring the final two installments to the series, Prelude to Foundation and Forward the Foundation as prequels, the second of which was a posthumous release.

Science fiction novels always have a way of garnering the attention of millions of fans. With a series of three novels, readers were trying to predict the outcome. Do you know the trilogy enough to predict a perfect score on this quiz? Let's find out!

Who is the author of the "Foundation" series?

Isaac Asimov is the writer of the "Foundation" trilogy. Prior to his prolific career as a writer, he was a biochemistry professor at Boston University.


When did the first novel "Foundation" come out?

Isaac Asimov's "Foundation" was published in 1951.


What is the name of the planet that is the capital of the Galactic Empire?

"Foundation" begin in Trantor, which is the capital of the Galactic Empire.


The events of "Foundation" center around whose developed science?

Hari Seldon is introduced in the beginning of the novel as a man who works as both a mathematician and psychologist. He comes up with a science that helps him predict the future.


What is the name of Hari Seldon's new branch of science?

In the first part of the "Foundation" novel, we are introduced to Hari Seldon, the developer of a new science, psychohistory, a science he is able to use to predict the future.


After telling the Committee about the future of the Empire, where is Seldon sent to for exile?

After Hari Seldon tells the Empire's committee about its future, they send him to exile to work on the Encyclopedia Galactica as a means to help shorten the impending dark age.


What percentage of Journal did Salvor Hardin control?

Salvor Hardin is introduced in "The Mayors." As the major of Terminus City, he owns 60% of their major publication "Journal."


Hari Seldon was often called what kind of bird?

Hari Seldon was often called "Raven." This is because his predictions were that of destruction to the Empire and ravens are often seen as omens.


What is the name of the kingdom that planned to set up military bases on Terminus while also taking over the Foundation?

Anacreon is a kingdom introduced during "The Encyclopedists." During this second book of "Foundation," one of the four kingdoms, Anacreon, has plans to take over using their military power.


How does the Foundation control the Four Kingdoms in "The Mayors?"

In "The Mayors" section of "Foundation," the "science of religion" is used to control the kingdoms. Rather than an actual religion, it is simply the Foundation's technical assistance program.


In order to bribe the Askonians, what does Ponyets use to make gold?

Eskel Gorov is a trader who appears in the final section of the "Foundation" novel. After traveling to Askone, a place where the people love gold, he attempts to negotiate with the Elders but sets on bribing them with gold instead.


At the beginning of each chapter of "Foundation," there is a quote from the Encyclopedia Galactica. What edition do all these quotes come from?

At the beginning of the chapters, you'll find a quote from the 1020 F.E. edition of the Encyclopedia Galactica.


What is the name of the second novel in the "Foundation" trilogy?

"Foundation and Empire" is the second novel in the original "Foundation" trilogy.


What year did "Foundation and Empire" come out?

"Foundation and Empire" was the second novel released in Isaac Asimov's "Foundation" trilogy. It was published in 1952.


How many parts is "Foundation and Empire" split into?

Unlike "Foundation," "Foundation and Empire" only has two major parts titled The General and The Mules. The second half, "The Mule," would even go on to win the Hugo Award.


In "The General," who launches an attack against the Foundation?

The first half of "Foundation and Empire" is titled The General and follows General Bel Riose, who launches an attack against the Foundation.


Ducem Barr is a fugitive from which planet?

Siwenna is a planet in the "Foundation" series. It once used to be a place of riches. This is where Ducem Barr is from.


When Devers and Barr find out what Bel Riose is trying to do to the Foundation, who do they try going to?

In "Foundation and Empire," Lathan Devers and Ducem Barr find out what Bel Riose is trying to do against the Foundation. They try to warn Emperor Cleon II, but even though they are stopped, the Emperor finds out anyway.


What did Emperor Cleon II have done to Bel Riose?

Although Devers and Barr are unable to tell Cleon about Riose's plans, Cleon views him as a threat and has him arrested anyway.


In the second half of "Foundation and Empire," what is the Mule?

In the second half of "Foundation and Empire," we are introduced to the section "The Mule," named after a man who appears at the center of the section.


The Mule is able to manipulate what?

The Mule is a man who appears in the second half of "Foundation and Empire." Having special abilities, the Mule is able to manipulate emotions.


True or False: Seldon predicted the coming of the Mule.

After the coming of the Mule, the Foundation leaders are hoping that Seldon's message will help them defeat the Mule. Unfortunately for them, Hari Seldon didn't foresee the coming of the Mule because he's a mutant.


Who kills Ebling Mis?

Toran and Bayta Darell were traveling with Ebling Mis, a psychologist, and Magnifico Giganticus. They were trying to contact the Second Foundation, and although Mis finds out where it is, Bayta has to kill him to keep the information away from The Mule.


Who was doubling as the Mule?

Magnifico is introduced to the Darells and readers as the former clown of the Mule. Before Ebling Mis can reveal the location of the Second Foundation, Bayta kills him because she discovers that Magnifico is actually the Mule.


What is the name of the third novel in the "Foundation" trilogy?

"Second Foundation" is the third novel in the original "Foundation" trilogy.


When was "Second Foundation" published?

"Second Foundation" is the last installment in what was the original "Foundation" trilogy. It was published in 1953.


Part I of "Second Foundation" is titled search by whom?

Similar to "Foundation and Empire," "Second Foundation" is split into two parts. The first part is "Part I: Search By the Mule." Part two is "Search by the Foundation."


In order to find the Second Foundation, who does the Mule send along with Han Pritcher?

At the beginning of "Second Foundation," the Mule sends two men to look for the location of the Second Foundation. He sends General Han Pritcher and Bail Channis.


What planet did Channis try to convince the Mule that the Second Foundation was on?

Bill Channis was secretly working for the Second Foundation, something the Mule knew all along. Channis tries to trick the Mule into thinking that the Second Foundation is on Tazenda.


When the Mule forces Channis to reveal the location of the Second Foundation, what planet does he say?

After Channis tries to make the Mule believe that Tazenda is the location of the Second Foundation, he is forced to say that it is Rossem. When the Second Foundation appears, it is revealed that Channis was given false information to mislead the Mule.


How does the Mule die?

In the second half of "Second Foundation," it is revealed that the Mule died 55 years prior from natural causes.


What planet was the capital of the Mule's temporary empire?

Kalgan was one of the first planets that the Mule took over, and he made it a sort of capital for his empire. After the Second Foundation ended his reign, this is where he was sent to live out the rest of his days.


The Foundation believes what kind of people are a danger to the Seldon Plan?

After the reign of the Mule, the Foundation is worried about the telepathic abilities of the Second Foundation. They believe in order to keep the Seldon Plan on track, they must destroy the Second Foundation.


Where is the Second Foundation actually located?

While the Foundation had telepaths killed on Terminus, it is revealed that the Second Foundation is actually located on Trantor, the former capital of the Galactic Empire.


Finish the quote: "All roads lead to Trantor, and that is where all ..."

At the end of "Second Foundation," it is revealed that the Second Foundation is located on Trantor, the old capital of the Galactic Empire. It was also called "Star's End."


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