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One of the greatest epic video games of all time, Skyrim is a captivating experience for not only fans of the genre but for fans of video games in general. Are you one of those fans? How much do you know about Skyrim? Take this quiz and see if your knowledge compares to that of other Skyrim fans!

Skyrim is filled with plenty of fun and adventures for gamers of all sorts. The world of Skyrim is littered with mythical creatures, sword fighting and even magic, but the greatest part of the game is the story line, which is filled with various quests and well-developed characters. In fact, the characters you come across all have unique traits and personalities with completely different points of view and goals, making Skyrim a truely immersive game, as you are forced to make choices that affect the protagonist throughout the story. Everyone loves to make their own choices, after all!

Are you a Skyrim expert with plenty of hours logged playing the game? Do you know where all of the hidden gems and secret locations are? If you believe you know everything about Skyrim and are up for a challenge, take this quiz and prove your Skyrim knowledge!

Skyrim is part of what series?

No one knows where the Elder Scrolls came from. The Scrolls tell stories both about the past and the future.


How do you move to already discovered locations quicker?

Syrim is the fifth game in the Elder Scroll series. It follows the game Oblivion.


What can you ride to move faster in the game?

Players can also take carriages to new locations. However, they don't actually drive the carriages themselves.


What is going to happen to Dragonborn at the beginning of the game?

Throughout the game, a player can join different factions. Factions work together to accomplish a common goal.


What kind of game is Skyrim?

Skyrim relies on character building. This provides more depth to the game.


What group does Ulfric Stormcloak lead?

The Stormcloaks are another faction in the game that Dragonborn can join. They are located in Windhelm, which is the oldest city in Skyrim.


What can Dragonborn absorb after killing a dragon?

Alduin brings several dragons back from the dead. These powerful creatures were hunted and killed over the years while Alduin was away.


Who is the main character?

The hero of Skyrim is considered the Last Dragonborn. His name comes from the Dovahzul or Dragon Language.


Where is the first dragon you fight?

The first dragon you fight is Mirmulnir. The battle is intense, but luckily, Dragonborn is accompanied by soldiers from Whiterun, who help in the fight.


What is the Dragonstone a map of?

The Stormcloaks' main opposition is against the influence that the Thalmor have over the Empire. They believe the High King was merely a puppet of Thalmor before he was killed.


What can be used to defeat Alduin?

Shouts are a form of magic used in the game. There are several shouts with multiple different effects on dragons.


What happens if the Greybeards speak?

The Greybeards live in High Hrothgar, a sanctuary located on a mountain. Their desire is not to fight but to honor the gods.


How many Holds are in Skyrim?

In the game, Whiterun is the largest Hold, which gives it enormous influence. The Jarls of each Hold struggle with their independence and their loyalty to the Empire.


Who killed the High King of Skyrim?

One faction is known as the Dark Brotherhood. They are made up of a group of hired assassins.


What sword is found in Sky Haven Temple?

In the past, Paarthurnax supported his brother. However, the dragon changed sides and helped the heroes defeat Alduin in the Merethic Era.


Delphine is really a member of what group?

The Blades are a secret group who spent years hunting and killing dragons. They are called back to action when Alduin returns.


Which dragon is the leader?

The Stormcloaks rebel because they believe the Empire is corrupt. They hope to save it from itself and total collapse.


What do the Elder Scrolls often speak of?

A special device is required to read the Elder Scrolls. If an Elder Scroll is read without the device, the person reading will go blind or mad.


What building can be used as a prison for dragons?

Dragonreach is located in Whiterun. Built of wood, it is one of the most important houses in all of Skyrim.


Delphine works where when you find her?

Inside the Inn, you can also find Sven, a Nord bard. Sven plays the lute for entertainment.


Who is the Jarl of Whiterun Hold?

Balgruuf carries a war ax as his weapon of choice. Through pickpocketing, a player can steal the ax from him.


Who wants you to kill Paarthurnax?

The Blades see all of the dragons as evil. They believe Paarthurnax will change sides again once Alduin is defeated.


What returns to Skyrim because of the Civil War?

The city of Windhelm is segregated into several groups. The Nords sit at the top of the social ladder.


What do the Greybeards send Dragonborn to find?

The horn that Dragonborn is sent for was owned by Jurgen Windcaller. Jurgen founded the Greybeard order.


What do you have to get rid of to find Alduin for the final fight?

You can use one of your shouts to get rid of the mist. However, you have to do it three times because Alduin isn't very comfortable with being seen.


Which tomb was built to worship dragons?

Like the other leaders, Jarl Balgruuf shows support for the Empire. However, he refuses to put the interest of the Empire over the interest of Whiterun.


Who helps Dragonborn fight Alduin at the Throat of the World?

In Tamriel, the Throat of the World is the highest mountain you can reach. Apparently, there are 7,000 steps leading to the top. That's quite the haul.


Which dragon does Dragonborn trap at Dragonreach?

Odahviing was killed years ago during the Dragon War. When Alduin revived his former army, Odahviing was brought back as well to serve as Alduin's right-hand man.


How many heroes help you fight Alduin?

These three heroes defeated Alduin during the Merethic Era. They can be found in the Hall of Valor.


Who is the leader of the Greybeards?

Paarthurnax is a dragon himself. He is the younger brother of Alduin.


Where do you find Alduin for the final fight?

Skuldafn is located in the Velothi Mountains. It was once a Nordic temple, though the temple is in ruins now.


What guild does Etienne Rarnis belong to?

Etienne Rarnis is a Breton, which is a specific race descendant from humans and elves. Bretons hail from lands in High Rock.


Who does the back of the Dragonstone mention?

Alduin ruled over Syrim during the Merethic Era. He is credited with creating dragon civilization.


Who does Dragonborn find at the Thalmor Embassy?

The Thalmor Embassy is run by the Aldmeri Dominion. They believe their race is superior to that of men.


The Graybeards don't do what?

Unlike the many dragons brought back to life by Alduin, Mirmulnir has survived since Alduin disappeared. This makes him one of the oldest dragons to ever exist.


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