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What is Gene known for doing on stage?

Gene is known for spitting blood on stage. There is also a doll resembling Gene that spits blood as well. Additionally, the blood from the doll can leave stains.


What is the name of the KISS fan club?

The name of the KISS fan club is the KISS Army. The name was created when a radio station in Indiana refused to play KISS songs and fans protested, calling themselves the KISS army.


KISS was the first band to be signed at which record label?

KISS was the first band to be signed at Casablanca Records. Their demo tape had made it to Neil Bogart who had started the label.


What cartoon character featured KISS in one of its movies?

Scooby-Doo featured KISS in a 2015 movie called "Scooby-Doo! And Kiss: Rock and Roll Mystery." The movie finds KISS and the gang trying to solve a mystery involving hauntings at Kiss World.


Who founded the band?

Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley founded the band in the 1970s after leaving the rest of their band members from Wicked Lester. Then they auditioned Peter Criss and Ace Frehley. In 1973, they played their first show as KISS.


What did the red ink in the first KISS comic book contain?

The red ink in the comic books contained the band member's blood. The members gave their blood on February 21, 1977 to be used in the first comic book.


Which band member had a television show called "Family Jewels?"

Gene Simmons had a television show called "Gene Simmons Family Jewels." The show followed him and his family and ended in 2012.


What was the band presented with in Hollywood in 1999?

KISS was presented with a star along the Walk of Fame in 1999. The presentation was presented by the Mayor of Hollywood and many KISS fans were in attendance.


Who in the band was also known as the Catman?

Peter Criss was also known as Catman. After his departure in 2001, Eric Singer started to wear the Catman make-up.


What piece of merchandise did the band sell for the deceased?

The band sold a KISS Kasket for the deceased. Dimebag Darrell had requested to be buried in a KISS Kasket. Gene Simmons sent his KISS Kasket to the family to fulfill Dimebag Darrell's wishes.


What was the name of Ace's band after his first departure from KISS?

Ace's band was called Frehley's Comet. He started the band in 1984 and recruited three other members. The band ended in 1988.


KISS was featured in a Super Bowl commercial for what brand in 2010?

KISS was featured in a Super Bowl commercial for Dr. Pepper's cherry flavored drink. The commercial featured Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons walking backstage drinking Dr. Pepper and then going on stage.


What song did Ace write after being electrocuted?

Ace wrote "Shock Me" after being electrocuted onstage in Florida in 1976. The band urged him to write a song about the incident and "Shock Me" was the result.


What was the first KISS album released where the members didn't wear make-up on the cover?

"Lick It Up" was the first album to be released where the members of KISS donned the cover without make-up. They also appeared on MTV without make-up to promote the release.


What was the name of the band's second movie?

The name of the band's second movie is Detroit Rock City. It is about four boys in a KISS cover band who want to see the band in concert.


What did Ace Frehley put in his hair for the first album cover?

Ace put silver spray paint in his hair for the first album cover. The spray wound up giving him a frightening allergic reaction but he was alright after receiving some medical attention.


What singer passed away on the same day Eric Carr?

Freddie Mercury passed away on the same day as Eric Carr. He had confirmed that he had contracted AIDS just two days before his death.


Who in the band is also known as Starchild?

Paul Stanley is known as Starchild. He has described Starchild as a "defense mechanism" from his true self. He later experimented with his make-up and persona.


What is the name of the first album released by the band?

The bands first album was called "KISS." It was released in 1974 and contained tracks such as "Strutter" and "Deuce." It showcased the four members of the band.


Who replaced Ace Frehley after his first departure from the band?

After Ace Frehley departed from the band to pursue a solo career, Vinnie Vincent became his replacement. After his time with KISS, Vinnie went on to form a new band with a member of Journey.


Which member of KISS passed away in 1991?

Eric Carr passed away on November 24, 1991 due to cancer. He replaced Peter Criss on the drums for the band in 1980, and after his death he was replaced by Eric Singer.


Who is currently the lead guitarist and vocalist for the band?

Tommy Thayer is the current lead guitarist and vocalist for the band. He wears the Spaceman make-up as Ace did when he was in the band.


Which KISS album cover features the Sphinx wearing sunglasses?

The KISS album "Hot In The Shade" features the Sphinx wearing sunglasses. This album was ranked at number 10 in Rolling Stone's "Kiss' Top 10 Albums Ranked."


What television star sang back-up vocals on Gene Simmons solo album?

Katey Sagal sang back-up vocals on Gene Simmons solo album. She has also credited Gene with being the reason that she got a record deal.


Which band member did not show up to the looping session of KISS meets the Phantom of the Park?

Peter Criss did not show up to the looping sessions for KISS Meets the Phantom of the Park. Michael Bell, who did work for Hanna-Barbera ended up doing a voice over for Peter Criss.


What country uses a modified KISS logo?

Germany uses a modified KISS logo after realizing the resemblance it had to the swastika. Merchandise, album covers and more have been using the modified KISS logo since 1979.


What persona did Paul Stanley briefly change to?

Paul Stanley briefly changed from the Starchild to being the Bandit. He has said that he "felt more like a star" and that he was experimenting during this time.


Which band member was born with a deformity that affected his ear?

Paul Stanley was born with microtia, a deformity where he was born without an ear. He hid this by growing out his hair to hide it. He has since had reconstructive surgery and now has an implanted hearing aid.


Which band member recorded lead vocals on his back?

Ace Frehley recorded lead vocals on his back. He says that he laid on his back because if he stood up, he was sometimes unable to hit the high notes.


Which member covered "When You Wish Upon A Star" on their solo album?

Gene Simmons covered "When You Wish Upon A Star" on his solo album. The song was originally from the Walt Disney movie, Pinocchio.


What member was part of the band Black 'N Blue before KISS?

Tommy Thayer was part of Black 'N Blue until 1989. Black 'N Blue had toured with KISS on their Asylum tour in 1985, and Tommy joined KISS in 2002.


Which album is "Rock and Roll All Nite" on?

The song "Rock and Roll All Nite" is found on the album "Dressed To Kill." The album was the band's third studio album and it was released in 1975.


Which member designed the band's logo?

Ace Frehley designed the logo for the band. It first appeared when Ace wrote the name over a poster advertising Wicked Lester outside of a club.


Which album cover was meant to resemble the cover of "Meet the Beatles"?

KISS was made to resemble the "Meet the Beatles" album cover. The cover was shot like this to attract attention with KISS being a newer band at the time.


Where was the first Official Worldwide KISS Convention held?

Perth, Australia was where the first Official Worldwide KISS Convention was held in 1995. The convention included an appearance by the band, a KISS museum and more.


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